Did you watch Rachel Maddow's bombing report why Mike Pence is even more vulnerable than Trump?

If you do not have, you really should!

Tuesday's The Rachel Maddow Show hosted an in-depth analysis of why Vice President Mike Pence may cause more publicity than President Donald Trump in an impeachment investigation.

The host told Trump's confession that he had used foreign electoral support from Ukraine to topple presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Watch Rachel Maddow’s bombshell report on why Mike Pence is in even more jeopardy than Trump

Welp libs, 207 Catholics in Sri Lanka are dead in several bombing raids during the Easter Mass … …?

Sri Lanka is 70 percent Buddhist, 5 percent Christian, 5 percent Jewish, 10 percent Hindu and 10 percent Islamic.

Who do you think would be behind these attacks?

Would it be other Christians?

Could it be the Jews?

Would it be the Buddhists?

Would it be the Hindus?

Or would that be the Muslims that you so passionately defend AGAIN?