Digital product (WordPress themes) that sells businesses with a monthly profit of approximately $ 3,300

Why are you selling this page?
Want to run a startup in WordPress niche.

How is it monetized?
I want to sell the digital business I founded in 2016 – its premium WordPress themes. WordPress is a world leading content management system for websites. 30% of websites are run using WordPress.

I sell 7 premium WordPress themes with multiple themes in the Marketplace ThemeForest. Has 3400+ buyers for the past 3 years.

All sales come from ThemeForest, I have no SEO traffic, just started doing SEO 2 months ago. I want to create my own brand and my own traffic. For every sale of $ 69, ThemeForest receives a commission of $ 20

Income is pretty flat – Check Stats.

I want to sell these topics with all revenue. You'd better change the theme owner on the marketplace, but you can sell my secretlaboratory account.


It is almost passive income:

  • – I update the topics once in 1-2 months
  • – I teach a programmer who answers for $ 200 a month for 2-3 hours a day on my support panel. So do not answer it yourself

Annual surplus (after marketplace commission):

  • 2016: $ 31,900.49 (since January 30)
  • 2017 47,400.97 USD
  • 2018 41,592.62 USD
  • 2019: 12,983.46 US dollars (January to April)

The turnover for the time is $ 200k +

Issues per month:

  • $ 200 for a webmaster or programmer
  • $ 79 for a server on

I offer:

  • – 7 WordPress themes and a marketplace account with a monthly AVG income of $ 3300
  • – Support Area
  • – I create all demo websites with topics on your hosting or server (about 35 websites)
  • – 6 months of support and instruction from your programmer or I will hire and teach a programmer for you. I've done it a few times, so it's not a problem
  • – I can create a "wp themes seller website" with all these topics to showcase the business, since I do not want to sell with the lot because I want to create a new startup on WordPress niche. And it does not have SEO traffic anyway.

Is this page coming with social media accounts?

How long does it take to run this website?

What are the challenges in running this website?

postgresql – scheme for businesses and groups of businesses and companies

Maybe a stupid question. I am building a database in which I do some business in one business Table. Each store obviously has some data such as geo-coordinates, address, etc. At the moment, these stores are stores with actual products product Table.

My dilemma is that some of these businesses are part of a larger group, for example ON Company group has B Store group and B Branch group has 100 branches. I do not know exactly how to organize this best.

First option is perhaps to create one Parent ID Column to business Table and paste business with no products, make it to many other stores as a parent, and add these business groups as parent products business Entries. However, I feel that there may be too many different logical entities in the same table.

The second possibility is the introduction of a Store Group Table where I lead the companies (A) and their shop groups (B). Within Store Group I use myself with one Parent ID Column to associate (A) with (B). Then use one Parent ID Column in business Table for showing memories (C) for storing group (B).
This seems to be more logical as companies and store groups are logically different from stores. Since they have no products directly.

Could there be a better name? Companies instead of Store Group perhaps?

Any ideas on how to improve that?

Many Thanks!

What is the best project management or organization software for small businesses?

Graphic design business card design for businesses and businesses for $ 15

  • Graphic design business cards for companies and businesses

I have been working as a Graphics Designer for almost 3 years. Design a unique, professional and high-quality business card or logo that matches your business and style.

My service

* Business card design

* Logo design

* Banner design

* Remove background photo

* Social banner

* 100% money back guarantee.

* 24 hours customer service.
I will create any custom graphic design.



3D modeling

cover photo

business card

photo enhancement

image editing

Animated GIF

vector persecution


Just give me the description of what you need.

This service has no reviews – order and let the first!

$fifteenIn stock


Marketing for small businesses

Maybe you do not have much money to invest in advertising at the beginning of your startup. However, this does not mean that there are no effective ways to get your mark close to you.

Before the Internet, small businesses had few opportunities to market their products cost-effectively. These included techniques such as leafleting or sponsoring small neighborhood events. At the moment there are all sorts of possibilities on the Web – you only need to know where to look.

Here are 7 ways to promote your service online that will not cost you a penny:

1. Use the 3 large neighborhood solutions
By registering your service on Google Places, you can find it much easier on Google searches and also view it in Google Maps. All you have to do is submit the species and register. Subsequently, you get your company confirmed by the verification process. This can be done either by telephone or by general delivery. Yahoo! Has a large data source for companies called Yahoo! Regional. It's free, and it's certainly worth a minority that needs it to establish itself. Microsoft Bing has a similar service that is very easy to log on.

2. Accept social networks
Social media sites are not just an instrument to directly target – it is now an important time investment for any business. You can embed ads and offers on your Facebook page and have a direct network with your customers on Twitter. Networking on LinkedIn – both at the individual and company level – can be an additional way to help your startup.

3. Start a blog
A blog site not only helps your company get its name out through followers, it's also a way to get in touch with your customers even more directly. Keep in mind that one of the most important secrets of blog writing is updating your stream as often as possible. A dormant, abandoned blog is worth nothing.

4. Set up multimedia on YouTube and Flickr
YouTube offers a free way to distribute imaginative promotional video clips. However, to be successful, you must provide web content that users want to see and that are relevant to your service. Basic advertising does not work. A Flickr profile can also be helpful by specifying a place where all the photos for your organization are put together, and you can access your website again

5. Search engine optimization of your business website.
Seo can not be taken too easily by constant Googeln worldwide. Get a publication or go to an online guide to SEO and make sure your website is designed for performance in an online search engine.

6. Press Releases
Every time your company does something new, you should not think twice about dismissing a press release. They are a powerful media device that can be used to create advertising, and free distribution is an advantage. There are many websites that you can use for your press releases, such as PRLog and 24/7 News Release.

7. Log in to a suitable online community and contribute to it
Just granting a discussion forum and occasionally publishing your service is not beneficial to anyone and is likely to annoy only people. Promote your organization passively by putting a web link in your signature or mentioning it only if the context is appropriate.

Using PPC Whether you are a large business or a retail store. From nationwide banks that can appeal to potential consumers looking for financial solutions, to regional cafes that appeal to local residents to try their new products.

All you have to do is load the data and register. Thereafter, your company will be confirmed with the confirmation process. This can be done either by phone call or by mail. Social media is not just a tool to engage directly – it is now a necessary time investment for any business. Do not hesitate to fire up a press release every time your company does something new – people may choose to do so. Simply registering for an online forum and publishing every time your business is about is not beneficial to anyone, and it's likely to be frustrating. Market your service passively by placing a link in your brand or pinpointing it if the context is ideal.

Businesses that pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay?

I'm trying to understand what options are available for a debtor to pay / refund a payee through digital formats (eg, Apple, Google, Samsung, PayPal, WePay, etc.). I need the ability to integrate with my software, an integration that allows me to pay my software to many payees.

A solution user logs in to my portal (he can register a payee with at least one email address and / or mobile number). The payee then performs a task. Then the solution user clicks on a payment button on my portal, and the payee receives the money in his Apple Wallet.

Is that possible?

I try to gather as little personal information as possible. If the payee has an Apple account, we can simply load money into his Apple account (or Google, Samsung, or another platform that's available).

magento2 – Create a custom API for creating businesses and customers in magento 2

In Magento 2 (as we do it from the front-end / back-end panel) I want to create a corporate / corporate admin user via a simple API call.

Right now, with two api calls, I make a customer first and then a company by giving superuser_id = "" the customer_id that I created earlier.