Character Creation – What 3.5e power / spell / ability does you know if you are breaking a vow / the rules of your god as a free action?

I build a D & D 3.5e clergyman in the monastery with a vow of poverty and the vow of peace. In the last two weeks, I've come across a character ability (an ability, a talent, a spell, an alternate class function, a domain skill, or something else) that had the following wording:

as a free act, you can consult your intuition and know if something is in tune with your God's will (or make a vow, I'm not sure what the benefit is)

I explicitly recall that this was a free action that allowed you to check the status of a contemplated action. But I spent 3 hours searching through the book of sublime deeds, the player's manual, and Google, and can not find it.

Update the server to PHP 7.3, but PHP sites are breaking … Need help

We're looking for someone to help us with server upgrade issues.

We run WHM / cPanel on our server and have 3 WordPress sites that talk about the need for a PHP update. We had PHP 5.6 on the server, but we updated it to 7.3 and now these three sites are broken.

So I need someone to restore these PHP sites and fix them and get them ready for use. All three sites are on WordPress, but one of them has WHMCS, which now states that it is corrupted.

You need Skype to communicate with us.

If you can give a rough estimate that would be great if we need to talk more about Skype, that's okay too.

E-mail – Why is stopping Google Chrome breaking everything, even from other apps?

When I quit Google Chrome, I find that not only am I logged out of all accounts in Google Chrome (eg, Facebook, Gmail), but I'm also logged out of Apple accounts (looks specifically for Gsuite and Gmail) but strangely enough, from my Apple iCloud. This means I have to sign in to all my email accounts through my Mac's native mail app.

What settings trigger this and how do I change it?

dnd 5e – How breaking would a house order be if magicians could always prepare new spells?

Wizards preparing spells have nearly identical rules of when and how they can do it (emphasis mine):

You can change your list of prepared spells if you finish a long
, Prepare a new list of class Spells require a lot of time
study / meditate: At least 1 minute per magic level for each spell
on your list.

To give my players more flexibility, I want to drop the bold part and allow them to prepare new spells anytime. They would still need the time to study / meditate, d. H. It would not be an option in the middle of a fight.

RAW also seems to always spend time on each spell on the list. To speed this up, I would only need learning / meditation time for spells they had not prepared before, so Replacing a single spell takes just a few minutes.

In general, this would allow you to prepare more combat magic while using more utility spells.

Of course, this would put the sorcerer's toes on his superior ritualistic work, as Clerics and Druids only need a few more minutes to prepare the ritual spells just when they are needed. However, this is not a problem in my group because we do not have an assistant.

Aside from that, how breaking would that rule be? In particular, would it overwhelm the preparatory sorcerer classes, rather than just make them more useful?

jquery – Data table breaking button operation

Good night everybody !!!
Guys, I set up several data type tables to generate reports, to enter the company's paid accounts, the company's earnings, and so on. In each row of these tables, I then inserted a button that allows me to access them via Ajax details Financial movements …
it will load smoothly, but if I want to display more rows from that table, more rows will be printed, but the buttons that access via Ajax will stop working …
How do I solve this ???
Thank you for your attention!

python – A clean method of breaking a method executed by another method

I'm trying to create a script that receives a command from another script. Based on the received command, a method is executed or stopped with a while loop. I manage to get it running with the following code:

import rospy
import threading
from std_msgs.msg import String

class MonitoringInterrupt(Exception): pass

def cbCmd(nData):
    """Call back function when receive command from a topic"""
    print("Received cmd: ", cmd)
    global is_monitoring
    global t
        if cmd=='1': 
            is_monitoring = False
            raise MonitoringInterrupt
        elif cmd=='0':
            is_monitoring = True
            t = threading.Thread(target=do_something)
            print("Unknown cmd")
    except MonitoringInterrupt:

def do_something():
        while is_monitoring:
    except MonitoringInterrupt:

def talker():
    while not rospy.is_shutdown():                

if __name__ == '__main__': 
    global is_monitoring
    is_monitoring = False
    global t
    rospy.init_node('Testing_command', anonymous=True)
    rospy.Subscriber('cmd', String, cbCmd)
    rate = rospy.Rate(20)
    except rospy.ROSInterruptException:

But it looks a bit chaotic. And I read in the forum that we should use no exception to interrupt the method. Is there another cleaner way to do this? Some people recommend the use of thread.Event but I have no success in implementing this is one. Also when should I call t.join()? I would like to call the method several times, and as I know, you can only start a thread once.

Can homomorphic treatment lead to abandoning the context and thus breaking the confidentiality?

I would like company X to do an analysis of the data that I have issued from a tensile testing campaign. I send them encrypted data and ask them to adjust a function between deformation and constraint (I say to X, my data is u and v) to get the answer of my material to the request for future calculations

What's stopping X from guessing what they charge, while the function they fit on is a physical reaction that a mechanic will likely recognize?

(I know my example is bad because this is a simple operation that does not need to be outsourced, but I have no better one)