SEO – How to set the link for the Google Picture Visit button

I have a website with a lot of pictures that I want to display in Google Image Search. I've submitted a sitemap with each image indexed as shown below. Google displays the Sitemap successfully indexed without errors, with all entries having the status "excluded" (Duplicate without user-selected canonical element).

The For the page loads a javascript slideshow, which I would like to associate with the "visit" button from Google Images. The slideshow Parameter is set to specifies each URL, However, the "below" page of the slideshow is the same for each image on the page (and appears in a separate window) sitemap.xml File).

Is there a way to get the "Visit" button to associate the link displayed in the link Entry? Currently, the "Visit" button in Google Images is associated with the generic version of this page (with No slideshow Parameter).
My picture
My picture 2

per month

button – How to change the text of multiple buttons in Unity

I have 12 buttons and I want to fill them with numbers from 1 to 12. I would like to change the text with a script so that I do not fill it manually. I do not want to make the reference of the 12 buttons for a GameObject (public GameObject btn1 …) and they all fill one with btn1.GetComponent (). text. There must be a way to change the text of the buttons with just one for. I would be very happy about your help.
These are the buttons that I have

Problem Installing Xprivacy: Where is the Install Button?

I'm trying to install Xprivacy, but I can not find the install button.
When I click on the app logo on my phone, the following screen appears.

If you click "root", the new message "Device is rooted" appears.
Although I'm pretty sure it is not.
Probably the missing check mark means that it is not rooted (a bit confusing).

I assume that I first have to root the phone

Right ?

java – Libgdx Image Button touchDown just does not work!

Two days ago, I wanted to create a simple ImageButton with an input event. Since then, I've looked at every tutorial and wiki site I could find. I've literally gone through every link I could find that belongs to an image button. I'm really frustrated now and hope it's not a typo or a simple fix.

I'm sorry for that much code, but I think it's necessary. The contribution down vote, if you want to help me but at least.

I want to implement an ImageButton that allows me to create soldiers on the screen. To create the soldiers, I have a class that (I assure you) works perfectly.

This is the relevant code:

public class MainGameScreen implements Screen, InputProcessor {

Texture background, background_left, background_right;

public SpriteBatch stack;

//Graphical user interface
private stage GUIStage;
private input multiplexer multiplexer_GUIStage;

// key
private stage button;
private texture myTexture;
private TextureRegion myTextureRegion;
private TextureRegionDrawable myTexRegionDrawable;
private ImageButton imageButton;

// Random int
Random random = new random ();

// entities
assembly list German;

public MainGameScreen (NameOfTheGame game) { = game;
batch = new SpriteBatch ();
Key = new stage ();

// entities
// initialize array
German = new ArrayList();

// GUI - Graphical User Interface
GUIStage = new stage (new ScreenViewport ());
multiplexer_GUIStage = new input multiplexer ();
multiplexer_GUIStage.addProcessor (GUIStage);

Image gui_background = new image (new texture ("gui / GUI.png"));
gui_background.setPosition (0,0);
GUIStage.addActor (gui_background);

// key
myTexture = new texture (Gdx.files.internal ("gui / button / paper_riflemen.png"));
myTextureRegion = new TextureRegion (myTexture);
myTexRegionDrawable = new TextureRegionDrawable (myTextureRegion);
imageButton = new ImageButton (myTexRegionDrawable); // set up the button
button = new Stage (new ScreenViewport ()); // set up a stage for the ui;
imageButton.setBounds (0,0,500,500);
imageButton.isTouchable (); <- I tried it with and without this (this comment is not in the actual code)
button.addActor (imageButton); <- I also tried to put this at the end of the code. You can see this in the second "code box". // Add the button to the Stage to render and make input.
Gdx.input.setInputProcessor (button); // start accepting inputs from the UI

Background = new texture ("level1.png");
background_left = new texture ("level1_seiten.png");
background_right = new texture ("level1_seiten.png");

button.addListener (new InputListener () {
@Run over
public boolean touchDown (InputEvent event, float x, float y, int pointer, int button) {
message = "TouchDown";
return true;
@Run over
public void touchUp (InputEvent event, floating point number x, floating point number y, int pointer, int button) {
message = "TouchUp";

Instead of the InputListener I also tried the following:

button.addListener (new ClickListener () {
@Run over
public void clicked (InputEvent event, Float x, Float y) {
message = "Maybe you work here";
int german_position = random.nextInt ( () - 169) + 449;
german.add (new german (german_position));
message = "Will you finally work !! - Touchy Touch";
event.handle (); // The stage will no longer try to handle this event

//button.addActor(imageButton); // Add the button to the Stage to render and apply an input.



@Run over
public void render (float delta) {

//To dye (116 / 255f, 102 / 255f, 91 / 255f, 1); (GL20.GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT);

// German update
for (German German: German) {
german.de_s1_walk (delta);

game.batch.begin ();

game.batch.draw (background, 0,0);
game.batch.draw (background_left, -background_left.getWidth (), 0);
game.batch.draw (background_right, background.getWidth (), 0);

// German render
for (German German German)
germans.render (game.batch, "de_s1_walk_animation");

font.draw (game.batch, message, 3500, 1000);

game.batch.end ();

//Graphical user interface
GUIStage.act ();
GUIStage.draw ();
button.act (); // execute Ui logic
button.draw (); // Draw the user interface


Bugs – Site Error – Submit button does not respond

I just switched to Android and have to say that this Razer Phone 2 is beautiful. The 120 Hz display is worth the hype and combines that with a garbage-free Android experience, wow!

I've noticed a few sites where HTML elements like buttons and check boxes do not respond. At I noticed how I wanted to tick checkboxes of emails that I would like to unsubscribe from. The mobile version of noticed when I tried to click on the hamburger menu. And today I noticed that I could not click on the "Send" button on this page. They all worked seamlessly on the iPhone. What gives? For this last site, I have confirmed that this problem also exists for a 9th grade user. Any ideas that happen?

After migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013, the command surface command surface command action does not work for the Custom button because the error is listed below

We have custom buttons in the Ribbon. The button is activated based on the status.

CommandUIHandler works well for the All button except the Send and Retry buttons after migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.
When we click on the submit buttonEnter the image description here, we find the following error in Console.
Enter the image description here

If we click on sp.js to display the error, the error below will be displayed.
Enter the image description here

Because of this error, the CommandUIHandler will not run
Enter the image description here

We have not found a solution to this problem. Please tell me the solution to the above problem.

thank you in advance

Audio PS4 earphones exit after you press the Mute button on the MacBook Pro

I connected my PS4 earphones (standard, included with the PS4) to my MacBook Pro (2017 model, I think), and I accidentally pressed Mute (F10) instead of decreasing the volume (F11), and now they are not working anymore. I checked the audio panel and it's not muted, reset Coreaudiod, reset Mac, and refreshed. I was looking for solutions for missing audio, but it did not work. I have a generic headset set that works on my MacBook, but not my PS4 earphones.