macos – Is it possible to control new window position of Brave Browser?

macos – Is it possible to control new window position of Brave Browser? – Ask Different

android 10 – Why can I no longer share a URL to Brave or Chrome?

Within the last couple of months a change in Brave had affected my typical article reading workflow. This also affects Chrome, so I’m assuming it’s a change in the underlying shared codebase.

I use Pocket to manage articles to read, and I would typically open an article in the Pocket app, click the share button, and then share the article URL to the browser. Recently this stopped working. Brave (and Chrome) no longer show in the list of all of the apps. Edge, however, does still show in that list.

I originally thought that Pocket had changed the way it was sharing, but I get the same results sharing a URL directly from one of the browser apps (though that app’s Print action does show in the share options). Sharing from Pocket goes directly to the full app list, while sharing from the browser shows just the top options, then your have to scroll right and click More….

My new workflow is to use the copy action (which includes the article title as well as URL), and then paste it into the browser, and then delete the article title so it’s just the URL, then navigate.

Is there something I can configure to get this browser sharing feature back? Does anyone know what the underlying change was for?

browser – Why is Brave not exporting my bookmarks properly

I use Brave for a browser. I like to export my bookmarks on the bookmarks page to save them but usually Brave only exports part of my bookmarks. And it seems like every time I export it, a random part actually exports. A similar thing like this happens in Chrome but it’s less common.

Could someone please tell me why this is happening or how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

i upgraded my ubuntu 20.04 to 20.10. When i open brave browser and scroll within the pages there issome type of wave coming in the screen

I tried other other browser also but the problem is same…1. The browser is taking too much time and also when i scroll there is a wave coming in between the screen.
2.I have enabled auto hide taskbar but its not working and also the taskbar is flickering when i open browser and its full screen.
Please help me.
brave browser – Version 1.24.71 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
Ubuntu 20.10
os type 64 bit
gnome version 3.38.3
processor intel core i3-3110M cp@ 2.40 GHz*4
during writing these info the setting window freezed.why its happening.
i had installed other browser but the problem is same.

macos – Why does HTML mailto link open Brave browser?

I’m a web developer working on macOS “Big Sur”. I’ve noticed recently that if I create a web page in Visual Studio Code that contains an HTML anchor tag with a “mailto” href attribute and I launch a local web server using the Live Server extension, if I click that link, my Brave browser opens up. What I would expect is that the Apple Mail application would open.

  <a href="" id="email"></a>

Is this a macOS problem or should I blame the Visual Studio Code extension?

brave – Dissenter Browser no longer launches after Ubuntu 20.04.2 software base update

The effect of the failure is that after updating Ubuntu base software, upon clicking the Dissenter browser’s launcher I do see the browser load temporarily (for no more than a second or two at most) and then disappear altogether without any visible trace.

Dissenter is a free-speech and no-censorship browser built on the Brave browser and developed by the unjustifiably-maligned social media company ‘Gab’.

I might be wrong about this, but I suspect that the recent software base update may have purposely sabotaged my Dissenter installation, similar to the way the Dissenter browser extension was recently removed from the Chrome and Mozilla browser extension catalogs.

Should this be the case, I hope to learn how to circumvent this evil attempt by others to impose upon me what I can and cannot install on my own computer. Otherwise, any advice to get this application to work again would be greatly appreciated.

Here follows my OS version:

~$ cat /etc/os-release
VERSION="20.04.2 LTS (Focal Fossa)"

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