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No headaches completely outsourced. The virtual assistant and social media posting service is run by the vendors associated with the sale of this Web site.

Very reliable supplier with a proven track record, along with 4 backup suppliers.

This site will run on autopilot if you have adequate communication skills. No telephone contact with customers is required. Forward emails only. No Skype calls, just Skype text chat or email exchanges.

When a customer buys monthly, you simply place the order with the supplier who delivers the service directly to your customer, and you have a profit of $ 100 to $ 300 per customer per month. $ 150 the average profit per month per customer.

And most customers will continue their subscriptions, making this a passive source of revenue.

Build a subscription base of 100 customers and earn $ 10,000 to $ 30,000 per month.

With only 10 subscribers per month, you get a solid base with a profit of about $ 1,500 a month.

This is very easy to achieve, given the relevance and exponential growth expected to outsource to virtual assistants, and the demand for on-going social media services for all businesses. The market is still in its infancy!

What service do customers receive for completing a one-month subscription to the site?

The services

There are 3 simple packages to remember:


($ 99 profit per month when outsourced, 20 hours of work)


($ 199 profit per month on 40-hour outsourcing)


($ 99 earnings per month when outsourced, daily posting on Instagram and Facebook)

Now you can be the middleman who makes a healthy profit with every subscription without having to laboriously provide the customer with services.

So, how will it work?

1. You buy this reseller site

2. You apply it with the simple marketing plan I provide (which works)

3. Receive requests that are easy to manage as all information requested by the prospect is simply located on the website.

4. The customer is impressed … then concludes a purchase via PayPal and you will immediately receive the balance on your PayPal account, z. For example, $ 149 for the one-month social posting package. (Most customers keep their subscription, but there is no obligation and there are no contracts)

5. Then, contact your supplier by email with the order details that include the customer's Facebook and Twitter credentials (for the social posting package) or simply the customer's email data for the Virtual Assistant Service ,

6. The Provider provides the Service by posting contributions daily to the Customer's Facebook and Twitter accounts (for the Social Posting Package) or to perform the day-to-day administrative tasks (for the Virtual Assistant Service).

Social posts are based on the briefing you provide to the supplier. The briefing will be provided by your customer. (They only forward emails.)

Administrative tasks are delegated by the customer directly to your virtual assistant.


You calculate your customer:

$ 10 an hour for 20 hours

$ 199 for the standard package

Your supplier will charge you $ 100

net profit

$ 99 per month (outsourced)

$ 199 a month (you do the work yourself)

Choose the jobs where you are good and outsource the other jobs!

You make sure that the customer settles again via Paypal if he is satisfied with your service, eg. For $ 199 a month. How to automate your billing.

10 customers = approximately $ 1,000 profit per month (fully outsourced)

10 customers = approximately $ 2,000 profit per month (do the work yourself)


You calculate your customer:

$ 10 an hour for 40 hours

$ 399 for the premium package

Your supplier will charge you 200 USD

net profit

$ 199 per month (outsourced)

$ 399 per month (you do the work yourself)

Select the jobs where you are good and outsource the other jobs

You make sure that the customer settles again via Paypal if he is satisfied with your service, eg. For $ 399 per month. How to automate your billing.

10 customers = approximately $ 2,000 profit per month (fully outsourced)

10 customers = approximately $ 4,000 profit per month (do the work yourself)


You calculate your customer:

$ 10 per hour for 15 hours of work (30-day daily booking)

$ 149 for the social posting package

Your supplier will charge you $ 50

net profit

$ 99 per month (outsourced)

$ 199 a month (you do the work yourself)

If you love social media posting and software for auto-posting, you can do it yourself to keep 100% of the profits.

You make sure that the customer settles again via Paypal if he is satisfied with your service, eg. For $ 149 a month. How to automate your billing.

10 customers = approximately $ 1,500 profit per month (fully outsourced)

10 customers = approximately $ 2,000 profit per month (do the work yourself)


The Virtual Assistant packages

The VA Administrator Support Packages are provided by experienced VAs who have experience across all levels of organizations and individuals, from CEOs to small business owners. They do this full time and are highly organized professionals.

The social posting package

The Social Positing Service is provided by experienced social media marketing experts who do this full-time and have the software to plan posts for multiple clients. Your customer will be impressed by the speed and quality of the service. They will forward you to their colleagues and keep their subscription as a permanent agreement. Here your business is growing rapidly!

This site is a cash cow for anyone with adequate communication skills and the ability to follow a simple marketing plan to drive traffic and sales.

So what do you have to do after buying this site?

You generate traffic to your website by following the marketing plan that is on sale. The plan's social media marketing element is the latest strategy marketers use because SEO has become costly, time-consuming, and does not guarantee targeted traffic that is converted into sales. Professional marketers are now using social media strategies to quickly generate traffic that is converted into sales. You have access to all this. AND YOU MUST NOT use your own social media accounts.

Basically, if you put your site on VIRAL, you can serve more than 100 customers per month for free. Your supplier will take care of everything and there are 2 replacement suppliers if you have problems.

All you have to do is focus on your website generating traffic. There is an extended plan for this, which is included in the sale – and works.

Work from anywhere in the world.

Such a site design would cost well over $ 3,000 if you tried to build it from scratch with a designer, and you would not get any marketing support or planning.

What do you get when you buy this site?

Premium Domain Name

Premium Design

marketing plan

Social Media Marketing Guide

Operation Manual

supplier contacts

The complete business start-up package at an affordable price.

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Affordable Business Hosting – Hosts! | WJunktion

Affordable Business Hosting – Hosts!In case you do not want to get any further

Best Business Hosting Economic PlansIn case you do not want to get any further

Host your website with us and receive excellent service through the modern technical strategies. Stay ahead of the competition and ultimately become a leader in your business. Just sign up to get 99.9% uptime, free dedicated IP for each rate, free domain name for annual compensation, and more.

· Free 1 Domain Name – If paid annually
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· Mailing lists – 10
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· Free dedicated IP – 1
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· Shell access available? – no
Buy Business Hosting BUS PLAN 1!

· Free 1 Domain Name – If paid annually
· Webspace – 500 GB
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· Free SSL – Yes (paid annually)
· Shell access available? – Yes
Buy Business Hosting BUS PLAN 2!

· Free 1 Domain Name – If paid annually
· Web space – 700 GB
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· Shell access available? – Yes
Buy Business Hosting BUS PLAN 3!

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Business of buying website

One of my friends had some money in his savings account that he wanted to invest in building an online business. We talked about it a long time ago. I suggested he just go to the marketplace and buy some good websites. I even gave him some tips on what to look for when buying websites.

About two months ago, he bought six websites for a total of around $ 44,000. We've done some tweaking and link building work for the sites. Currently, these sites generate monthly revenue of approximately $ 5,000, with monthly costs of approximately $ 200. That's a very good ROI, I would say. He would get his money back in less than 10 months. Impressive! Which other company would achieve such ROI?

So, what are the tips I have given my friend for buying websites?
Here are these tips. Just remember them as you go to the marketplace and buy a website:

* The first thing you need to think about is that you should try to buy a website with minimal effort. That's the key to building your online real estate empire.
* Always use a trustee service. Even if it is at the expense of your own money. This will give you time to review ALL the seller's monthly and revenue requests. If these claims are not met, you are welcome to decline the deal.
* When viewing the traffic statistics, make sure that you also see the referral statistics. Nowadays, many people are generating fast traffic to sites like digg and stumbleupon and then selling the site. Such websites may not have a good business model that can be worked on over the long term. So make sure you show the referral stats to see how much traffic is coming from search engines. If over 70% of visitors come from different search engines, you can get started.
* If the seller does not use Adsense on his website, make sure that he is not prohibited from using it.
* If the person displays sales statistics (let's say adsense), make sure the clickthrough rate is not very high. If it's too high, make sure that the person does not violate any of the guidelines on the page, such as: For example, images about the ads, additional attention to the ads, etc.
* If you see the page rank of the site, you do not just believe it. Check the backlinks of the website and make sure that these backlinks really make sense in terms of page rank of the website.
* Check the backlinks to see if there are many page-wide backlinks. If so, ask the person if these are their own websites. If so, ask him how long the links stay. If not, ask him what understanding he has with the other site so that these links can stay there.
* Make sure that the internal pages of the site also have a specific page rank.
* Ask the seller if he has ever sold a website (on the same forum / marketplace or on another). If so, check its history and transaction with previous buyers.
* Make sure the site is listed in Google and pages are cached.
* Make sure you ask the seller if the content of the website is unique. If so, ask him who wrote the content. Use Copyscape to check what the person is saying. Inquire also about the images used on the website. Make sure that there is no copyright infringement on any other website. If so, you should know.
* Check the age of the website. The older the better. Check the archive of the website at to see the history of the site. Make sure that this is not a site created on an old domain that used to be a different site.
* Ask the person if they bought someone else's website. If so, when.
* Find out which software / scripts he uses on the website. Make sure you are familiar with them. Otherwise, problems may arise later.
* Never believe the "Webalizer" statistics. They are very puffed up. Ask the person to provide third-party statistics such as Google Analytics or scripts such as awstats.
* Finally, ask the person if they would help you move the site to your server. Most people will agree, but it's always good to ask first.

So now you know what you need to know to buy a website and start your own online real estate empire.

Are there any tips you would like to add here?

HOW TO LIVE HICKEYS – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Hickey is a love bite or a bruise-like mark usually caused by the kissing or sucking of the skin on the neck or arm. Hickey is drawn while passionately loving and leaving footprints while deeply sucking the skin and bursting small superficial blood vessels under the skin. Making love is the most peaceful and sensual feeling, and what happens is not disturbed at all, but the very next day, when you have to go to the office or go to the meeting the next day, it becomes a matter of anger, frustration and anger, reddish blue spots on the neck or chest are consistent with the details of the previous night.


· HOT COMPRESS: Apply a warm compress to circulate new blood throughout the area as the warm compress breaks open the blood, which looks like a hickey. Soak the small towels in warm water and apply to the injured area for five minutes. Warm the towel with warm water and reapply. Follow this procedure until the mark disappears completely.

· APPLY ALOE VERA: It is a natural skin cooler and contains healing properties that reduce the sensitivity. To minimize Hickey, apply Aloe Vera Herbal Cream or Gel twice to your Hickey and let it rest for 10 minutes. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and ensures rapid regeneration, relieving initial pain.

· CONSUMPTION VITAMIN K: This is the most commonly considered method of getting rid of hockey overnight, as vitamin K helps the body absorb clots that have accumulated in a certain area. Add vitamin K rich foods to your diet, and it helps to get rid of a plate of lettuce or a meal that is filled with vitamin K rich foods You are rich in vitamin K. Get rid of Hickey's broccoli, kale, spinach, brown rice

· TOOTHPASTE: Apply peppermint toothpaste on Hickey to eliminate the love bites within 24 hours. Peppermint reduces bruising and brightens the skin tone. Repeat the process until the stains have completely disappeared.

· COLLIDAL SILVERApply a cream based on colloidal silver as the bruises fade in seconds. Apply it as soon as the hickey appears.

· RUBBING ALCOHOL: Soak the cotton ball in alcohol and gently rub it over the injured area in a circular motion. Follow this method three times a day and you'll see how the Hickey fades within 24 hours.

· USE VINEGAR: Apple cider vinegar is the best way to get rid of Hickey's. If you apply vinegar to the Hickey several times a day, you will notice that the bruises have completely disappeared within a few hours.

Following the above methods can help you get rid of Hickeys overnight, but only if you follow them with patience. Sit back and stay calm if you are a skin sensitive person. Visit your doctor when Hickeys are tagged, it will give you joy and happiness, but because of 5-12 days of fuss, it will be a bit cautious while nibbling on it.


Cheap or expensive brushes / the art suppliers

Cheap or expensive brushes / the art suppliers

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  1. Cheap or expensive brushes / the art suppliers

    In terms of quality and price, the best watercolor brushes range from those in a sealed bargain package of perhaps five hanging on the aisle of your national hobby chain store, to those that can boast a royal seal of approval, such as "On Their Majesty the Queen". As you know, Queen Victoria at Winsor & Newton ordered what would be her favorite size 7 in the Kolinsky Series 7 Squadrar Round.) The previous election could briefly serve to clean a child's boots in your mud room, which could be proud of yours In between, you will find a wide selection of more than just serviceable brushes from recognized fine brands.Some of these brands are: Winsor & Newton Series 7, Isabey, Rafael, Arches, Escoda, Pro Arte and others.Smaller, but always Winsor & Newton Series 666, Princeton and Grumbacher: I recommend buying a good M arke. Avoid these bargains from several; You will do so poorly in practice and in durability that you will be very discouraged. I have mentioned some of each brand and enjoy every brush. And yes, I've bought cheap brushes in the past … and had to throw them away.

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Best result-oriented digital marketing services that lead to business growth – other ways to make money

There are the best SEO companies that offer customized solutions to their clients, and results-driven digital marketing solutions are offered at very competitive prices with the best and best Cheap SEO packages. Many search engine optimization services are offered to customers.

Affordable SEO Services

There are many affordable ones SEO Services in India This is a very cost effective way to rank the site higher on search engines. Different types of services are provided by search engine optimization, including ecommerce SEO, local SEO, global SEO, organic SEO, etc. It has the following features:

O It offers cost effective SEO packages.

O The SEO offer is aimed at various industries and technologies.

O Have the best expertise in paid search marketing.

O There are dedicated project managers who provide the best SEO services.

The best affordable SEO Company in India offers a wide range of affordable SEO services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The following search engine optimization services are available for the various customers:

O Google SEO Services: With Google services, you can dominate Google's search results without violating Google's policies.

O Google Penalty Recovery: Google's criminal services help rank the site higher in Google's search results.

O Google Maps Marketing: It helps to reach the local audience and thus increase local sales.

O Apps Store Optimization: The App Store Optimization Services help to take first place in an App Store.

O SEO by industry: The industry-specific organic SEO services are offered, whether it's the pharmaceutical or software industries, as they help deliver qualified leads every day.

O SEO by location: SEO by Location Optimize the site for a specific location and improve the local advertising with SEO by location.

O SEO by technology: There is a professional and talented expert who helps rank the site higher in search results. The SEO must be selected by the technology service.

O SEO advice:

O SEO for small businesses: Based on the search results, a ranking is created and the ranking of SEO is a leader in small businesses.

O Special SEO resource: There are experts for virtual SEO who are familiar with search engine optimization, and a special SEO resource is set up to optimize the website.

O Local search engine marketing: It provides results-based local marketing strategies that include low cost.

O Guaranteed SEO: With these services, the traffic on the customer's website can be increased in any case.


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