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35% Recurring discount + Free upgrade WHMCS brand videos SSL End User Support UK / USA


InnoHosting is an established 13+ year old company with one consistent A track record known for providing reliable and predictable business hosting services. We provide you with a solid and robust foundation that gives you the confidence and time to really focus on growing your business. For this reason, over 95% of our customers believe that InnoHosting has contributed to their success.
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Quick 8 reasons for InnoHosting

1. Proven track record – We are an established hosting company with proven experience and proven track record.

Second Business intelligence is a matter of course – We've worked on providing fully managed hosting in countless industries.

Third High-end server – not busy – we do not overburden our servers – Today your website works at lightning speed, even tomorrow and in 10 years. That's what consistent service is all about.

4th Fully loaded accounts – Everything you need is included in your reseller account so you can get started quickly. No other company offers more features than us.

5th Competent support – Are you tired of waiting for "escalated tickets"? Join the club – we hate to wait! That's why we hire only Tier 3 qualified technicians who can help and support you right from the start.

6th Real 24×7 support – Too many hosts require 24×7 support – we prove it. Visit our website and initiate a chat with our technical support department at any time of day for immediate assistance.

7th Friendly and professional – Compassion, empathy and flexibility are critical to any business. We adapt to the needs of our customers and tailor our service and support to your needs.

8th. success oriented – Over 95% of our customers say that InnoHosting has improved their business and contributed to their success. Switch to InnoHosting and join the winning team!

Promotion – 35% discount on life: Voucher: INNO35OFF

offer expiration: October 31, 2019

Buy one of our reseller packages and get it for a lifetime 35% discount, Whether you pay monthly, quarterly or even yearly, you will receive a 35% discount on your hosting bill each time you renew.

This offer is valid for a few days only and limited slots are available. InnoHosting makes no exceptions if you miss this offer. Early registration is recommended.


Terms and Conditions apply.

Fully managed migration

Changing to InnoHosting is easy and no downtime possible. Your customers will probably not even notice that a migration has taken place. You can still switch to InnoHosting today and we'll migrate:
– your databases (together with database users and permissions intact)
– All scripts you have installed
– All uploaded files
– All emails stored on the server (for example, if you use IMAP)
– E-mail accounts, subdomains, parked domains, add-on domains, redirects, HTAccess files, FTP accounts and everything else in between

InnoHosting activGuard Website Security – Exclusive to InnoHosting

InnoHosting activeGuard automatically protects and protects your web hosting. No configuration is required and no files need to be uploaded. InnoHosting activeGuard runs at the server level and is not obtrusive. It continuously monitors your website, protects against online threats and protects against intrusions. With real-time behavior analysis and "just in time" patching of virtual applications, activeGuard ensures that your web applications are fully protected and equipped with the latest security technologies to ward off today's common threats. With activGuard Security, exploited WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS and other applications are a thing of the past.

NEW: Branded Video Tutorials

Our web hosting educational videos are an excellent complement to our knowledgebase articles (ready-made articles that are inserted directly into your WHMCS). They can be provided with your company logo and enhance your customer experience in full. Reduce support tickets and reduce churn rates by ensuring that your customers get the most out of their hosting.

End User Support

With end user support, you can outsource your support requirements to us. We answer your customer inquiries around the clock and everything under your brand. But it does not stop there – our end-user support system is the most advanced end-user support system in the industry. Built from the ground up internally by InnoHosting – we can deliver a quality of support unmatched by any other company.
Some of our advanced features include:

1. Scheduling – Turns it on / off immediately or sets a schedule for automatic power on / off
2. WHMCS integration – Includes full support for WHMCS v7

3. Direct URL for WHMCS7 +
4. Advanced API – Integrate the system into virtually any application
5. Profiling – Submit your company profile to customize the answers to your customers
6. Real average response time of 30 minutes
7. Take a look at our answers and notes
8. Tier 3 support engineers

This system is exclusive to InnoHosting and nowhere else available. Internally built from the ground up and based on direct feedback from our customers.

Fully loaded reseller accounts

Our reseller accounts offer everything you need for a quick start. We talked to our customers and collected feedback on the most valuable and expensive things in the initial stages of starting up and running a business. We've also compiled a comprehensive list of freebies included in all our reseller accounts:

Free end user support (technical support, billing and sales)
Free activGuard Web Security – exclusive to InnoHosting
Free video tutorials with your logo
Free 100x Knowledgebase articles that are integrated directly into your WHMCS
Fully functional commercial WHMCS license
Free SEO tools that increase traffic
Free Comodo SSL certificate
Free PCI-compatible Payment Processor account from 2Checkout
Free Domain Reseller Account – Sell domains at wholesale prices
Free templates for legal documents
Free Softaculous auto-installer
Free distributed failover DNS
Free daily backups that you can access and restore
Free LiteSpeed ​​Web Server
Free CloudLinux
Free PHP Selector (choose your own PHP version)

Powerful Server + Stable Platform = Rock Solid Service

We use 24 (HT) core CPUs, 32 GB RAM and a RAID10 memory configuration. Servers are under-utilized and under-utilized to ensure that they are available when your site requires more power. This in combination with CloudLinux ensures that the servers can deal with sudden peak loads easily. The bottom line is a solid, predictable and stable service. HTTP is further accelerated by the powerful LiteSpeed ​​web server, which significantly increases your site's performance and page load times.

UK and USA servers

We have servers in the United States (Los Angeles) and the United Kingdom (Maidenhead) in state-of-the-art data centers with full performance and network redundancy. We only use premium bandwidth carriers that have been carefully selected to provide the most efficient response times and routes to the rest of the world. No matter where your visitors are, you can be sure that your websites are loaded quickly and reliably.

The hosting plans

If you think it's time to get serious about your business and take it to the next level, sign up for one of our managed hosting plans listed below. With less than a cup of coffee per day, you can host your websites and applications on real server premium hardware with our Rapid Response Support.

•••••••••• Default ••••••••••

• Web space: 20 GB Now upgraded with promotion to Premier

• Bandwidth: 200 GB per month
• Unlimited number of add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, mail accounts, mail forwarders, autoresponders, FTP accounts and much more
• 25 account limit (create up to 25 cPanel accounts)
• over-selling enabled (sell more than you've been allocated)
• Supported by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server
USA server prices

USD from: 16.95 USD / month
GBP From: £ 12.71 / month


UK server prices

USD From: $ 22.06 / month
GBP From: £ 16.55 / month


•••••••••• Premier •••••••••••••

• Web space: 40 GB Now promoted to executive with promotion

• Bandwidth: 400 GB
• Unlimited number of add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, mail accounts, mail forwarders, autoresponders, FTP accounts and much more
• 100 Account Limit (create up to 100 cPanel accounts)
• over-selling enabled (sell more than you've been allocated)
• Supported by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

USA server prices

USD from: 24.95 USD / month
GBP From: £ 18.71 / month


UK server prices

USD From: $ 30.56 / month
GBP from: £ 22.92 / month


•••••••••• Senior Staff •••••••••

• Web space: 60 GB Now upgraded to corporate with promotion

• Bandwidth: 600 GB per month
• Unlimited number of add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, mail accounts, mail forwarders, autoresponders, FTP accounts and much more
• over-selling enabled (sell more than you've been allocated)
• Supported by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

USA server prices

USD From: $ 42.95 / month
GBP From: £ 32.21 / month


UK server prices

USD from: $ 47.56 / month
GBP from: £ 33.57 / month


•••••••••• Corporate •••••••••••

• Web space: 80 GB – Now 100 GB with promotion

• Bandwidth: 800 GB per month – Now 1 TB with advertising

• Unlimited number of add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, mail accounts, mail forwarders, autoresponders, FTP accounts and much more
• over-selling enabled (sell more than you've been allocated)
• Supported by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

USA server prices

USD from: 49.95 USD / month
GBP From: £ 37.46 / month


UK server prices

USD from: $ 47.56 / month
GBP from: £ 33.57 / month


Speed ​​test files:

USA Server (Los Angeles):
UK server (Maidenhead):

Network information: http://innohosting.com/innohosting-network

•••••••••• Everything else ••••••••••

Additional resources:

Web space: $ 1 / GB
Bandwidth: 1 USD / GB for the first 5 GB, then 0.50 USD / GB.

Quantity discounts available. Minimum order is 5GB.

Own IP address:

2 USD / month + 5.99 USD one-time setup fee per IP
$ 6 / quarter. Free setup.
$ 18 a year (equivalent to $ 1.50 per month). Free setup.

Corporate Anti-Spam from SpamExperts:

2.50 USD / domain per month

•••••••••• Contact InnoHosting •••••••••••••••••

Take the first step toward trouble-free reseller hosting – contact us today if you have questions at https://support.innohosting.com. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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– Terms of action –

The promotion is only valid for new customers or returning customers.
Recurring customers may not have an InnoHosting account within 45 days of signing up.
Recurring customers must not have had an InnoHosting account that is closed in poor condition.
The action is valid for the life of the package you have signed up for.
InnoHosting reserves the right to withdraw or reject this promotion at any time.
Free 2Checkout account subject to acceptance.
The promotion does not apply to semi-dedicated accounts.
The full terms and conditions apply.

GET – Bee Thomas & Matt Sibert – Launching a Successful CBD Brand | Proxies-free

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Bee Thomas u. Matt Sibert – how to start a successful CBD brand


Everything you need to know to bring your own CBD product line from A to Z to market
In this 8-week course on introducing a successful Sagelogica CBD brand, you'll learn the following:

Just as a couple launched a CBD brand and received three offers to buy public companies within 6 months of the launch
How to implement a little-known branding technology that sets your CBD brand apart and brings you more revenue
The exact steps we've taken to reach 9 million people a week on our Facebook page and make thousands of sales per week with messenger bots
This will help you stay compliant with your labels and website so the FDA will not knock on your door
No matter what tool or software you use, how you can use human psychology to build a high-converting sales funnel
You know and understand how to create a brand that is attractive to investors and possibly receive offers to buy your business
Tips on how to make sales and set up new accounts with a predictable and scalable process
So you're accessing a network of proven professionals to take your CBD brand to the next level
The best ways to drive traffic to your website and turn it into sales

Introduction and course framework

Course Video Introduction (5:34)

Week zero: Course Introduction (18:08)

WEEK 1: way of thinking

Mindset: Attitude is Everything (27:06)
Mindset: Know Yourself First (16:41)
Mindset: Build a solid routine: (16:21)
Mindset: Manifestation Toolkit (17:25)
Mindset: Work-Life-Balance (5:08)
WEEK 2: Education

Education: Rich Hemp History (10:55)
Education: Knowledge of the hemp industry (5:16)
Education: CBD Opportunities (10:21)
Training: Regulatory Compliance (77:38)
WEEK 3: Business

Business: Branding (18:01)
Business: Target Audience (4:02)
Business: CBD Business Setup (10:52)
Company: Organizational Culture (3:36)
Business: Human Resources (9:18)
WEEK 4: Production

Production: Procurement of your product (14:51)
Manufacturing: Fulfillment (7:27)
Preparation: Product formulation (9:30)
Manufacturing: Packaging and Design (9:53)
WEEK 5: numbers

Numbers: Important Numbers (7:48)
Numbers: How to Calculate Your Costs (5:47)
Numbers: How to Attract an Investor (11:27)
WEEK 6: Sales & Customer Management

Sales: Retail (11:06)
Sales: Online (9:42)
Sales: Market secrets for fairs and farmers (16:36)
Sales: Customer Service (13:03)
Sales: Sagelogica Sales System (21:27)
WEEK 7: Marketing

Marketing: Facebook & Linked-In (12:58)
Marketing: Instagram (5:20)
Marketing: Influencers & Affiliates (14:54)
Marketing: Marketing Strategies (18:17)
WEEK 8: Start

Start: Starting 101 (9:45)
Congratulation video (1:04)


terminal – How is the highlighted position displayed at the top when jumping to the previous brand in iTerm?

When you jump to a previous mark in iTerm, the marked position (vertical) will be displayed in the center of the terminal window.

But instead of displaying it in the middle, I want it to appear in the top line (at once).
Is there a way to enable this and how?

Environment info:

  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.3
  • iTerm2 build 3.2.9
  • Shell integration enabled

$ 75 brand design for the farm

My family owns a small farm where cows and chickens are kept and hunted on the property. Wanted to look for an updated design for "Rainbow Rock Farm".

Our current logo looks like this: (IMG)

We like and want to keep the double R (one is upside down and the other is straight). We'd like to clean this up a bit and maybe have some options with Rainbow Rock underneath or something. As you can see, the edges of the logo are a bit blurry and not well defined.

I'm looking for the other following articles – a bit more stylized t-shirt design and business card design.
Our current website is https://www.rainbowrockfarm.com if you want to see / understand what we do a bit more.

Payment is by Paypal.

How can I control my brand online through social media marketing?

Accepting the "control" of your new account is not really possible due to social networking. Whether you're in dialogue or not, people on the Web will talk about you, and there's no way you can "limit" what they say. What you can do, however, is to combine and influence these conversations by being part of those conversations. Negative feedback from Yelp on customer complaints via Twitter is the best way to influence your audience's understanding of your business by participating in the conversation …

How can I control my brand online through social media marketing?

Battery – My brand new MacBook Book Pro dies 30% without warning

I got my MBP earlier today, and when I use it it works fine, but when it dies, I get no warning and it dies by 30%. I do not know how to fix this problem since it is supposed to have a 10 hour battery life, but when I charge to 60 or 70, the battery will only die by thirty after one and a half or two hours, and when I charge it, it will start thirty to forty at this?