Facebook: The Share button below the title photo only creates posts with title without image or description on the timeline

If someone clicks the "Share" button on the Facebook (Fan) page under the title page, they'll just make an ugly post with the name of my page on the timeline, but with no picture or subheading description.

Does anyone know why and how to set it up properly?
Normally, when sharing a Facebook page, it makes a nice post on the timeline of someone with the image of the referring Facebook page, right?

At first, I thought something was wrong with my site's open graph setting. But this is only for linking the page on my page to facebook, right?
I've checked the developer debugger tool from Facebook and get no errors. Everything seems to be right on this point.

Does that have anything to do with my Facebook settings?
Does anybody have the same Problem?
Usually when sharing a Facebook page, there is a nice post with title, description and picture. Again, this is all in Facebook by using the share button under the cover image … and not sharing a website with Facebook …

Help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

8 – Why does the Ajax button call submitForm?

I have no problem using Ajax in any other form element as a button. When I click on this button

  '#type' => 'submit',
  '#ajax' => (
    'callback' => '::ajax_function',
    'wrapper' => 'my-button-wrapper',

it reloads the page … well, it does what normal submit buttons would do – calls submitForm (). And I do not need that. I only need this button to call ajax_function ().

How do I edit a permalink button in function.php with a child topic?

I'm using a WordPress theme named "Business One Page" and it has a slider with the "More Information" button. Here is a demo of the topic (Business-One-Page) 1

I am using a child topic and would like to change the permalink of the button by inserting code into the functions.php file. First, I tried to find the slider code in the homepage template, but I opened all the files and looked for the BTN (class = "BTN-more") without any results. I found the .php file for all sections and pages except the slider. Is it possible that some parts of the code are not included?

Is it possible to edit the permalink with encoding? or do I have to create another button myself?

I just wanted to change the permalink so that it does not point to another page, but (#content) refers to content on the same page.

Thanks in advance, David

Navigation link – SwiftUI navigation link does not work, button is gray

I can not get a navigation link in SwiftUI. Here is the code:

import SwiftUI
import Combine

struct ContentView: View {
    var body: some View {
            NavigationLink(destination: Text("Detail for Test")) {
            }.navigationBarTitle("Select a user")

The button is visible, but unfortunately it is gray and can not be clicked. does anyone know the problem?

How do I invoke a button in Unity with everything needed for the "onEndEdit" event of an InputField?

How do I create a method (invoked each time a button is pressed) to invoke everything that is subscribed to the onEndEdit event of an InputField?

I expected the following:

public class DoneButtonInputField : MonoBehaviour
    (SerializeField) private InputField inputField;

    public void ClickDoneButton()

But it does not work and I do not know how to look for the answer (probably due to lack of vocabulary).

Ease of use – Where should I place the delete button?

I have a sidebar that displays all links that users have saved. Since it is just a sidebar, I want to keep it as simple and clear as possible. So I use the cross next to the delete link.

Option 1

Pro: easy to know which link should be deleted

Disadvantages: Do not align erase keys

Option 1

Option 2

Pros: easy to know which link should be deleted, align buttons

Disadvantages: It seems strange to put the delete button at the beginning

Option 2

Option 3

Pro: Align delete keys, also align with the hide icon, which looks good.

Disadvantages: Delete keys are far from the link and can lead to incorrect deletion. (Add a border around the line or separate each line with a different color, which can reduce the problem, but the sidebar looks messy.)

Option 3

Overall, I prefer Option 3, but how can I make sure that users click on the correct delete icon?

Action Button "Thread Bottom"

The administrator has submitted a new resource:

Action Button "Thread Bottom" – Action Button "Thread Bottom"


Inserts a copy of the action button bar at the bottom of posts and the list of topics.

Functional Overview

  • Add action buttons at the bottom of the posts
  • Add action buttons to the bottom of the thread list

Additional information

We would prefer …

Action Button "Thread Bottom"

2013 – button & # 39; New & # 39; the document library

Question about SharePoint 2013/2016.

Ok, I've been able to change the content type for my library so that when I open a new document (Ribbon -> Files -> New Document), I'll open the correct Word template when I click it.

Users can create a folder / document using the New button. I want the button to open the same word template that's in the Ribbon? I attached a picture to explain what I'm talking about. This is the New button above All Documents.

1) I deactivated the folder creation also in the advanced attitudes.
2) I also searched the content here to see if someone asked the same question and found no results. (Possibly the wrong terms are searched)

Enter image description here

To create a semantic / accessible list using the Load More button

Here is a simple example of what I would like to do:


  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


// Pseudo code

Logically, it's a bit simple and it would work well with the keyboard. I'm not sure how to make this feature more accessible to screen readers, so I'll be alerted when new items are added to the list.

Does anyone have an option / kickstart how to do that?

I did not find anything in my search. Maybe I'm looking for the wrong keyword.

Thanks a lot!

Content Type – Why does the Edit button have a different URL than the Edit Properties ribbon?

I have a JavaScript that relies on that contentTypeId when editing a folder or document. The problem is, when I click on the Edit Properties Ribbon:


Everything is fine and beautiful. The URL:


how to manage that contentTypeId that I wanted.

However, if you click the Edit button in the view, the following happens:

Enter image description here

The URL is not included contentTypeId and I can not understand why.

Is there an explanation why this happens?