The number of people who invest through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) drops by 90%. The reasons are fraudsters, exit fraud, lack of regulations and pressure from several government agencies like the SEC. However, some strong alternatives such as Security Token Offering (STO) have strengthened investor confidence.

Security token offers are a modern method of trustworthy fundraising that would replace the traditional IPO method. It is believed that crypto coins and tokens will gain the confidence of the investment market and will change seriously with the development of STO. As government agencies support STOs, this becomes a reliable investment option as an ICO.

STOs offer everyone the opportunity to invest in a company in a more accessible, affordable and secure way. If you are the entrepreneur or startup that wanted to offer a security token? Get advice from Blockchain App Factory, an experienced expert STO development Company that also offers various other blockchain-enabled services.

Let's look at the top five benefits of offering security tokens:


Security tokens are often confused with utility tokens. In contrast to utility tokens that offer exclusive access to services or products in the blockchain network and have no other value in themselves. While security tokens are financial instruments that have designed token assets, this grants ownership of:

I) Company property or share

ii) Dividend payments

iii) Loan commitments

iv) Company property or share


STOs are mostly misinterpreted as "updated versions of ICO", which is completely wrong. Collecting donations through ICO using cryptocurrency is like raising capital in return for pre-sold rights to access the service when the product is ready.

The main problem with initial coin offering is that the whole atmosphere offers no regulation and no protection for investors and the investments made.

However, this is not the case with STOs. Some guidelines fully regulate this. These are tokenized securities and some traditional laws that apply to them. This means that all companies applying for STOs should comply with government rules and regulations.


All traditional stock exchanges and stock markets are bound by strictly predefined working hours. Even if an important matter happens when the market is closed, no one can get a return from it.

However, security tokens are available around the clock. This means you can trade assets around the clock and access new updates or events in good time.


Blockchain technology offers a decentralized and uniform method for data tracking and manipulation due to its immutable general ledger. This infrastructure helps to keep the ownership of securities completely transparent and secure.


Blockchain technology helps to subdivide the traditional illiquid assets into asset tokens and these tokenized assets such as art, real estate or old monuments. Tokenization provides average investors with access to real estate on large projects that traditionally belonged to people with large capital.


Security token offering is becoming increasingly popular among young startups and is becoming an interesting alternative to traditional IPOs and crowdfunding. STO provides a faster, cheaper, and more flexible way to raise the funds required for project development.

If you are the entrepreneur or startup that wanted to offer a security token? Contact Blockchain App Factory now for a fast and reliable service.

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The GO Unlimited service, which may be known by the name of many of you, is one of the oldest services that specialize in video hosting. The goal of the service has always been to ensure the provision of a secure and stable platform for its long-term partners and to provide functions and features that match their aspirations, and of course to innovate to keep pace with the needs of the industry.

GO Unlimited, 2020

In 2020, we are trying to move traditional video hosting services to integrated solutions in this area by providing advanced tools, some of which have not previously been proposed or used in this area to keep up with the times Development in this industry and its requirements included.

————————————————– ————

Our goal

Our primary goal is to ensure the long-term stability of the platform and the stability of the services that the tools provide to their partners. We work in GO Unlimited based on long-term, not short, plans to ensure the opportunity to work many years and to successfully meet our partners' aspirations and aspirations.

Our work since 2016 and our achievements are proof of this goal that we strive for. We will continue to work towards this goal.

If you have any suggestions or inquiries, we are always happy to receive them.

Topic development – Brand Woocommerce

I'm having trouble adding or at least binding a product via API to a specific brand via Products-> Brands. I know it could be a specific issue, but I'm sure there has to be a solution.

Any methods (GET, POST, PUT) don't show or add brands. 🙁 and I have no idea how to bind it without adding a plugin that supports API like the Perfect Woocommerce Brand Plugin.

The problem, however, is that when using this plugin, other filters work separately from the Perfect Brand plugin, and website moke becomes complicated from a code perspective.

So I wonder if there is any other solution that will work with the brands or be bound through the API.

Thanks a lot.

How do I market a brand new forum?

Hi there,

I started this new discussion forum after I had the idea long ago. However, I was a bit stuck to get traffic and new posts. I tried a bit of Facebook advertising – and the jury is still not sure if that will work.

The website is

I have experience with SEO, but I think the forum needs content to rank. That's why I'm looking for intelligent ways to drive traffic to the website.

Any tips?

Web Part – How do I use Flow to create a brand new Sharepoint news story?

I am very new to Sharepoint, Forms and Flow. I am trying to automate a workflow when sending a form response to create a Newspost page on Sharepoint with data from the form.

I want to designate the author of the page as the person who submitted the form.

The page title should also be taken from one of the answers. The rest of the answers can be in a text web part.

The key is automating all of this in Flow (or Power Automate). So far no success after many hours of research and testing. I only managed to collect data when a form was submitted.

Which clothing brand is best for you?

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