charging – Why does my phone burn out USB cables when plugging them into my car?

I have an Oppo A73 phone, and over the last week it has started burning out USB cables (puff of smoke, cable no longer charges) when plugging it into my car (2015 Suburu Outback).

It had never done this previously, but I’ve lost 3 cables to it now. If the phone is plugged in before I turn on the car, it’s fine, but if there’s power in the cable when plugging it in… zap!

I’m assuming it’s short circuiting against the phone’s jack, but I don’t know how to stop it happening. How do I stop it doing this? (And if you can suggest why it has suddenly started, that would be awesome too).

Liberals say they wanted businesses closed for Covid, then they protest by the millions with no social distancing, then they burn down ?

Transnational corporations are trying to tank small businesses. They promote their causes through social liberalism in marketing, and the irony is that liberalism is being used to justify the very things that cause the economy to be unbalanced. They’re being manipulated, this situation is being manipulated, but I think it’s a far stretch to try to claim the lockdown itself spawned from these motives. Plutocratic vultures are opportunists, and I think the same is true with G.F. and the race war narrative.

Why do liberals encourage people to burn American flags and defend radical Islam?

Liberals are bad. Through and through. To the bone. Plain and simple. They are dishonest, manipulative, hypocrites and pathological liars. They are psychopaths, sociopaths, dissenters, degenerates, perverts and pedophiles. Always remember and it explains everything you do, say and believe.

True burn

True Burn In case the survey delivers results, you should follow rules! In order to take a step, you need a leaflet that stands for an advanced professional lifestyle and a motivation that goes where others leave without the prospectus. A plan that really works.

video – (BATCH) Remove tracks from MKV, merge / burn into srt and change the subtitles to the preferred language

I recently built a fearful server and would like to edit some of my ripped Blu-rays. I'm ripping my Blu-rays on MakeMKV. Use MKV Extract to convert PGS to Sub. I then start subtitle Edit to convert Sub to srt.

Since I ripped several seasons out of an anime, I looked for a faster process. By using a batch file with this code, I can remove unwanted audio and subtitle tracks.

FOR /F "delims=*" %%A IN ('dir /b *.MKV') DO "C:Program FilesMKVToolNix" -o "fixed_%%A" -a !1,2,4 --compression -1:none "%%A"

A new file is being created, but I still need to add an external srt. Here is the second code I use for remuxing.

for %%A IN (*.mkv) do ( "C:Program FilesMKVToolNixmkvmerge.exe" -o "remux-%%~nxA" -o "remux-%%~nxA" "%%~A" --forced-track "5:yes" --default-track "5:yes" --track-name "5:English" --language "5:eng" "" )

The only problem is that it is a two-step process. When I'm done, additional copies will be made (repaired and removed). The remuxed MKV srt track is always unknown. I want to be able to name the unidentified subtrack from the code in (eng, jpn, fra).


I would love a code that removes traces, burns them into an eternal srt, and lets me set the 3-liter language code for the external srt file in a stack.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Did my screen burn in or is it something else?

My Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to be branded, just like in this picture:

Burn in the screen

(Not my phone, picture from Android Authority)

The difference is that, no matter how closely I look, I see no symbols or other irregularities in the white bar. It seems to be completely even. Exactly where my notification bar is in portrait orientation, I often use my phone in landscape orientation, and there is no color / brightness difference on the page.

What causes this?

  1. burn in
  2. hardware
  3. software

Burn – K3B Burn Verify fails; Error reading sector; The resulting DVD is either unreadable or damaged. please help

Please help with the following K3B burning problem. Recently I tried to write .iso images as a data project with K3b on DVD, but the DVDs are often damaged or unreadable.

The burning session always ends successfully, but the read receipt seems to fail every time I make a DVD. The error says something like:

"Error reading the sector …" and whatever number etc.

When testing DVDs that fail validation, it usually turns out that the last title on the disc can not be copied to the desktop, and results in an error message like the following:

"Error connecting file input / output" or something like that.

Unfortunately I could not find answers online and I would like to avoid wasting time and DVDs each time I burn a DVD. I do not know how to prevent these corrupt burns in the future. Any help to solve this problem is requested. Many thanks.