Guide to Bitcoin: Buy, Mining, Gambling, Claiming and Clicking …


The best place to buy Bitcoin is at Coinbase –

Mining – With this method you earn less money, but it works.

CryptoTab Browser –
CryptoTab Browser is a white-label chrome browser that degrades bitcoin in the background.

NiceHash –
NiceHash is a dedicated miner for Windows to mine Bitcoin.

casino – Challenge Satoshis and play all kinds of games to boost your income.
Freebitcoin –

claim – Request Satoshis in return for viewing ads and clicking the Request button.
BitFun –
Bonus Bitcoin –
Moon Bitcoin –

click – Create bitcoins by showing ads
BTCClicks –

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[ Politics ] Question open: Can one of you explain to Trump apologists why he has the idea to buy Greenland?

Could it be because the ice is melting and the resources there are now more accessible? Why should Greenland / Denmark want to give up what could make it a more important economic entity in the world? This is not like Alaska, where Russia was desperately looking for cash and resource status was unknown. Or the Gadsden purchase. I have to love. So many of you hastened to defend an unworkable idea to defend your cult leader.

Where can I borrow money to create or buy websites?

Some good suggestions; However banks, friends, family members, etc., want the money back sometime, you should have a plan that shows how they get the money back in time.

Some other ideas;

– Contact an investor or a joint venture – Mark.D., and many others, even if they think the idea is strong enough.

– KickStarter or another crowdfunding source

Without knowing what the website will do (in vague terms), it is difficult to offer further advice. Depending on what you are trying to build, you might;

– Apply for a scholarship from your local, state, or federal government; Australia has a range of grants for new and emerging technologies, services, etc.

– If you create a website that offers something to the public, why not solicit donations and give donors free access to the service? (a bit like crowdfunding).

– You could take out a credit line with a bank (no credit card!)

Is there anything about the site build that you can not do for yourself and for free?

Many people think that money is what keeps them from doing business, even though it's almost always time. Time is worth more than money when it comes to building a business.