Cowabunga boys!

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Cowabunga boys!

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Posted by: MervinROX
Post Time: June 3, 2019 at 1:52 pm.

Who are the boys?

TLDs for digital energy technologies in Chile

I see that they are from both

United States New York City
Ar Rayya … | Read the rest of

Why are girls more ashamed of their bodies than boys?


Combinatorics – Find out how many boys and six girls can stand in a row when no boy is next to another

The simplest answer is to arrange 6 girls and place 5 boys in order of order in the remaining 7 slots:

$$ square g square g square g square g square g square g square $$
That's why we come with:

$$ 6! Cdot 7P5 = 1 space 814 space 400 $$

I notice, however, if you take one of the girls (call it as $ ^ * $), we have:

$$ ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * $$

We see that no matter where girls$ ^ * $ stands, the boys will still not stand side by side. Now we can arrange 5 girls, put all boys in and put girls in$ ^ * $ in the 12 places after order:
$$ 5! Cdot12 cdot6P5 = 1 space036 space800 $$

So what's right? If the first is correct, why is the latter wrong and vice versa?

Many Thanks.