Bought Shared Host – now what?

I tried to edit the title but could not – I probably bought a shared hosting plan, not a shared host. Anyway.

I bought a simple shared hosting plan from KnownHost. I'm creating a blog for an Etsy shop that will open in six months when I finally find out the hosting stuff. I am an absolute beginner and I am worried that due to my lack of knowledge I will miss something and mess up the site. So, I have a few questions and would be pleased to hear tips or instructions you gave me that were explained as if you were telling your ten-year-old. Maybe five years old.

I contacted KnownHost support to connect the domain registrar to KnownHost. I think that's done. I think I will find out as soon as I have installed WordPress and tried to go to the website. I also asked a question about SSL, and for both answers, most of what was written went right over my head.

* Google Domains has empty spaces under DNS to populate information about DNSSEC, registered hosts, and custom resource records. Is this something to me?

* KnownHost has activated AutoSSL for me. Should I receive Cloudflares free SSL? Should I install Cloudflare generally with Softaculous?

* I did not add Patchman to the checkout because someone told me it was not necessary as long as I kept the site up to date. How do I keep the site up to date?

* Security – To keep things up to date, security is required. Unsuspecting here.

* What do I miss?

Thank you in advance. I am very happy about all the information you have to give.

I bought 3 banners (ad space) in 3 forums for $ 170

Lately, I've been looking for new places to promote one of my sites, and I wanted to try and buy banner ads.

I'm blind to ads and banners myself, so I did not have high hopes, but I thought I would, because my product is SEO and I had the opportunity to buy ad space in 3 forums via SEO and online -Marketing.

On May 6, I ran ads (Banner 728×90) on all 3 sites.

I spent $ 170.10 for 3 ads. They are shown for one month with 10,000 impressions each. That's a total of 30,000 impressions.

The month is almost over. So far I have 28743 impressions and the results are … HARMFUL!
I could probably improve the banner design and everything, but for $ 170 and $ 30,000 impressions, the number of clicks is just ridiculous.

Here are the statistics:
[​IMG]"data-url ="

From 28.7K impressions I received only 52 clicks !!! Which is just 0.18% CTR.

The results of each site vary. The best CTR is 0.27% and the worst is 0.11%.

This was one of the worst investments I have ever made. But if I did not risk it, I would never know.

Maybe my banner ads look like shit (I do not think so), and maybe the clickthrough rate would have been better if I tested different designs.

However, I made a big mistake in not adding my own affiliate tag to track the sales. So I have no idea if I made sales with these 52 clicks. Next time, I will not make such a mistake.

If I had seen a similar case study before buying these ads, I would not have even bothered with it. I hope this helps some of you who have been thinking about buying ad space on websites.

Cheap or expensive brushes / the art suppliers

Cheap or expensive brushes / the art suppliers

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  1. Cheap or expensive brushes / the art suppliers

    In terms of quality and price, the best watercolor brushes range from those in a sealed bargain package of perhaps five hanging on the aisle of your national hobby chain store, to those that can boast a royal seal of approval, such as "On Their Majesty the Queen". As you know, Queen Victoria at Winsor & Newton ordered what would be her favorite size 7 in the Kolinsky Series 7 Squadrar Round.) The previous election could briefly serve to clean a child's boots in your mud room, which could be proud of yours In between, you will find a wide selection of more than just serviceable brushes from recognized fine brands.Some of these brands are: Winsor & Newton Series 7, Isabey, Rafael, Arches, Escoda, Pro Arte and others.Smaller, but always Winsor & Newton Series 666, Princeton and Grumbacher: I recommend buying a good M arke. Avoid these bargains from several; You will do so poorly in practice and in durability that you will be very discouraged. I have mentioned some of each brand and enjoy every brush. And yes, I've bought cheap brushes in the past … and had to throw them away.

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Exchange – Have you ever bought anything with Krypto?

I registered with BITHOLIC to receive 0.5 ETC rewards.
And after looking at their service, I realized that they had started a SHOP service.

I wonder if there is someone who really buys something with crypto.
Certainly not me.

Do you consider this service trustworthy?
And would it be all right if I ordered the book with my coin?
(As it seems interesting, I think about trying the service.)

I've bought a lot of addons to launch GSA, but no links are created for me.

Hello everybody, 2 months ago I bought GSA SER. I was told that it will not work without Proxy Scraper, then I bought GSA Proxy Scraper. Then I was told that I can not get this software running without capcha bracker. So I had to pay for 2capcha service. Then I bought 50 emails for confirmation.

Then I had to buy Spin Rewriter for life, then the linkIndexer to index the created backlinks. After I bought all this, no link was created at all.

Then someone told me to buy a list of links. Then I bought a link list from SeRocket. Nevertheless, GSA has not created a link for me. Then someone told me to buy a VPS server. Then I bought 8GB of RAM, 4-core processor with 1Gb / s internet support.

Then GSA started creating really shitty backlinks that I did not want on my money side. Then someone told me to buy a SerEngine Web 2.0 account. So that I can get good backlinks. I bought SerEngines web2.0 and added the API to gsa. But now I get the problem that no engine is running.

Now someone tells me that I wasted my money on the GSA Proxy Scraper. Because GSA Proxy Scraper only provides public proxies, we need private proxies to run GSA. Now I think to buy private powers. I do not know if this GSA will give me the links I wanted, even if I buy the private proxies?

This software is so annoying. Once I get this software up and running, I'll create a detailed video showing others what they're doing wrong and why the GSA does not create a link for them. But before I do that, I have to get my GSA SER up and running.

My question is: – Is there anyone in this form who can get RDP from me and see what I'm doing wrong? I have invested a lot of money and have been so stressed by more than the last 2 months but not the success to properly create the links. If there is someone in this form who wants to help me, and I would like to pay him via Paypal if he brings me to it. If you are the expert and can help me, please email me at and let me know. I will then provide you with my Remote Desktop Connection details so you can take a look at my GSA SER and explain to me why this is so. I always get the errors after doing everything in those 2 months.

WHMCS bought from Webpros

Quote Quote by Atlanical-Mike
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Webpros bought up WHMCS … The same company that bought SolusVM, Plesk & cPanel … How do they all think so?

As soon as I read … "" It's as usual for us – the same team stays in place, and we'll continue to deliver the same high quality product and experience you've come to expect. ", I laughed loudly …

It's the same team that made WHMCS what it is today … "a high quality product"? Rather like a lumbering, beetle-strewn, terrible software … with the same team in place, nothing will change.

Recently bought an HTML layout

I am not sure if this is the right place to publish this. However, I am looking for a freelancer who transfers all my current website content to a new version Read the rest of

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