brauer groups – A local-to global principle for splitting of Azumaya algebras

Let $S$ be a finitely generated domain with the field of fractions $F.$ Let X be a smooth,
geometrically connected affine variety over $S.$ Let $A$ be an Azumaya algebra over $X.$
Assume that for all large enough primes $p,$ $A_p$ splits over $X_p$-the reduction modulo $p$ of $X.$ Does this assumption imply that $A_{overline{F}}$ splits over $X_{overline{F}}?$ My naive guess is that the answer should be “yes”. Any suggestions or references would be
greatly appreciated.

Brauer group of $mathbb{Z}_{(p)}$ – MathOverflow

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rt.representation theory – Non-isomorphic groups with same character tables and different Brauer character tables

Let $A$ be a discrete valuation ring with perfect residue field $k$ of characteristic $p$ and field of fractions $K$ of characteristic $0$. Let $G$ and $H$ be two finite groups and assume that $K$ is sufficiently large, so that the irreducible characters of both groups form a $K$-basis of the respective space of class functions with values in $K$.

If $G$ and $H$ have the same character table over $K$, i.e. if we have a bijection between the conjugacy classes of $G$ and $H$ and a bijection between the irreducible characters over $K$ under which the character table is preserved, do $G$ and $H$ then also have the same Brauer character table?