To learn books to start a startup business?

I know that this has been asked a lot. I am currently reading the personal MBA 99 book list by Josh Kaufman. But they do not serve my ACTUAL purpose.

You see, I am not an absolute beginner in the world of entrepreneurship. I have had several companies in the past, but these were either online or small businesses that did not operate as companies. So there were no strict regulations, no organizational structure, since I did everything myself and did not need any investors, since all the capitals came from my own pocket or something. I'd like to improve my game and start a startup, but it's a company I've never interacted with. Most of the books I have read and are currently reading are either methods, motivations, or simply impractical. I'm not saying that these books are bad, I'm just saying that they are not what I need right now.

For example, a book suggests spending shares to increase funding. Alright, how? There are no further explanations, I assume the author assumes that everyone already knows how to do it. Not me. So I googled. But it was not deep enough to explain what happens to the percentage of ownership if we need more funding by issuing more stock. Would I as the founder need the permission of the shareholders? Or what? That's just impractical. I could seriously stop reading a book in two days, but because they raise more questions than answers (usually not a bad thing), I spent the whole day searching the Internet for just one topic.

As I said, these books are not bad, I really like them. But they would only be useful if I really know how to do what they suggest me to do. Or after I have at least a general idea of ​​how to create a startup.

So I wondered if there is a book that has complete instructions on starting a startup company. Or at least a book about how companies work in general. Or am I sticking to my current learning method, which is impractical?

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Access Google My Business Ratings

Is it somehow possible to access it? Google My Business ratings+reviews certain companies?

That is, to access ratings from Google Shopping subscribers, the domain name can be included in the link{domainName} – and get result. I am looking for similar possibilities.

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(GET) (NULLED) – PenNews – News / Magazine / Business / Portfolio wordPress Theme v6.5.6

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GET – Brian Clark – Build Your Online Training Business Smarter | Proxies-free

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Brian Clark – Build Your Online Training Business Smarter


How To Build A Profitable Online Training Business
Apply proven step-by-step principles

If you want to get to the point and sell your knowledge as smart as possible online, this course may be what you are looking for.

Because you now have the opportunity to discover the proven principles and techniques that have been used to generate tens of millions of dollars and create dozens of successful online training courses.

And like thousands of others, you can use these strategies to build a profitable training business. No hype, no pressure on sales and no unscrupulous activities.

In fact, if it sounds appealing to you, you can even start ethically building an empire online while remaining completely behind the scenes.


It is important to understand the proven principles that are the interface between educational design and digital marketing. In short, it's about building a business, not just a course.

In this case, you are both an entrepreneur and a teacher.

As you change your mindset and take on the role of a teacher helping learners gain access to the benefits of the knowledge they want and need, every part of your business fits in naturally.

Thinking about your role in this way also creates long-term customers who trust you and keep buying from you.

Moreover, ignoring this one simple concept is likely to make you hit your head against a wall and find out why others succeed while stuck.

Here's how to learn the critical skills you need to build your own online training business

You may want to earn a college degree to master this unique form of teaching design, where marketing is incorporated directly into the course itself. It certainly sounds intimidating.

But you will see that you can quickly and easily pick up the basics to position yourself as an influencer and build a profitable training business, no matter which market you choose.

Below is a small list of markets you can enter with this system:

legal advice
online marketing
Training for writers
Dog training
health and fitness
Relationships and love
vocational training

And many, many more …

Almost any market you can imagine will respond positively to a well-positioned company focused on taking advantage of the knowledge rather than boring lessons.

Sounds interesting? Well, it's the system that Brian Clark has been teaching for a decade. And the many success stories over the years prove that it works.

How the course works for you:

When you join, you get access to a set of 6 modules that provide you with everything you need for your training business.

These modules include videos, transcripts, worksheets, and a comment section where you can ask questions and interact with your colleagues.

Here is a brief overview of these 6 modules:

MODULE 1: 5 Key concepts for online entrepreneurs
In this module, you lay the mental foundations to make your business smarter.

First of all, you will learn exactly what qualities a market must have in order to be considered a "good opportunity". (So ​​you can not shoot yourself in the foot before you even start.)

Next, you'll understand the idea that "great teaching is great marketing."

Now you should know that there are only a few courses in which you learn to think about marketing in this way. (In fact, this might be the only one.)

Many courses focus on developing a quick strategy that leads to quick money, rather than strategies that lead to a profitable, profitable and sustainable business.

These mental basics are powerful because finding new customers costs a lot. (All the more so as the online training area is expanded.)

So building a true, lasting relationship with your market automatically sets you apart from the crowd, providing a trusted and knowledgeable source of valuable knowledge.

This means that you can spend more to win a customer as it stays longer. You will also build an amazing reputation over time and create a loyal tribe that respects and appreciates your work.

All this means that you ultimately create the freedom and flexibility of your lifestyle that you want.

MODULE 2: Course Design
Here comes the rubber on the street.

In Module 2 you will learn how to adopt these key concepts from Module 1 and formulate a practical plan and strategy.

Here's a taste of what you'll discover in Module 2:

How to put your own knowledge into a product to sell online
How to use the knowledge of other successful subject matter experts in your courses
A way to create a product without ever creating it yourself
How to find unfulfilled needs in markets where you have a passion
Why more competition is a good thing and can make your success easier
Why "Junk Mail" is one of the most valuable and helpful information you can consume
How surveys can provide meaningful data (and why most people base their use of surveys on failure and frustration)
Three questions to clarify the benefits of your course
6 ways to position your course so that it is desirable and different
Why you should NOT focus on creating online courses if you want to build a profitable online training business
The principles of instructional design and how they combine marketing and education
Using the Empathy Mapping process to connect with customers' core needs
Have you fallen in love with the "Andragogy myth"? It might keep you from being an effective teacher if you do not reprogram it
The 5 critical principles for creating effective learning environments (ignore them at your own risk)
Why do you always have to sell, even after you have made the sale?
How to find the benefits of your features
The four most powerful "ultimate benefits" you can always rely on to establish a deep and strong connection with your audience
Specific Benefits: Most adult learners will only learn if you show them exactly what they are learning and how they benefit from it
And more …
Once you have an overview of how to explore your market and position your course, it's time to decide how to get paid.

MODULE 3: Business Models
Module 3 discusses 10 potential business models using examples.

The End Of Days business model tells you what your target market needs to have in order for a business model with recurring revenue to work for you.
The Affiliate Marketing Squared business model tells you how to sell many products without ever creating a product. (If you choose to create a product, you can use this business model to give away 100% of the purchase price to affiliates and still make money.)
With the Ghost Teaching business model, you can sell expert advice in a niche that you know next to nothing (in an absolutely ethical, intelligent way).
Would you like to be paid for your consultation? The Generation A business model gives you the power to build a lucrative business based on coaching, consulting and workshops.
What if you could get a big upfront bonus for creating a product? With the "Take The Summer Off" business model, you can easily do that by teaching, recording, and selling a live class.
If you choose the strategy of "Leading a horse to the water," you can leave the lion's share of the work to another person and receive referral fees just so that other professionals can "drink from your stream."
Often, by hosting live events, you can achieve greater impact (and income). If you do this right, you can even give online training to generate leads for your live events. The "Business Model Formerly Known As Prince" will explain this strategy in detail.
Would you like to earn money with a vacation in a tropical location? The business model "Velvet Rope" enables you to form a top-class mastermind group.
The "Free Prize Inside" business model creates differentiation in the minds of your market by combining education with a "primary product" and working together to create a more valuable customer experience (this also works if you sell primary products at extremely high prices to sensitive "commodity markets ").
Finally, you can combine the best of both worlds with a live online event that promotes a course or recurring membership. The "virtual reality strategy" is probably the fastest way to catapult to a "cult following" and instantly establish itself as an influencing factor worth paying attention to. (Side effect, organizing and running is a lot of fun!)
The reason why we offer you 10 different, unique business models to choose from is that they are all effective.

At various points in the design of your business you want to use different models. Instead of buying a new course or looking online for tutorials, you'll find instructions on how to develop each model in one place. This means that you can save time and money later, which in the end means that you are more likely to succeed.

Of course, you need to focus on one thing first, and once you've completed this module, you'll have a deep understanding of which business model is right for you.

If you have this understanding, you can continue to build and test your Minimum Viable Product.

Which, of course, is what our next module teaches you.

MODULE 4: Test your "MVP" course
In this module you will learn how best to avoid mistakes.

In fact, 90% of people who do not start an online training company do so because they do not understand how to test the feasibility of a course before starting it.

(If you've ever tried to create an online course and got stuck on it … or started barbecuing … then you've probably never learned this simple concept, which is fine as long as you have it now to have.)

Of course, you want to make sure your course is profitable before investing a lot of time in content creation.

This module shows you how to do it.

You will see how information about the information justifies the demand for the product itself.

Once you have determined the demand, you can test your minimum price and ultimately create something great while being paid for it.

Of course, you are probably wondering how to attract your first learners. We'll show you 3 free or low-cost ways to find your first customers.

The first method works if you have already done some work and built your own audience.

The second method explains how you might spend $ 1 and get $ 10 back. This will also build your list and help your audience get started.

The third method is to connect to other people who have access to your audience. (Note: This method works only if you set up your course in a specific way, otherwise the influencers are reluctant to work with you.)

Finally, you will also learn the art of properly assessing your course for the MVP phase. As you will see, you choose the price completely different from the actual introduction.

After starting your MVP, you can continue with module 5.

MODULE 5: Developing Content
Once you have money from the pre-sale of your course in your pocket, it's time to create the content.

The good news is that most of your research was done in Module 2.

However, you want to make sure you really nail that part of the experience to your customers. Because that's what the teaching design is all about. In fact, educating people (using their entire brain) creates lifelong confidence, which means you get more back-end and subscription revenue.

That's why we put a lot of knowledge into this module. It includes a 47-minute presentation dedicated exclusively to the art of presenting instructions. (This will also help you to be a better speaker and teacher in every aspect of your life.)

Following this module, you can be sure that you can provide exceptional training to anyone who buys your courses.

Then you just have to find a few buyers.

Which is what you learn in Module 6.

MODULE 6: Introduction and Marketing
Now you have a product with proven demand and it's time to start marketing and scaling.

We once again leave it to your customers to determine the needs and desires of your market launch and marketing strategy.

Of course, there are dozens of ways you can start a course online.

But learning all of them would be a big mistake and a waste of your time.

Instead, this module gives you the simple and effective steps you need to take. With the videos, you can create a truly compelling proposition that will make your learners feel that they are reaching the better end of the offer, and at the same time, be challenged to act now.

(Remember, you've already validated the idea with the MVP at this point, so you can start scaling and earn serious revenue.)

You will also learn the keys to effectively writing texts so you can write more convincingly and encourage more readers to act.

Finally, learn how to build and leverage relationships with other marketers to leverage their lists and grow your business without spending a lot of money on advertising. (This is probably the quickest way to scale a business on the planet, and you'll see how easy it can be to be with the right foundation and attitude.)


A simple business plan for deploying managed shared hosting services to 100 clients

Hello, can anyone criticize this simple business plan?

I intend to purchase a fully managed InVation Hosting vps plan. It costs about $ 800 a year.

I want to use IM Creator as my primary CMS – the annual plan costs about $ 2,500.

I would like to charge my customers an annual or monthly flat fee. First and foremost I will use IM Creator (EXPRS Website Builder) to build the websites.

1. How feasible is this plan in terms of safety?

Innovative Business Solutions Provider Launches Private Expansion Offer – More Ways to Make Money

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For more information about Zapo Group's private offering and other projects, visit its website.

Zapo Group
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