Please help me find my btc wallet

In arround 2009 year i have created an account in some web based wallet.
It gave rewards in BTC for pressing URL links they gave.
It had function for auto watching, i cant remember the website.
To withdraw money you had to have at least 20$
As i can remmeber the website was in green tone.
If somebody will help me yo find it i will pay you BTC too.
O remember word SURF

Paying Btc –

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security – Someon offered me btc mine trough his mining device

Someone from the social network offered me a btc mine through his mining device. He asked me for an email address so he could create a mining wallet address for me. I gave it to him. I don’t know what he did, but very soon after that I received an email from Blockchain informing me that my wallet address had been created and that I could connect it directly to the mining stream.
After this I should deposit a certain amount of btc to this wallet address, which is now, supposedly connected to this gentleman’s mining device.
is this a scam attack or ..

❕NEWS – Analyst Explains: Bullish Structure Will Not Distort As Long As Bitcoin (BTC) Is Above This Level | Proxies-free

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Michael van de Poppe said he wanted to see if BTC could stay above $ 47,500. If he can’t stay, he points to $ 42,000 to $ 44,000 to seize potential acquisition opportunities.
—- “We bought this area at around $ 47,500 and this is the previous highest value for support… So if we go back, anything between $ 52,000 and $ 53,000 could be a very likely resistance zone. And even if we go above that, below the previous low of $ 55,000 is still a downtrend. ”—-
What do you think of this prediction?


bitcoin core – How to derive BTC m44 addresses from xpub?

I checked Swan’s Address Derivation Library

I try to get m44 address, but I got m84. Why? Do you know is it any parameter to force return m44? I tried to pass path: "m/44'/0'/0'/0", but it did not help.

Do you have any idea?


export const addressFromXPub = (key) => {
      extPubKey: key,
      network: "mainnet",
      addressCount: 3,

Is there any site that instead of comparing the value of BTC at date X+N to dollar at date X+N, always compare it to dollar at the specific date X?

The value of money (and this includes crypto) increase and decrease over time. At sites where you can find the value of some crypto in dollars, they show the value of the coin (lets say BTC) at day X compared to the value of dollars at day X, and also will show the value of BTC at day Y compared to the value of dollar at day Y…….

Is there any site that compares the value of BTC at any day X+N to the value of dollar at the same day X?

The reason for that questions is that the value of dollar (like any other coin) also decrease and increase over time, so assuming BTC is B and dollar is D, and you had at day X the result 1 * B = 1000 * D, at the future at day X+N (because the value of both the dollar and btc will change like happen with every coin ever) what the site will show will actually be the something that is actually the result of this formula ((1 *Z) * B) /Z = ((1000 W) * D) /Z, where Z is how much the value of BTC increased/decreased, and W is the same but with dollar.
This new equation is not solvable (you wont be able to find the value of Z and so find 1
Z) because this expression has two variables, so it become impossible to compare this new BTC value with the old one.

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❕NEWS – 100 BTC moved from a wallet that has been dormant for 11 years | Proxies-free

According to news gathered from cointelegrah , a whopping sum of 100 BTC was moved by a miner , who mined the coins in 2010.
The BTC was moved from two different wallets which is believed to belong to the same person.
As at the time he mined the coin , BTC worth $0.08 .
What is your take on this Incident ?