Boot Loop – Where can I find the Samsung S5 private folder in ADB?

So my dear old Samsung S5 died in a bootloop. But before I wipe it or throw it away, I wanted to restore my old photos. I managed to get the most out of them by going to their folders and then dragging them into the AdB shell. However, some photos are in the private folder and I do not know where they are. My question is:

Where can I find the private folder in the Samsung s5 with adb?

The Dr.fone software has managed to pull some of them, so there should be a way to reach them, I think!

Thank you for all your help!

Linux machine does not boot – drive order changed

So we have a powerful Dell file server, a set of drives in a RAID configuration, and a small root / boot drive. All right and well, now the boot drive that was / dev / sda is now / dev / sdq and the machine is not booting. The hardware has not changed.

How can I restore this drive as / dev / sda and then boot? What determines the driving order? This is drive number 15 (as I said, beefy fileserver), but somehow it was / dev / sda before and / dev / sdq now. Other machines with the same hardware configuration still have a drive like / dev / sda

I forgot the model number, but it's new enough to have the iDRAC9 management hardware

The Macbook shuts down when idle and does not boot until it's been on for a few days

model: MacBook 13 & 3 with retina display (late autumn 2013)

OS: 10.10.5


  1. The MacBook shuts itself down, while I put it to sleep with almost 60% battery left.
  2. You will not be able to turn on the device by pressing the power key or any other fancy keyboard shortcut, massaging the entire keyboard, or knocking the conors.
  3. Genius told me when I first sent the dead Macbook to an authorized repair shop that he had just recharged the motherboard and the Macbook had come back. Unfortunately, good times would not take long, the same problem surfaced when Genius told me he needed to swap out the entire motherboard, at an unusual price. I had to say no.
  4. Miracal happened when I tried to cut it after putting the dead Macbook down for a few days. It started to boot and ran perfectly as if nothing scary had happened.
  5. Now I regret that I have to wait a few days before I can use the MacBook if I forgot to shut down the MacBook the last time.

Please help me!

Linux – Is there a way to disable the Secure Boot Boot message?

So yesterday I disabled Secure Boot to run undervolt software. I'm using Elementary OS on an Asus Q325UA laptop, and when I reboot the system, I get this message in front of the grub, which says something like:

"Booting in a safe mode"

for about 3-4 seconds. Then the computer starts normally and there are no problems. It's not a big deal, but I wondered if there's a way to hide / remove this message because it's a bit annoying. Thanks again.

Dual Boot – Help me to install Ubuntu 18.04 (No root file system defined, error):

I'm trying to install Ubuntu next to Windows 10. I have the legacy BIOS and my hard drive partition is MBR. I have downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 and loaded with Rufus on a USB flash drive. I also created 30 GB of free space for Ubuntu. However, if I try to install Ubuntu when I choose the free space, the change function will not be accessible, and when I try to install it displays "No Root File System Defined". Please fix this from the partitioning menu. "Would be great if someone could help me figure that out screenshot_1 screenshot_2

System can not boot on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with full SSD

I got to know the following problem a few weeks ago. I've noticed that my SSD is full, and I wanted to delete some of my useless data to free up memory. For some reason I could not empty the trash after deleting the files. I thought it had to be a kind of bug, so I rebooted my computer. After the restart, the boot process was aborted while loading the Ubuntu logo. I had to reinstall the whole system. Does anyone know what it might cause and how I can prevent such things?

boot – No video output when booting Ubuntu 18.04 with dedicated GPU

I have a computer running Ubuntu 18.04 and when it's turned on, all the lights and fans are turned on, but no video is output from the graphics card. The specifications are as follows:

  • AMD Ryzen 2600
  • MSI Pro B350 PC Mate
  • Decisive MX500 M.2
  • G.SKILL Aegis 16 GB (2×8 GB)
  • EVGA 1030

The machine stopped working a few weeks ago. There were no major software or hardware changes that coincided with the occurrence of this problem. It was only started one day without video output. The only way to get a video is to turn on the computer without the video cable connected and then connect a DVI cable. However, this rarely works because most attempts still fail to deliver. I only use a monitor.

At first I thought it might be software based, so I tried to restore some older versions of the computer via Clonezilla, but I still did not get a video output. I thought it might be the video card. Since the Ryzen 2600 does not have an iGPU, I could not just take the 710 card out and try, and bought a 1030 because the 710 could have died. Unfortunately, the 1030 has not solved the problem. I also tried to reinstall the RAM, M.2 SSD and make sure all power connections are tight.

I do not know what I can do and hope that I am at least directed in the right direction.

boot – Ubuntu 18.04 next to 16.04 on the same partition

I have a hybrid drive with two partitions – one for Windows and one for Ubuntu. I had Ubuntu 16.04 before, but since then it does not boot anymore (it will not update to a newer version either), so I decided to install a newer 18.04. The installer gave me the option to delete or install 18.04 besides 16:04, but when I choose the second option to warn me:

If you continue, the changes listed below will be written to disk. Otherwise, you can make further changes manually

The partition tables of the following devices have been changed:
SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda)

The following partitions are formatted:
Partition # 5 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) as ESP
Partition # 6 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) as ext4

This message applies entirely to / dev / sda and not to sda2 where Ubuntu is installed. Will it interfere with / dev / sda1 where Windows is installed? Or Ubuntu 16.04 damaged because of formatting?