Should I buy this anime cms or script

Hi guys, can any of you help me with this? I saw this gig that shows and I can create an automated anime page that shows new anime and episodes depending on the appearance will be uploaded automatically, but I'm still confused as to whether it will work or not, please help.

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mysql 8.0 – Point of Sale Discount Buy X and get Y

Beginners in SQL. I am using MySQL 8.0

I am trying to develop a point-of-sale software that I can use e.g.
Buy 2 x Coke 500 ml and 2 x Apple Pie and 1 Snack Bar and get a 20% discount limited to 4 per customer / sale

ProductID   Description
41          Coke 500 ML
51          Applle Pie
65          Snac kBar

SQL statement:

SELECT OrderDetails.*, 
       (Select OrderDetails.Quantity * Products.Price) as LineTotal 
FROM OrderDetails 
left join Products on Products.ProductID = OrderDetails.ProductID 
where orderid = 10250 
  and OrderDetails.ProductID IN(41, 51,65)


Number of records: 3

OrderDetailID       OrderID     ProductID   Quantity    Price       LineTotal
6                   10250       41          10          9.65        96.5
7                   10250       51          35          53          1855
8                   10250       65          15          21.05       315.75

What would be the best way to do this, or how would a structure be a query that can accomplish this.

canon – Which camera should I buy?

I am ready to shoot various videos for YouTube and need help choosing the camera.

considering that one of them is a focused point of light in a dark room that may be supported by a black background to ensure the look …

However, at the beginning I was on a budget and thought of DSLRs like the Canon 4000D and 2000D, which are the cheapest for me with a stabilizer, because the camera will be free.

Would you recommend these cameras? Or do they serve my needs in another way? If so, what type of lenses would help?

Please note that I am not looking for excellent videos like 4k etc. Just a pretty good 1080 quality with no pixelation or noise

What supplements do you buy for your pets?