Air travel – use the jetblue sale if I have already bought a ticket?

Is there a way (or trick) how to use this price?
although I have already bought the ticket?

Usually not, but it depends a lot on the details and pricing of your original ticket. If it is a fully refundable ticket (unlikely), you can return it for cash. If it's a Flex ticket, you may be able to move the date (back and forth). Leave the change fee and redeem the current fare difference.

Most likely, the change fee will be prohibitively expensive. Read the details for your rate rules,

macbook – Bought a dirty used MBP: iCloud not removed

I bought a MBP 2018 13 "for a bargain at a local online store When the thing arrived, I was shocked that the thing was not even cleaned! The lock screen showed the name of an account and asked for a password And I suppose iCloud and Find My Mac have never been disabled by this guy.

I've tried switching to recovery mode to at least reset the password with Terminal, but no matter what I try, Cmd + R or Cmd + Option + R both result in Internet recovery and always results in an error of -2003F or -9000F , I tried to create a Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave USB stick, and they also led me to internet recovery. The USB thing I understand since then: T2 chip. Once I managed to access Internet Recovery, and I know it's running Mojave 10.14.6, However, I can not do anything because Internet Recovery also asks for the administrator password.

My question:

  1. I will try to ask him to give me his password for the Mac. If he can not give it to me, is there a way out (would like to reset the whole thing)?
  2. The most important thing now is iCloud and FMM. What if I ask him for it?
    Go to and (a) remove the device from Find My iPhone. and
    (b) Under My Devices, click Lost, Sold, or Gifted
    his account settings? Do I get an activation lock after resetting? Suppose he gives me his administrator password and I go to System Preferences> iCloud> Log Out. Can I log out peacefully without password (on / off)?

Also, I tried to delete NVRAM and SMC before I wrote this post. Of course no difference.

I know I could have just returned the stuff, but the delivery fee was quite high and I do not know how the online sales website deals with this stuff.

Thank you in advance!

Trains – Raileasy Split Ticketing bought

Yes, although you must first pick up the tickets and bring them to the cashier. It does not have to be the departure station, any cash register can do this.

Keep in mind, however, that if there are problems, RailEasy will not be able to make a reservation, which may affect the till as well. Remember that not all trains can be reserved.

Source: Repeatedly repeated, it is also mentioned on this national railway page:

Lost Transactions – Bitcoin was bought but not put into my wallet

If your wallet is a custody wallet that manages the private keys from the vendor, you can only contact the vendor.

If your wallet is an unprotected wallet where you manage the private keys yourself, there are several options

  • Make sure your wallet is fully synchronized. How you do this depends on which wallet you are using.

  • Review the transaction by entering the transaction ID on multiple blockchain explorers. The company or the person who bought you the Bitcoins can tell you the transaction ID and the delivery address (possibly printed on a receipt that is mentioned in an e-mail or text message, etc.).

  • Verify that the output of the transaction has been sent to the correct Bitcoin address. You can view the actual recipient addresses of the transaction in a blockchain explorer. Your wallet should be able to display a list of the receiving addresses it generates. Purses today generate a new receive address for each transaction.

I had bought AHREFS .. now what?

I had bought AHREFS. What did I have to do with it now?

Choose a search term below 30 KD, check other people's articles, make the article bigger than them, make more backlinks than they do,

that's it or what?

Postcode help.

I've seen so many videos, but a quick tip works more than videos.

Matching – I have bought a new computer and I want to transfer data. Windows 10 to Windows 10. Can I use an old 2.0 transmission cable or do I need a 3.0 cable?

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Was Namecheap bought by EIG?

06:08 Your question: Why was my domain renewed? I turned off automatic renewal.
06:08 Please wait and one of our employees will be with you shortly.
06:09 You are now chatting with Anna Bidzyura (Domain CS) – Domains Support
06.09 Anna Bidzyura: Hello! Thank you for contacting our live chat support!
06:09 Anna Bidzyura: I am sorry that you have encountered such inconvenience. Let me check the matter for you.
06:09 Anna Bidzyura: Can you enter your domain name?
06:09 Me:
06:10 Anna Bidzyura: Thank you.
06:10 Anna Bidzyura: To check the problem, I need to check your account. Please give me:

1) your namecheap username and 2) your support PIN. You can find it here:
06:11 Me: 0000
06:11 Me: xxxx
06:11 Anna Bidzyura: Thank you. Let me check it, please.
06:15 Anna Bidzyura: Please let me transfer our chat session to the representative who will assist you in your specific request.
06:15 Anna Bidzyura: Trying to transfer the chat to "Karina Timoschuk"
06:16 Karina Timoschuk: Hello me, I'll gladly help you.
06:17 Karina Timoschuk: Please allow me 5-8 minutes to investigate.
06:18 Me: sure
06:24 Karina Timoschuk: Thanks for waiting. According to my review, an automatic renewal option has been activated in your account.
06:24 Me: It says for me
06:25 Karina Timoschuk: Unfortunately, all domain registrations / renewals are final, can not be canceled and will not be refunded.
06:25 Me: I've also received emails asking me to manually extend the domain.
06:25 Me: I wanted to run the domain.
06:25 Me: I did not need it.
06:26 Karina Timoschuk: She is disabled in the Namecheap account but is enabled in her account.
06:26 Me: It's the same account?
06:26 Me: registers the account in the namecheap account. I do NOT see an option to log in to
06:27 Karina Timoschuk: No, it's the account at
06:27 Karina Timoschuk: The auto-renewal option on is not linked to the automatic extension option on NC.ME.
06:27 Me: There is no sign up option
06:27 Me: on
06:28 Me: How am I supposed to disable something that does not exist?
06:28 Karina Timoschuk: It was possible to disable auto-renewal by clicking the "renew now" button or clicking the link at the bottom of the email.
06:29 Me: I'm looking at the email right now
06:29 Me: It tells me to extend manually
06:29 Me: There is no deactivation option
06:30 Karina Timoschuk: If you click the "Renew now" button or the link at the bottom of the email, you will be redirected to the page where you can disable auto-renewal (by clicking the "No" button) put).
06:31 Me: That's misleading. A "renew now" button is only important if I want to renew.
06:31 Me: and I know that auto-renewal was off, as you said
06:32 Karina Timoschuk: No, auto-renewal is enabled by default.
06:32 Karina Timoschuk: According to our registration agreement, we normally do not process requests to cancel domain extensions.
06:32 Karina Timoschuk: For once we try to cancel the extension of the domain name with a refund. Please note that such a request can only be processed within 72 hours of sending your order.
06:32 Me: It's over and you just said it's over.
06:32 Me: 26Karina Timoschuk:
It is disabled in the Namecheap account but enabled in your account.

06:33 Me: And there is NO NCME account
06:33 Me: or link in the email.
06:33 Me: I have not placed any orders. You charged my credit card and renewed the domain without my permission.
06:34 Karina Timoschuk: NCEDU Namecheap account is created when you join the education program. The link is stated in the e-mail, please check. The auto-renewal option is enabled by default. It was necessary to disable it.
06:35 Karina Timoschuk: Please confirm the following: If an renewal order is canceled, the domain names will be withdrawn immediately and will no longer be canceled * before the end of the registration period (the day of the order) canceled on).
06:35 Karina Timoschuk: If you decide to restore domain names in the take-back phase, you'll be charged $ 88.88 in addition to the regular domain renewal costs.
06:36 Me: I do not want the domain.
06:36 Me: I want my money back.
06:36 Karina Timoschuk: Please confirm that you confirm the information provided.
06:36 Me: As long as you do not charge me any more, I confirm
06:37 Karina Timoschuk: Thank you.
06:38 Karina Timoschuk: I need 6-10 minutes to cancel the order and give the refund.
06:38 Me: Ok

api – Coinbase Pro – Volume bought or sold

Using the Coinbase Pro API, is there a way to determine the volume of purchase compared to the volume of sales over a given period, not just the total daily volume?

At the moment I can only imagine that I do a series of exercises GET /products//trades Calls and adding each buy / sell. This endpoint has a limit of 100 results per call (and a limit of 3 requests per second). Depending on the trade pair, 100 results may only cover 15 minutes each and it would take a long time to query enough to retrieve 24 hours worth of just one trade pair. (Of course I would cache all that, but the results would only be good for a day.)