Accessibility – Should the focus on the first button in the pop-up window be out of limbo?

I have a spreadsheet that displays the popup as shown in this image when you hover over the chat bubble icon.

For 508 compliance and accessibility … When a user presses the tab in this floating state, the focus should be on the first button SEE MORE? I was not sure, because it's a hover that focuses on technology. Click the icon for the balloon.

Enter image description here

Google Sheets – How do I automatically have the time entered in a cell by clicking a button or double-clicking a cell?

The goal is for a worker to double-click a cell (or button) in a specific area and enter the time. The time is often entered incorrectly in the cell.

The goal is to have it in military time.

I know the command "ctrl – shift:" and I think I could find a better solution.

Material – Step Wizard, optional step, skip and next button?

If you need to complete step 1 before step 2 and step 3 before 4, etc. Then:
I start disabling & # 39; NEXT & # 39; in steps 1, 2, 3 and 5. Once the user completes the task & # 39; NEXT & # 39; completed, this is not possible. When the user comes to step 4, & # 39; NEXT & # 39; be active all the time. It informs the user that he can jump to the next, even if the user has not completed step 4. You should not leave "NEXT" enabled for steps that need to be completed, as this is confusing.

Would you like your users to be able to go back and forth in the wizard, even if the steps are not finished yet? Then usually by a disclaimer "this step is not required" is solved. Although then there should be some default settings for all the steps because you allow the user to basically skip everything. (As with installing a program.)

2d – How can I move the character to the center of the screen when the user clicks the primary mouse button?

I'm a freshman in this area and I'm just trying to learn how to do different things. I would like to move a character sprite in a horizontal line towards the center of the screen when the primary mouse button is detected, and then return to the edge of the screen if no input is detected. Any help would be appreciated.

php – How do I add a product with Ajax to the cart and hide the button Add product?

This is my PHP file that allows me to add products to the shopping cart:

<? php
session_start ();

$ itemId = isset ($ _ GET['itemId'])? $ _GET['itemId'] : "";

if ($ _SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == & # 39; POST & # 39; and eat ($ _ POST['qtyupdate'])) {
for ($ i = 0; $ i < count($_POST['qtyupdate']); $i++) {
        $key = $_POST['arr_key_' . $i];
        $_SESSION['qty'][$key] = $_POST['qtyupdate'][$i];

} else {
    $qty = isset($_POST['qty']) ? $_POST['qty'] : 1;
    if (!isset($_SESSION['cart'])) {
        $_SESSION['cart'] = array();
        $_SESSION['qty'][] = array();
    if (in_array($itemId, $_SESSION['cart'])) {
        $key = array_search($itemId, $_SESSION['cart']);
        $_SESSION['qty'][$key] = $_SESSION['qty'][$key] + $qty;
    } else {
        array_push($_SESSION['cart'], $itemId);
        $key = array_search($itemId, $_SESSION['cart']);
        $_SESSION['qty'][$key] = $qty;


The button I need to add products as I would like to hide them for other information if the product has already been added to the cart:

The other information to be displayed:

Product already added

Click the Save As Template button when the application criteria change. Should the changes also be saved when clicking Save as Template?

Usability problem I'm dealing with in a team:

In the middle of an application, there is a Save as template button, which when clicked opens a modal to name the template. If the template is saved, you will return to the previous application you were working on, not the one you just created.

My question is, if you change the criteria in step 1 without clicking the Save button at the bottom of this page and clicking "Save as template", should the edited areas be saved with this template creation? Or should a modal tell the user to save first? Is the button named incorrectly?


Forms – Should I hide the Continue button until the tasks are completed?

In a multi-level wizard, some steps show the user a list of tasks that must be performed before the next step can be performed.

Each task in the list opens a popup where the user completes the task.

I have three possible solutions for the Next button:

a) Show it all the time. If the user clicks on it before all tasks are completed, the user will be shown information about what to do before he can proceed.

b) Display a disabled button that activates when all tasks are completed. When disabled, the button has a general message that all tasks must be completed before you can continue.

c) Hide the button and do not show it until all tasks have been completed.