Airports – General question about visas for connecting flights booked through a travel agency

It is always the person who travels who has ultimate responsibility. This is also in many (most / all?) Travel agency contracts I've ever seen, and it's also a situation we've seen here at Travel Stack Exchange a lot.

A good travel agency will advise you if you need a visa, but most travel agencies only know the standard for the country in which they are located. These are the people in this country and often the most common foreign nationalities.
Very good agencies also check this on a Visa website, but they do so only as a service and (usually) take no responsibility.
And most travel agents will realize that they are not visa specialists and will tell you that you need to check (and often how) that you are not a national of the country where you are booking.

At Travel Stack Exchange we usually refer to one of the database pages where the airlines also check whether you need a visa. Many travel agencies in many countries will also use one of them (often the portal used by the national airline), but other websites that are not kept up to date.
So it's best to check again, even if the travel agency has checked.

Even if you've done everything right, visa requirements can change overnight.
Once my brother, his girlfriend and I wanted to check in France to take a ferry to the UK to find out that the girlfriend needed a visa. This started at midnight that day. And announced less than 24 hours before the start of the new rule (I think less than 8 hours before the start, but we still missed this information because it wasn't in their home country.)

Do tickets for these Korean trains need to be booked in advance?

I was in Korea with a couple of friends two years ago and we could just buy the tickets at the train station. Most stations understand English and those you will visit should do so. Smaller / less touristy ones like the train station in Mokpo have some problems with English, but nothing is too big to be unable to buy tickets.

Note that:

  • You usually get rear-facing seats
  • Forward facing seats cost (slightly) more
  • Family seats (2 sets of 2 seats facing each other also cost (slightly) more

If you drive from Seoul directly to Busan or from Busan directly to Seoul, also try to get the "direct" KTX. This takes approximately 1 hour of your travel time compared to one that stops at multiple stations.

When leaving Seoul, please make sure you have at least enough cash with you to receive a return ticket and possibly something to eat. We made the mistake of not doing this in some smaller towns where the KTX stopped and had to go back to the train station to get to an international ATM.

USA – I booked a British Airways flight that flies from London to Philadelphia on a "Visa Package" (I have an Immigration Visa Approval Form I-797).

Nobody knows whether the current travel restrictions will be lifted by April 21. The lifting of the restrictions is a political decision that will be made in the future, and the people who will make the decision may not even know what they are going to do.

The longer you wait to trade, the smaller your options and choices will be. And if your options and decisions narrow, your tensions and uncertainties will increase.

Therefore, it is best to now change your flight so that it arrives at the approved airport, and as @phoog comments below, to ensure that you can enter the United States as an immigrant if you are not from the UK, Ireland or Ireland the Schengen area and has been outside all these areas for at least 14 days.

Airlines – How to request a refund plus the cost of a changed flight booked through a third party

In June 2017, I flew from London Gatwick to Prague with my family and mother-in-law. I booked the flights through BudgetAir with the SmartWings airline.

When we arrived in Gatwick for departure, we found that the outbound flights were later than stated on our ticket. This was not a big problem and we waited on board and flew to Prague. We didn't think about it at the time.

When we arrived at Prague Airport for the return flight, we found that this flight service had not been offered for many months on that day (Sunday). The airline had postponed the flight and we were not notified. We were not notified by SmatWings or BudgetAir.

It was a Sunday and my wife and I both had work the next day, so we couldn't wait for the next SmartWings flight available this week. We opted for alternative return flights, but our only option was to London Southend, so we got a taxi transfer to our car in Gatwick.

BudgetAir agreed to reimburse the cost of the original flights, but not the other costs incurred that day. I declined to explain that I wanted full compensation.

I tried to claim this through SkyCop and after about two years they finally replied that our claim was unlikely to be successful.

The details of your case require that it be argued in a particular one
Place. Previous attempts at this location have been unsuccessful, and so have we
I firmly believe that this is unlikely to change in this case. Have been
Sorry, we have no better news for you. Your claim will be closed at
this point. You can file a separate claim with the airline at any time
You will receive a refund of your fare or a reimbursement of the costs you have paid for
the flight disruption. But on our side we cannot make any progress here.

I am not sure what to do here and what my legal position is. Should I contact BudgetAir or SmartWings again? Do I have a chance to get compensation for these additional expenses?

europe – How long in advance can Flixbus tickets be booked?

How long in advance can I book Flixbus bus tickets for travel in Europe? When I try a route that normally runs daily (outside of Prague) on June 1, 2020, the website rejects the following:

Unfortunately there are no trips on this route at the selected time

I guess that's because the date is still too far away, maybe even after the next route and timetable changes. Is there an official Flixbus announcement on the subject?

The ETS Platinum Class is booked more than 24 hours in advance

I would like to book tickets for an ETS Platinum train from Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral) to Ipoh. The official timetable shows a number of Platinum Services (EPxxxx) that run every day. While other ETS services appear on booking portals, none of the Platinum trains run, not even on the official website.

However, this random page states that platinum bookings for the KL-Ipoh sector are only open 24 hours before departure. I can't find any confirmation of this in any semi-official source. Is it really impossible to book Platinum tickets more than a day in advance? (And if so, why?)

Is it possible to pay for a hotel without a physical card (booked through

I booked a hotel through where you pay at the property.

My credit card provider – Sainsbury & # 39; s Bank – has been massively disappointing because he is sending my card so slowly. I was approved and the card did not come. Ordered a new one and the next day arrived the card (almost 4 weeks later, although 3-5 business days are noted)

Anyway, it looks like the new credit card could not come. However, I have activated it online because the card number has not changed, only the month.

I've been buying things online with this card since then (ie the one that has not arrived yet)

Can I agree with the hotel that I will only be charged via as I may not have the physical card in time?

Many thanks

I booked a self-service appointment for my UK visa, but I did not accidentally upload all my documents and can not add anymore

I booked a self-service appointment for my UK visa, but I did not accidentally upload all my documents and can not add anymore. One of the most important documents is missing and if it is not there, my visa will definitely be rejected. What can I do?