bitcoin core – Brother died and I am sole survivor..just found out he has a wallet. How do I go about getting his bit coins I have no info

I have no info..

Without information, you cannot get control of any Bitcoin your brother possessed.

You need some details of his wallet or of his account with a Bitcoin exchange.

How do I retreive

If he looked after his own money in a Bitcoin wallet on a computer or phone, you need to be able to log in to that device and run the wallet program and enter any password he set on the wallet. He may have kept a note of his wallet’s “private key” or its 12, 18 or 24-word “recovery phrase” written down somewhere safe. E.g. on paper or stamped metal in a safe. If so, you can use this information on a different computer to create a new wallet that controls the same money.

If he had an account with a business that looked after his money for him, you’ll need to find out the name of that business and his login details. It is possible you would find some details in his old email messages.

I have death certificate.

That might be of use if his money was in an exchange and you know his account name but not his account password. You or the executor of his estate would need to contact the exchange directly about this.

You will be contacted by people offering to help you. 99% of these will be scammers intending to trick you into trusting them with any details you find, or who will trick you into paying invented recovery fees but who will never give you access to your brother’s money. Be very very careful.

drivers – Brother DCP-J572DW does not scan after upgrade to 20.04

In version 18.04 SimpleScan worked fine, as did the printing function. After the upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 my Brother DCP-J572DW device did not print nor did it scan.

When I first launched Document scanner, then turned on the printer/scanner, the reply is that an extra driver program is required.
I did find the download on the Brother page, downloaded it and installed via driver-installer. The printer does now print again, so it made a difference.

At first, after quiting Documentscanner, with the scanner on, I launched Documentscanner again and Lo and Behold!, it does recognise the device Brother DCP-J572DW and tells me it is ready to scan, but as soon as I try to scan, the message appears “cannot connect to scanner” (in Dutch, but that is not the problem).

Next step: set preferences and try to scan again; the device seems to start, but only shows a window, no further action or the well-known scanner noise. So I hit the “stop” button.

Start a new scan delivers the message “Contacting scanner” (in Dutch again, which is fine). The wheel in the stop-button starts turning, but no action whatsoever. So I stopped it once more.
Then tried to quit Documentscanner, which does not react att all. After some minutes it signals: Program does not react. Force quit? Yes, of course, and indeed it does disappear from the screen.

Then tried XSane. After launch it says “searching for scanner”. After a while it returns with “could not find device ‘brother4:bus2;dev1’, wrong argument.

The upgrade apparently mixed up some settings in a directory that I, as a simple end-user, never had to deal with (that is the great advantage of Ubuntu!). As my experience with UNIX dates from 30 years ago, I recognise the commandline interface, but only remember the commands cd.. and ls -l. Can someone instruct me how to correct this scanner thing?


drivers – Brother DCP-T510w prints, but don’t scan, Ubuntu 20.04, How can I make xsane recognise it?

I used my printer with ease back in Ubuntu 18.04, but i had to upgrade it. The System works fine and installed all drivers from DCP-T510w Brother’s page. The Printer works fine, although sometimes I have to make some roundabout way to do it, but the scanner doesn’t work. Document scanner and xsane doesn’t recognise it.
I saw a dozen forums about similar problems, but they seemed complicated and without standard. none concerning Ubuntu 20.04.

Here are some information, I could gather about the drivers

[scanimage and brother drivers1
and sane find scan

uk – EEA refusal to travel with my brother, who is a Finnish citizen

Enter image description hereEnter image description here

I was twice refused the application for a family permit for the EEA. I am a Nigerian citizen and was rejected on grounds of points.

1 ECO states that I have not provided any evidence of financial circumstances and expenses. I think I never mention that I am unemployed.

2 he said my bank statement has another source of income. That was a small sum that I collected twice for a friend

3 I started being dependent on my brother in May of this year, but I submitted the money slip that my brother uses to send me money along with dependency records since 2016, just to show our relationship. However, the ECO stated that since May of this year, the money has stopped flowing regularly.

What can I do Can I appeal or file a new application next year after I gather more evidence?

Printer – Brother MFC inkjet printer does not smudge / print properly after cleaning the printhead

I have a Brother MFC-J470DW printer. Like a year ago, it started to smudge (horizontal lines, only black ink). Running the cleaning program did not help much. Since I also have access to a printer in the office, my use of my brother printer was rather rare, but smearing, as far as I can tell, did not get worse. Then, a month ago, I moved to another apartment and for that reason my brother Drucker stayed separated for a few weeks and completely unused. I know this is considered "bad" for inkjet printers. Yesterday I connected it again. If the smear worsened during that time, then not much. I searched YouTube for instructions on how to get rid of the smudges, and found several videos that suggested cleaning the printhead with a (slightly wet or dry) lint-free paper towel. I used both, first the slightly wet, then the dry towel. After that, I printed a test page and the smearing of black ink was totally gone! However, magenta was not printed at all. So I did a complete cleaning program (black and color). Since then, the printer prints almost no more black and yellow ink, even though magenta has returned. Since then, I've repeated the black ink cleaning routine several times and tried cleaning the printhead a few times, but nothing has changed. Can I do anything to fix my printer?

Is not Trump like someone's little brother hanging around with the Big Boys, like when he took the Russians to the Oval Office and spit out the top?

I think it's partly that he tries to gain the respect of foreign leaders, mostly the wrong kind. He admires the worst dictators, in fact he sees himself as a dictator, not as an "executive".

But Trump also pursues foreign policy via photo op. He likes being photographed with other world leaders, so it looks like he's in the club. He has absolutely no idea how he should pursue a consistent foreign policy. For him, everything is about "optics"!

Run me to solve the Brother Printer Offline problem in a simple way – everything else

With the aim of keeping my Brother printer in working order and in a suitable condition, I would like to fix the problem Brother printer offline Problem. That's why I'm looking for reliable support to help me fix this bug in a simple way. Please help me to find someone who can give me the results you want.