Do not allow all bots

I'm not saying that all approaches are bad, but I would really recommend taking a close look at the potential types of bots that are good beyond search engine spiders.

Proactive rejection rather than belated blocking is a good idea. However, be sure to occasionally review and review logs that are searched for backlinks (moz), including but not limited to copyright infringement, downtime, etc.

Suppose a bot that is not Google or Bing could potentially be problematic if you at least ignore other bots and how they work.

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GET – Gunnar Gronowski – Create a Drop Shipping Store with Instagram Chat Bots | Proxies-free

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Gunnar Gronowski – Build a Drop Shipping Store with Instagram Chat Bots


Only 14 USD startup costs! Instagram bots change the game to generate targeted website traffic without having to pay for advertising and guaranteed sales!

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to run your online dropshipping website with virtually no startup costs and guaranteed sales. It contains valuable information about choosing your website idea, building a Shopify website, Instagram bots, and chat bots that can help you grow exponentially in just days! The only startup cost is the cost of your domain name because all advertising is done through "bots" that connect to an Instagram to promote your site. Do not worry! In this course, you will learn exactly how to access and expand your bots associated with Instagram bots. No programming skills or much technological knowledge in general is required. It is only a question of action!

Your instructor
Gunnar Gronowski
Gunnar has founded and operates 3 different successful Shopify Drop Shipping companies. Everything using Instagram chat bots and no startup advertising costs. Gunnar's other interests include real estate and equity investments. His goal is to own and operate a medical device distribution company and create a venture capital fund. He is currently a junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and studies business management and strategy / entrepreneurship.
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SEO – Does rendered HTML from an angular app have to be nicely designed if it is only shown to search engine bots?

I have a square app, and while Google indexes it now, many other sites do not.

I have created middleware that crawls requests from crawlers and provides HTML pages that these crawlers can use to index.

My question is this. Since people do not see these pages, I have to make them pretty with CSS and follow the same theme as my website, or can I simply use basic HTML to get the content I need out there. Will basic HTML ever affect SEO?

The main page in question are jobs that our company publishes on a job page. We want these jobs to be indexed. So can I just have a simple HTML page with all job details?

Looking for a VPS host that will help run several League of Legends bots to improve.

Hi Guys,

I currently need a VPS host that supports running multiple VMs on the server running League of Legends and a Botting program. This means that virtualization must be supported, a graphics card is required, a CPU with a high number of cores and threads, between 16 and 32 grams of RAM and at least 2TB of disk space. I plan to launch about 30 bots, but to expand in the near future based on the sales. Please contact me via this forum or by e-mail. My discord is Gemini # 8520 and I will be active in this thread for at least 7 days after this has been posted. In addition, the Botting program only supports Windows 10 64-bit if this can cause problems and requires a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768. We hope to work with you in the future ,

Custom scripts for your tasks (automatic publishing, re-uploading bots …) | WJunktion


– Automatically post from other websites on your website (if there is a new post on a website, this post will be created entirely on your website)
– Get and save all data from other websites on your website
– DMCA protection (generate a new link when your video is deleted)
– …
I can create scripts to make your job easier

If you are interested in these scripts or have an idea for your project, write me a PM

Is it ethically correct to use bots on social media? | Forum Promotion

In 2017, the Pew Research Center conducted a study of 1.2 million tweets that included links to shared content. They discovered that 66% of these tweets came from suspicious bots. They also noted that "a relatively small number of highly active bots account for a significant proportion of links to key news and media sites."

We also know that the IRA [Russian Internet Research Agency] uses bot accounts on multiple platforms to create disagreement in the US, especially with the intention of creating a political split. Twitter released one Report in 2018 It recognizes over 50,000 IRA-linked automated accounts that published electoral content in the 2016 US election.

However, not all bots are vicious. Some bots are helpful, such as: @QuakesToday that tweets earthquake warnings based on USGS data. Others like @dscovr_epic, Tweet educational or artistic content. And then you have @ Horse BooksThat's just kind of silly, frankly, but not malicious.

What do you think? Is it ethically correct to use bots on social media?

mod rewrite – Block bad bots with mod_rewrite and save them on the blacklist

I have a WP site in a shared hosting server (LAMP stack).

Many 404 errors (security plug-in log file) are displayed for bots that are looking for a non-existent WP login URL (for example,

Trying to block them with a rewrite rule like this:

   RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /en/wp-login.php$
   RewriteRule ^.* - (F)

1) I would have to catch all possible calls to wp-login.php (any subdirectory / en / / fr / and so on …)

A condition like this should work?

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^(.*)/wp-login.php$

2) I would like to automatically save all IPs of bots in a blacklist as soon as they look for the file wp-login.php.

I found this script to blacklist and search for IPs to block them:

    RewriteMap    hosts-deny  "txt:/path/to/hosts.deny"
    RewriteCond   "${hosts-deny:%{REMOTE_ADDR}|NOT-FOUND}" "!=NOT-FOUND" (OR)
    RewriteCond   "${hosts-deny:%{REMOTE_HOST}|NOT-FOUND}" "!=NOT-FOUND"
    RewriteRule   "^"  "-"  (F)

Any idea how IPs are automatically stored in the Deny Hosts file?

Thanks for any advice.