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Avada 7.1 introduces the Avada Form Builder, our fully integrated form solution, that lets you design any form just within
the builder interface you are used to. Our incredibly customizable form builder comes with 19 different input types, new form styling options,
4 different submission options (email, database, URL and POST), confirmation and privacy options and so much more.

See the promo video here: https://bit.ly/30C8mUu

– NEW: 2 professionally designed prebuilt websites…

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Redirecting 404 broken links | Fresh Store Builder Forum


I just revamped my site and removed many unwanted products from the store.

But those urls were well indexed and is returning 404 errors now.

Is there a way we can redirect similar / appropriate broken links to working links.

kindly let me know..


Excluding Specific Fields from Profile Builder Registration Form

I understand that in order to add extra fields to the default WordPress user, one must use a plugin such as Profile Builder. Such plugins also provide short-codes for linking signup and login forms into a desired page.

The problem is – I want to add fields to the default user and NOT have them appear in the registration form. For example, I want to add an “upload your avatar” option or “about you” field to the user.. but I don’t want such fields to appear in the registration page since they are unnecessary for creating an account – the user can fill them in later – if he wants. I know I can label such fields as “not required” and the user will not be compelled to fill them in on registration – but I don’t want such fields to appear at all in the registration page – I want to keep it as concise and simple as possible.

How can one achieve that using Profile Builder? I have searched for add-ons but with no luck.

Would you recommend another profile manager plugin that handles this issue better?

NB – I have 3 main tasks at hand

  • Extend the default user profile with custom fields
  • Enable a profile management system to link up later with BuddyPress
  • Create custom Login & Registration form pages.. (with custom selected fields only)

and it seems like Profile Builder has the ability to do all of that – but the inescapable issue is that the logic between these 3 phases is interlaced and thus hinders the flexibility of design and makes the entire thing.. less modular.

I don’t mind at all using a different plugin for each of these “3 phases” as long as these plugins integrate well together and also integrate nicely with BuddyPress.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter / Builder 2018 Build 201219 Multilingual | Nulled Scripts Download

File size: 8.5 MB

The Complete Genealogy Reporter uses the GEDCOM data exported from any genealogy data management program to create comprehensive genealogy reports, books, or websites.​

The Complete Genealogy Builder is a new genealogy data management program that provides 99.9% genealogy data standards compliance via a user interface that delivers maximum data visibility, rapid navigation capability, and layered data entry forms.
These may be configured to include fully cross-referenced narrative text, notes, sources, pictures, ancestor and descendant charts, family tree diagrams, and indexes of occupations, places, dates, anniversaries and individuals

Just export your data from the “File” menu of your genealogy data management program in GEDCOM format, specify the result as the input file for The Complete Genealogy Reporter, and you will be able to start producing a high-quality report in minutes!

Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking a better alternative to your existing genealogy data management program, there is no other known product that is more standards compliant, that provides the full range of GEDCOM-standard data fields, and that supports all international (Unicode) character sets

Includes all of the basic capabilities of “The Complete Genealogy Reporter”. (Full report preference option specification and section customization is enabled only when The Complete Genealogy Reporter is separately installed and registered.)


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Entire Mobile App Builder Platform Business Holiday Sale ONLY $400

Mobile App Builder Platform Business + WordPress Plugin + Mobile App

Become The New Owner Of Our Mobile App Builder Platform Business! With WordPress Plugin and Official Mobile App.

Introducing App In Minutes:

AppInMinutes allows you to build unlimited robust mobile apps and mobile sites for iOS , Android and PWA without any type of coding. Our Platform is easy to use yet has the most complex features to help you build any kind of app you desire.

Why Customers Needs An Mobile App?

  • Shoppers using mobile apps browsed 286 percent more products than mobile web shoppers.
  • Add-to-basket rate is 90 percent higher than mobile browsers.
  • The overall conversion rate on an app was 120 percent higher than mobile browsers.
  • Mobile apps accounted for 54 percent of all mobile transactions in the retail industry.

Key Selling Points:

1. Mobile App Niche
2. 100% In house (NO OUTSOURCE)
3. No type of marketing activity has ever been performed.
4. Opportunity to capitalize on this business
5. The time commitment to operate is low.
6. Minimal effort needed to take the business to the next level.

Why should someone buy this business

The opportunity to build on this business and grow the business is enormous.

There is a huge demand for mobile app development service which is rapidly gaining in popularity. This business provides a passive income stream and requires very little time commitment to maintain.

Opportunities for a new owner:

1. Capitalize on the Mobile App Development Emerging Market.
2. Introduce to Social Media Marketing.

Key day-to-day operations:

1. Customer Support / Service.
2. Marketing.


  • Domain.
  • Brand assets.
  • Brand of business.
  • Business operations.
  • 3 Months post sale support.
  • Official Mobile app.
  • Official WordPress plugin.
  • Website files, source code and content.
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Customer Dashboard

Post sale support:

Included for (3 Months)

Bonus included:
Our team will continue to provide 3 months of in house service to your customers.

App In Minutes is backed by a team of in house individuals who came together to solve the problem known as Shopify mobile app development.

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