Trying to improve Azure AD role assignments without breaking everything

I’m trying to remove most users from the Azure AD Global Admin role in favor of dedicated admin accounts and/or use something like PIM.

My question is; If a user granted permissions for an Enterprise App, created a security token for app registrations, or some other process that required the admin privilege they had at that time, will removing them as a global admin and leaving them a normal user break the things they set up in the past?

My initial guess is no since PIM makes it so you don’t always have the admin permissions. But it could be it doesn’t break because you always have the role, just in an eligible state when you aren’t using it, instead of just not having it at all.

This all came up in part because I’m working on moving to Microsoft Endpoint Manager and trying to make it so no one logs in as local admins with their daily use accounts. On Azure AD joined devices Global Admins are local admins and I can’t seem to change that. So I feel like this is a good push to be better about how we use the Global Admin role. Being on a small team of 3 made it easy to just say “use global admin” since we all have to do a bit of everything.

Breaking my head about something almost impossible

I am deaf and learnt myself but build inter alia “application capture” system for cellphone contracts.

With over 1000 users using it daily, I received twice screenshot of failed mysql db insert that seems almost impossible.

1) Post basic client info
2) Check if post variables exist
3) Several checks, like ID, check if account and client already exist (different db entries, if exist, add ID’s to session, if not create and add ID’s to session, at least 5 create db entries))
4) Check if pass business rules
5) Check if CONTRACT exist, if yes, get ID, if not create and save id in session
(Several if and other conditions in between above)

The failed entry, is for this contract creation db query with total empty values except agent’s details as per session.

With all above how the hell is it possible to get to “insert into contracts” with empty values (checked, the client id or mobile etc dont exist on system)

Cant be session issue where the agent session details still exist but rest just gone

Easily 1000 contracts per day and so far I can see, no way on earth how to “skip” all above to the insert into contracts query

Any ideas perhaps guys?

Is it possible to allow passing arguments as references without breaking referential transparency in functional languages?

Referential transparency is a relatively new concept to me, but I understood that it means that a function will always give the same answer given the same arguments.

Would passing arguments by reference break this property somehow in a functional language?

security – “Breaking” into Samsung phone

one of my colleagues has recently passed away and I am left with a task to retrieve data (especially pictures) from his phone – Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017).

Unfortunately, he set a numerical code to lock the screen and I was unable to get through it with any convential methods I found online – all require access to Samsung account, or Google account, or some other prerequisities, that are not fulfilled in this case.

Does anybody have any trick to get pass the security?

Thank you!

Filehost Deliberately Breaking Their Platform At Busy Times | Proxies-free

Just curious really. I’ve had 2 filehosts break over night and not counting stats for a period. Both of which this hasn’t happened for a while. reason I’m thinking this is cause if you are an uploader you’d now there was a fairly big release out yesterday which gained quite a few download, i’m wondering if hosts see this and accidentally break their platform so they can earn while not properly compensating uploaders… from what i’ve seen thus far on this forum I don’t believe this to be too far fetched.


office 365 – Hyperlinks breaking when moving PDF in same Document Library in SharePoint Online

hyperlinks keep breaking when moving a PDF between folders in same Document Library in SharePoint Online and show a blank screen when you click them. Tested this with Word, JPG, Excel and PowerPoint files and they do not have this issue, just PDFs.

When I check the console in the blank screen it shows “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (NOT FOUND)”

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Breaking down eucliclean algorithm as a series of movements of the numbers across the number line

I was going over a process that tries to show the euclidean algorithm distilling it to a series of movements across the number line. The basic movements are measured by the $2$ numbers that we are interested in each time and other movements are built on top of that.
Example for numbers $133$ and $85$ (I am sorry for the inaccuracy of the diagram, didn’t know of any good tool for such a case)

enter image description here

Now if you notice this process essentially at this point moves around at intervals of $11$ steps and if we continue back and forth with moves like that it will eventually reach $1$.

Also $1$ is the greatest common divisor of both numbers.

If we take two different examples:
E.g. $8$ and $4$ we would have:

enter image description here

This essentially ends up with an infinite loop as we can see from the diagram

Also for $91$ and $49$ we would have:

enter image description here

Now from there on the algorithm does not enter a loop but can only move in multiples of $7$ which is also the GCD of $91$ and $49$

So my questions are:

  • how do we know when the process stops? In the first case it stops to $1$ in the latter goes in an infinite loop but the GCD(8,4) = 4 and in the last it does not go in an infinite loop but the last decrement is $7$.
  • what would be an intuitive explanation of the process?

cryptography – Breaking RSA when sent message belongs to a small set

Propose an improve to the RSA algorithm for a specific scenario. The scenario is as follows:

Alice sent Bob the encrypted message $C = PB(M)$, and Eve was listening.
Assume that Eve knows that the message $M$ that Alice sent to Bob belongs
to a small set of messages ${M_1, dots, M_k}$.

  1. Show how Eve can find out what $M$ was.

  2. Propose a way to improve the $RSA$ protocol so that the approach
    that you proposed in (1) is not possible.

As for (1):

Because that Eve knows that $M$ is part of a small group of massages, she can compute $PB(M_i)$ for each message $M_i$ in the small group ($ 1le ile k$). When she will get $PB(M_i) = C$ she will know that that’s the massage $M$.

As for (2):

I’m not really sure how to improve it. My guess is that I should somehow randomize something, but I’m not sure which part can be randomized.

How to use WP_Query without breaking the main Query

The WP Query class can be used to make almost any imaginable query to the WP database. It’s amazing.

But it’s also used when WordPress is loaded, to run the main query for the current page request.

A common practice is to use wp_reset_query() and/or wp_reset_postdata()

But it’s unclear when to use one or the other, or if they must be used at all.

So I would like to know what is the correct way to use the power of WP Query without breaking the main query.