Experience of buying products in China

I am an online shopping enthusiast, and I often purchase some products from Alibaba, including: eyelash extension liquid, false eyelashes, eyelash cleaning mousse.
Their products are really cheap, but the sad thing is that the shipping is very expensive. Many times I don’t want to buy it because of the shipping cost.
It wasn't until I met a Chinese logistics provider on Twitter that I realized that Alibaba's shipping costs were really expensive, which made my experience very poor.

buying – Is this eBay fraud and how do I get help?

I’ve been using eBay since 2005. I recently purchased an item on eBay. The seller sent it with FedEx using a shipping method that required signature upon reception.

On the day that eBay listed my item as “Delivered”, I had not received the item.

Upon investigation, someone received the item and signed upon reception “Mr. person's name“.
That is not my name, that is someone else’s name. I do not know who this person who received and signed for my item is and where they live.

I couldn’t do anything on the FedEx website to open a claim because I would need the sender’s address, which I do not have.

I opened a claim with eBay, and they said “Your item was marked as delivered so you will not get a refund”, even though I had included a screenshot of the Fedex tracking page with signed upon reception by “Mr. person's name” visible.

Obviously I am furious at both the seller, the person who signed for it and didn’t reach out to me to return my package, at FedEx, and at eBay for mishandling this.

The seller could have just send a postcard to a friend with signature upon delivery, and pocketed my money. Was I victim of a fraud? I am at loss for solutions here.

coinbase.com – Tax implications of buying Bitcoin for another person on exchange

If I link a parent’s bank account to a Coinbase account in my name, buy Bitcoin, and send to a hardware wallet for cold storage, are the tax authorities in the USA likely to think there is an unpaid gift tax? How do I prove that I was not being gifted the Bitcoin and was just helping a parent buy some Bitcoin for their own self custody. Also, assume the amount exceeds the annual limit for gift taxes which I believe is $15,000.

Buying – bot/macro/Automate/etc upload videos/filehost, to series page | Proxies-free

I have an series page, I am an uploader, I upload episodes manually, and I know that it could be automated.

Obviously, details are required for you to think about how to automate it, but it is “advanced” because it will require many things (connect with an app that can upload a file to multiple different filehosts, without using a browser/change pages> once all downloads are finished> copy links> and put the links on my page in a specific order/place etc etc

(I can pay ~210 usd or less, it DEPENDS on if the app/script has gui, parameterized to work in any file, etc)

Obviously, details are required for you to think about how to automate it

Customized for my page, although you can also change part of the page to make it work.It puts the embed link in itself, meaning that in some uploads / player as mega I must first put “embed” to the link.


Buying Expired Food | Forum Promotion

As you may know, I’ve worked in retail for the last seven years of my life, and one thing that has always been stressed is the importance of product rotation, checking expiration dates, and pulling merchandise that is expired. At CVS, we even have a third party company auditing us on this each month. There is no doubt that things slip through the cracks at times. We may fall behind checking dates, or we may even receive product from our distribution center that is already expired. We try our best though.

Anyways, I’ve written this post to talk about a gas station near my house. I ordered a Hunt Brothers Pizza from there yesterday, and naturally the pizza was ready when I was told it would be ready. So I just wandered around the store looking to see if might buy a snack or a drink. I immediately noticed that a large portion of their food products were covered in dust. That happens, but this was bad to the point of where it looked like this place was a saw mill or something. I randomly checked dates on all sorts of different items while I was waiting, and literally everything I looked at was expired, or it was way past the “Best By” date, which apparently doesn’t actually mean that it’s expired. Still very iffy though.

Here’s America’s favorite gas station pizza company:

download (1).png

The craziest thing is that I found three different flavors of Stride gum. Does anyone know what that is? It used to be really trendy when I was in middle school, and I swear that every cool kid had Stride. For some reason, we thought it made sense to chew this gum with the wrapper still on. Anyways, you can’t find Stride gum just anywhere anymore, as they seem to have stopped producing it. So I looked at the dates of them, and all of them had “Best By” dates that were in 2017. Gum has a pretty good shelf life, so there’s no telling how old these things actually were. Isn’t that insane? Made me very iffy on even eating the pizza I had ordered. No telling how old the crust/cheese/toppings/etc were, but it did end up tasting good. :p

Here’s a photo of the famous Stride gum:


So yeah, do you guys ever accidentally buy expired food?

❕NEWS – Microsoft is not planning on buying Bitcoin | Proxies-free

Recently we have seen a lot of companies that have gotten involved in the cryptocurrency world and even more so that are constantly looking to invest in Bitcoin and various other coins as a means to store their monetary value, and counter inflation rates. With companies such as Tesla investing in Bitcoin, many are following in those footsteps. However, this is not the case when it comes to Microsoft. A recent article has shown that Microsoft currently has no plans to invest in the Bitcoin craze that is happening now. This is counterintuitive as Microsoft does accept Bitcoin payment yet is not investing in Bitcoin. What are your thoughts on this? Are they relying only on their payments to increase their investment into Bitcoin?

Buying mturk.com accounts! | Proxies-free

Hi, I’m looking to buy USA mturk.com approved worker accounts.

Anyone from USA can try to create one and sell it to me.

Please do the following:
1] Create new gmail
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4] Wait 1-3 days for approval
6] Private message me here
7] I will buy the gmail + amazon + mturk from you