bed bugs – Why would cockroaches and other pests thrive in a hotel?

Disclaimer: I have never been in a hotel. I’m not basing this on actual experiences.

I’ve generally got the idea and heard many stories or remarks about how hotels in various popular vacation countries often have bugs in the rooms. Like cockroaches. Spiders. Rats?

How can this be? With people constantly moving in and out and professional daily cleaning, how can any pests thrive in such a place?

I’ve had the disgusting spiders at home, way too many times, but never once a cockroach (but the odd rat). I don’t even understand how it can possibly be dirty enough for a cockroach to actually live inside an apartment. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen a cockroach at all in my entire life…

Is the bug situation vastly different in other places? That sounds nightmarish. Can it be all made up, like so many other factoids?

bugs – Nubia Red Magic 3 shows negative storage on some apps and it’s driving my nuts

Probably a bug but I still want to share exactly what’s going on and hopefully find a solution. I can’t use a logcat for some reason (Sepolicy issue maybe?) But anyways I own a Red Magic 3 and it’s been a trouble from the start. Every once in a while apps crash, and I’m getting negative storage on many applications (not viewing my entire storage but viewing apps individually).

I’m on Android 9 btw.

This leads to many issues. One: If I need to clear an app data for ex. Snapchat, the storage will be negative and it will refuse to let me wipe the storage since it’s in the negative. The “Clear Storage” button is greyed out.

This leads to a bogged down phone, apps don’t run in the background correctly, notification bugs and overall a noticable change in how the phone feels in performance.

Google Play has recently stopped working completely and I believe it’s the storage bug.

Second, the issue can be fixed by, unfortunately, factory resetting my Red Magic 3.

I also noticed that it seems to do this when Magisk is installed which leads me to believe there is a storage bug of some sort.

I’ve search many threads but none that fits the issue I’m looking at.

Any ideas what might be causing it? Could it be a major bug from Nubia?

I seriously regret getting a Nubia smartphone because I’ve heard bad things from the company. Customer support sucks, they take a long time to provide updates. I am trying to fix the logcat issue as of right now.

bugs – How to fix this improper rendering in Mathematica?

I’m trying to view a distribution of points from inside.

 Graphics3D({Function(s,{Hue(s/180),Point({Cos(s Degree),##}&@@@CirclePoints(Sin(s Degree),50))})/@Range(0,180,10)},ViewVector->{{0,0,0},{.7,0,0}})

If rendered correctly, Mathematica should display a set of red and yellow points in front of the camera positioned at {0,0,0}. However, I discovered a set of blue points on the image, which, by theory, should be behind the camera.

If I substitute Point with Sphere, Mathematica can render the image correctly again! However, render a Sphere is much more resource and time-consuming than render a point, thus would deteriorate the performance (especially in the latest version, where rendering is unbelievably slow).

So I would like to ask about how to fix this bug! Thanks!

FYI: Similar issue exists in Line, but can be fixed by substituting Line by Tube as well.

Bugs – Trying to create a personal data resource in Wolfram Cloud Notebook

I am trying to create a personal data resource in a Wolfram Cloud notebook. I follow the instructions below:

I don't have a desktop version of Mathematica, so I use Wolfram Cloud Notebook and run the following command: CreateNotebook["DataResource"]

I tried using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer as well as the Android app. The notebook opens a dialog box, but the fields are moved at the top of the page, making all fields inaccessible:

What am I doing wrong?

Bugs – The top right element is always in focus

I have a strange bug on my Android device. Regardless of which app I open, the button / element at the top right is always focused so that the tool tip is displayed.

Usually it's the three-point menu. It shows the "Other Options" tooltip and the circle that shows the focus.

In my browser it is the best result that is shown on the screen. So I'm pretty sure that an element is always automatically focused.

I tried to restart but it doesn't change after restarting.
My device is rooted and I'm using Resurrection Remix with Android Pie.
The problem was not a problem from the start, it only occurred recently and I have no idea why it occurred.

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animation – Rigged through Blender (Rigify) and bugs in Unity

I'm working on a Unity scene and since the 3D model lacks the bones, I went to Blender for rigging.

To do this, I've followed the process proposed by Unity by using the add-on Rigify. I also followed this tutorial, which was very helpful.

Rig received

After exporting from Blender (in .fbx) and importing into Unity, I went through the configurations (as proposed here by @vcard).

In the "Rig" section, I pushed the "Configure" button (to configure the avatar definitions) and came across the error "Character is not in T pose".

Sign not on T-pose

I quickly solved this problem by accessing the Pose menu (in the Inspector) and then Enforce T Pose.

Sign on T-pose

After that, I came across the following error in the Inspector in the scene:

Invalid Avatar Rig Configuration: Missing or Invalid Transformation:
Required human bone & # 39; head & # 39; not found.

error warning

I went straight to the configurations and decided to add the specific bones to the head that was displayed in the Inspector (in the Avatar Definitions Configurator). It turned out that the problem really is the organization in which Rigify placed it.


Every manual is requested.

Note: I am aware of another (apparently much better) tool for the rigging.
I do not feel like investing 30 / 14.63USD on it: Auto-Rig.

Does "Notice" and "warnings" slow down a PHP script without reporting bugs?

Does "Notice" and "warnings" slow down a PHP script without reporting bugs?

I tested this once and the difference in execution time was negligible.
I'm still curious.

If error_reporting is set to zero and "Notice" errors are generated, is that important?

For example, this code generates NOTICE errors:

255, 'green'=>200, 'blue'=>100 );
echo $a(red).'
'; //Notice error echo $a('green').'
'; //notice error echo $a("blue").'
'; //no error ?>

Code (surcharge):