Problem using Collapse in Alpha Bootstrap 4.3

Hi guys, hello, this is my problem first of all. I am developing a landing with Bootstrap in Alpha v4.3. I create a navigation bar with specific classes and code from the official bootstrap page, and this is how it works:

This is the main part of the navigation bar. For the button that indicates the break, this is the code

The problem occurs when the navigation system fades out the button by shrinking the screen to xs. However, when I press the button, the menu is displayed, but not visible, but disappears. I checked the item with F12, and each time the button is pressed, the value of the aria-expand property changes from false to true and vice versa, but the navigation item is displayed and disappears. If you can tell me about the problem (because it happens) and the possible solution, I thank you.

These are the scripts that I use

Problem with Multi Item Slider in Bootstrap and Angular

I have a carousel with three objects at the same time. When I click on the next or previous button, three more new items are displayed, and so on. The problem I have now is that I bind between .ts and .html to get the value of the variable Z, which I change every time I click "Next" or "Back" this variable Z as an index I use a vector in which I have stored the images that I show in the slider. So I'm referring to z, z + 1, and z + 2 for the first 3 pictures, and then to z + 3, z + 4, and z + 5 for the next 3 pictures, if you click the previous button. The big problem I see is that when I click on the next button, the variable Z is obviously changed and everything turns out to be a mess, xq the values ​​are mixed. How could that improve? I know that this slider has too much repetitive code, but try some frameworks because bootstrap can not and does not work. Here I leave the code I have:

<! -
-> <! -
Waiting for data ...->

Here I increase the values ​​of the variable Z, the increase or decrease of 5 to 5, since this is the number of positions where I have to move in the vector of the photos to be able to rotate the carousel.

                previousInmueble () {
(this.z<=0)? this.z=680: this.z=this.z-5;

      (this.z>= 680)? this.z = 0: this.z = this.z + 5;

Administration – Various bootstrap themes on vendors and on clients with admin dashboards

I'm creating a multi-tenant web application. We (the vendor) develop an application where each subscribing organization has its own management dashboard.

The Client Facing Admin dashboard comes with Bootstrap 4 and a commercial bootstrap template that looks good. However, our "Vendor" dashboard will be a lot of more simple and is usually just a UI for adding / removing organizations and changing some settings. The rest of the administration would be done by logging into one of the administration dashboards of the extended permissions organization.

My concern is continuity. Vendor administrators (that is, people in my organization) may have a poor user experience managing clients if the page layout and theme changes to the client admin panel when you switch to our admin panel and vice versa.

On the other hand, from my point of view, two different styles make it clear which system you are currently working on. You can also save money if you do not use a commercial theme that is only displayed by our company.

Any thoughts about this? Are there any recommendations against two different styles / layouts?

html – Paginación Bootstrap – Stack Overflow de español

You can use the Bootstrap page (Too esto para un curso), the JavaScript ban, Solo el que ya tiene Bootstrap. Mezcle la función de carousell con paginación, para poder meter contenido and usar los paginación de flechas de los costados. The problems can be solved and solved on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day and night? Many Thanks.



8 – How do I use the mapped events of the bootstrap theme modal.jquery.ui.bridge?

I am using a bootstrap subtopic and would like to trigger an event when a modal is closed.

Review of the main topic modal.jquery.ui.bridge.js I see that the bridge intends to map jQuery UI events (before close. shut down) to framework events (

I'm having trouble figuring out how to declare it correctly Data Dialog Options Attribute of the triggering link to route this event through the bridge.

In the JS file this.options.jQueryUiBridge is true, if typeof options === & # 39; object & # 39;, My guess is that mine options are not Property type,

My attribute array for the URL object is

        $ attributes = [
    'class' => ['use-ajax'].
& # 39; data-dialog-type & # 39; => & # 39; modal & # 39 ;,
& # 39; data-dialog-options & # 39; => Json :: encode ([
      'dialogClass' => 'modal-content--special-class',
      'beforeClose' => 'function() {console.log("closed");}',

which leads to the rendered link

My link text

What do I miss?

CSS – compact alternative to bootstrap

I use bootstrap for a few years.

but the main problem I have is the space between all the elemenet
Upholstery, edges etc.

.wrapper-content {
Upholstery: 20px 10px 40px;
@media (min-width: 992px)
.navbar-expand-lg .navbar-nav .nav-link {
Fill right: .5rem;
fill left: .5rem;

Is there a compact version? or a guide to condense the rooms.