Is not Trump like someone's little brother hanging around with the Big Boys, like when he took the Russians to the Oval Office and spit out the top?

I think it's partly that he tries to gain the respect of foreign leaders, mostly the wrong kind. He admires the worst dictators, in fact he sees himself as a dictator, not as an "executive".

But Trump also pursues foreign policy via photo op. He likes being photographed with other world leaders, so it looks like he's in the club. He has absolutely no idea how he should pursue a consistent foreign policy. For him, everything is about "optics"!

Why have boys performed worse and worse in education in recent decades?

Schools have deliberately emphasized how girls learn and how boys learn. For example, there is less experience in lofts, less opportunity for students to take a break from sitting and being active, and no tolerance for fidgeting. Damn, if I had to sit alert for eight hours, I would have failed.

This is also the reason why ADS occurs more frequently. Children, especially boys, are not designed to sit quietly and attentively throughout the day. Their inability to do so is not a disturbance, it's how children should be.

Cowabunga boys!

Hello to all Ambrose Smith here. I just wanted to express my joy of being part of this community. I've been a marketer myself for 10 years. Really like the UI of the site, the old memes here and there, the color solutions and yadda yadda yadda yadda. Cool. Love it. Part-time, I try to express my thoughts and experiences in writing. Not so long ago I realized that writing is my true passion, and when I have free time, I write articles and other …

Cowabunga boys!

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Who are the boys?

TLDs for digital energy technologies in Chile

I see that they are from both

United States New York City
Ar Rayya … | Read the rest of

Why are girls more ashamed of their bodies than boys?


Combinatorics – Find out how many boys and six girls can stand in a row when no boy is next to another

The simplest answer is to arrange 6 girls and place 5 boys in order of order in the remaining 7 slots:

$$ square g square g square g square g square g square g square $$
That's why we come with:

$$ 6! Cdot 7P5 = 1 space 814 space 400 $$

I notice, however, if you take one of the girls (call it as $ ^ * $), we have:

$$ ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * g ^ * square ^ * $$

We see that no matter where girls$ ^ * $ stands, the boys will still not stand side by side. Now we can arrange 5 girls, put all boys in and put girls in$ ^ * $ in the 12 places after order:
$$ 5! Cdot12 cdot6P5 = 1 space036 space800 $$

So what's right? If the first is correct, why is the latter wrong and vice versa?

Many Thanks.