sms – Can I copy data to be restored, if phone is stuck in bootloop?

My phone is stuck in a bootloop. I can get into TWRP recovery, which has a file manager. I can also connect the USB cable to computer and see the phones internal memory. Is there a way to copy text messages and WhatsApp messages so I can restore them on another phone?

I’m afraid the filesystem may have been corrupted. When I go to /data/data/ I expect to see names like “WhatsApp” or “Facebook” but everything is random…like +NiZZaTrs3RFzYegpkEk

boot loop – Please help me do data recovery from a phone stuck in bootloop

I bought a Huawei Honor 5C Pro phone 2 years back and so far it had been working well. Two nights back, the phone shut down because of empty battery and I slept without putting it on charge.

The next morning, I started to charge it but the red light started blinking continuously for some time. Then, the honor logo was repeatedly flashing on and off without it reaching the lock screen.After every two or three times of flashing honor logo, it flashes emui with reboot,factory reset and clear partition cache options but it doesn’t stop for me to choose any option.

This bootloop happens continuously while it is charging and if I remove it from charging, it still bootloops and doesn’t shutdown no matter what. It bootloops until all battery is drained and then shuts down.

Only one time did it open while charge was 10% but after that, it shut down and hasn’t stopped bootlooping.

Unfortunately, the battery is not removable.

Also, the problem is, when I put it on charge, for some time a red light blinks and then without any input from user, the phone switches on, boots to Honor logo and after every 2-3 honor logo flashes, it flashes to emui (with reboot, factory reset and clear partition cache option) but the screen immediately blacks out before I can choose any option.

The morning it happened, after many tries, it did open once at 10% charge. But it again switched off and hasn’t stopped bootlooping since.

I don’t care if the phone doesn’t work. I just need the data stored on the ROM. If the phone can work, that’s great but the data is more important.

As long as the phone keeps charging, this boot loop keeps happening despite me trying to switch off the phone. When I remove it from charging, it still boot loops until battery is low.

Please help me get back control of the phone or atleast recover the data stored on the phone’s ROM.

How to fix bootloop

I unlocked the bootloader using fastboot, this command; fastboot flashing unlock I had downloaded the phone’s firmware (Infinix note 7) and patched the boot.img using magisk I then flashed the boot with the magisk_patched_boot.img using fastboot;

fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img

After flashing it, the phone has not been booting, it displays the message below:

Orange state- this device can't be trusted as it is unlocked. Reboot in 5 sec and reboot

then it goes off, and on again…. this has been repeating itself over and over

I was requesting if there is a way, I can bring back the phone and root it with no issues state- this device can’t be trusted as it is unlocked. Reboot in 5 sec and reboot

then it goes off, and on again…. this has been repeating itself over and over

Any idea on how to fix please?

Tecno Camon 15 pro stuck in bootloop

I bricked my phone trying to flash a modified boot img. Now its stuck in bootloop. I cannot do much no buttons make it restart. What I want is to unbrick it and possibly root it which is my ultimate goal which I was trying and bricked it. SP Flash Tool does not detect it as it keeps restarting. I get different errors from SP Flash Tool but not once it could detect. So how can I unbrick it.

twrp – How to decrypt a phone in bootloop mode

I have an encrypted android running LineageOS 15. When it said that there was an OTA update, I choose to download and install this new update. In the first moment it seemed to be alright but when the phone restarted itself the recovery (TWRP) appeared again… and again…

It is in a bootloop mode and there is nothing I can do without loss my data and I can’t do nothing to copy my date due to the full disk encryption.

The encryption was made, I think, with the fingerprint and even if it was done with a password I cannot decrypt the entire disk (with the command adb shell twrp decrypt) because my TWRP version doesn’t support the decryption.

boot loop – Phone doesn’t work with custom ROMs after flashing Flashboot Firmware to recover from a bootloop soft brick. What could be wrong?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi 5, which I recently unlocked, rooted (SuperSu), added TWRP recovery, and then flashed a Custom mod (lineageOS). Everything worked out well, and the device was working flawlessly… I then realized I needed to repeat the process because I didn’t know I had to flash Open-GApps right after the mod, for it to work properly. This time too everything was working well. I clearly had a lot of time on my hands, because I then thought I didn’t want Open-GApps after all, and decided to flash a third time reverting back to the vanilla LineageOS setup. This time I goofed-up majorly and wiped the whole system and tried to reboot into a system with no OS and ended up in a bootloop…

After doing some research I then flashed the OEM Flashboot Firmware to successfully unbrick the device, and regain full functionality. Only, now when I flash a custom mod, using the same files and same process from before, the installation process goes without any hiccups, and I can also boot into the Custom mod; but the phone just switches off after a minute. This happens irrespective the Custom Mod I am trying to install (to find out if it was some incompatibility with my LineageOS, I tried ArrowOS and Paranoid Android, too).

I don’t know where to begin looking for hints. Tried to use to TWRP terminal to look at the logs for hints, but nothing suspicious there.

boot loop – How was the bootloop fixed on OnePlus 7?

This is a weird question , in the sense I recovered from the boot loop but don’t know why and how and hoping I get some pointers from the possibly incomplete information.

I recently applied monthly update on my OnePlus 7. For those who aren’t aware , OnePlus downloads the complete ROM instead of update if it detects root or unlocked bootloader (good thing). This is applied as local update. Before applying the update, one needs to uninstall those Magisk modules which aren’t a part of the Magisk repo to prevent bootloop and switch slots in Magisk as per the OTA upgrade notes.

I had done this several times and this time it went fine and it booted up normally. Yesterday, I needed to reboot for a totally different reason and on doing so entered into a bootloop. Long press power didn’t shut down the device and none of the usual key combination tricks worked. Fortunately, after a struggle, I managed to get into recovery mode of device using power + vol down. My first suspect for the bootloop was that I had was that I was careless by not uninstalling non-Magisk repo module , so here’s what I did after fast booting into TWRP

  • Flashed this zip to enable Magisk core only and rebooted. No luck

  • Switched slots hoping that the pre-update slot would boot up but again no luck.

  • I was resigned by this stage to doing a factory-reset since I couldn’t think of any other solution. Since the full ROM was already there on the device , I tried installing it through TWRP ( I know it won’t work, since it is not a fastboot ROM, but then I was ready for factory-reset). It showed installation in two stages , stage 1 was successful but stage 2 stopped mid way with a warning fstab not created (IIRC) . This flashed twice. Again tried to reboot , no luck.

  • Booted into TWRP and again disabled all Magisk modules and rebooted, Bingo, it worked ! (I may have switched slots, don’t recollect as I was reckless enough to try anything)

I am sure trying to flash full ROM had something to do with revival because on booting I had a stock kernel, instead of custom kernel. Of course, I had to flash Magisk and modules to get back to business but luckily data was intact.

Long story to make sure no facts are missed. Now my question in two parts:

  1. What else could I have tried?

  2. How did flashing the ROM (unsuccessfully) help?

boot loop – OnePlus 6 bootloop no such partition (recovery_b)

Long story short, I did wanna install Snapchat, but my phone was rooted with magisk, so I did wanna do an reinstall of the latest OP6 10 andr. version.
But now I get in a bootloop the issue I see now when I try with ADB on Windows laptop is the following: “FAILED (remote: Failed to load/authenticate boot image: Load Error)”.

My commands I tried:

PS C:adb> fastboot flash recovery_a C:adbtwrp-3.4.0-1-enchilada.img
target reported max download size of 805306368 bytes
sending 'recovery_a' (31072 KB)...
OKAY ( 0.792s)
writing 'recovery_a'...
FAILED (remote: (recovery_a_b) No such partition)
finished. total time: 0.819s
PS C:adb> fastboot flash recovery_b C:adbtwrp-3.4.0-1-enchilada.img
target reported max download size of 805306368 bytes
sending 'recovery_b' (31072 KB)...
OKAY ( 0.793s)
writing 'recovery_b'...
FAILED (remote: (recovery_b_b) No such partition)
finished. total time: 0.834s
PS C:adb> fastboot boot C:adbtwrp-3.4.0-1-enchilada.img
downloading 'boot.img'...
OKAY ( 0.794s)
FAILED (remote: Failed to load/authenticate boot image: Load Error)
finished. total time: 0.833s
PS C:adb>

Help… I know how to unbrick this device, but I can’t lose the WhatsApp data etc, I didn’t back up.

charging – Bootloop and random restart issues in android (Gionee A1 plus)

My Gionee A1 plus started acting strange a month ago. It would often restart whenever I received any SMS notification and then boot up just fine. I tried using an earphone and keeping the phone in silent mode, as reducing the notification sound levels didn’t help. This fixed the problem for a few weeks until 2 days ago while using my camera, it suddenly decided to restart but got stuck in a bootloop(the boot logo kept popping up and disappearing again and again). I managed to turn it off by plugging it to a charger where it went to charging mode.

After a bit of research, I entered the stock “Android recovery mode” and cleared the /cache partition but that did not fix the issue. I panicked as I did not have a twrp or any other recovery tool installed. I didn’t even have USB debugging enabled. However, after a bit more strolling I found that fastboot could detect my device(after rebooting to bootloader) and then ran the command fastboot continue and my phone booted up alright. But now my phone can’t use the “Ultrafast charge mode” which makes the charging process 5 times longer and the battery drains really quick. What’s more the phone restarting by itself has become often(I can’t even use my camera) and its always the bootloop. I have to use fastboot to boot in again.

I created a backup of my data and then did a factory reset on the device to no use.

Do I need to flash a stock ROM to my device or am I missing something? I am inexperienced in this domain so please guide me on how to fix this issue. I have attached snaps of my Recovery and Factory modes.

Recovery mode

Hardware details

fastboot commands

TLDR; phone ends up in bootloop after suddenly restarting while in use, battery drains faster, no ultrafast charging, clearing cache and factory reset doesn’t help.