Javascript – Simple jQuery Calculator

I'm building a simple calculator with jQuery.

I can append the value to the screen, and when the user clicks on the operator, the first values ​​are empty or empty.

My question is, how can I save first and second values ​​from the input field to use these values ​​for the calculation?

$(document).ready(function() {
  let firstVal = 0;
  let secVal = 0;
  let latestNumber = 0;

  $(".btn").on("click", function(event) {
    let currentVal = $("input").val();
    console.log("currentVal is " + currentVal);
    let val = $(this).data("val");
    console.log("val is " + val);
    firstVal = $("input").val(currentVal + val);

    switch (val) {
      case "+":
        latestCalculationMethod = val;
      case "-":
        latestCalculationMethod = val;
      case "x":
        latestCalculationMethod = val;
      case "/":
        latestCalculationMethod = val;
        latestNumber = 0;

    if (firstVal === "") {
      firstVal = latestNumber;
    } else {
      secVal = latestNumber;

cPanel price calculator | Web Hosting Talk

Someone from released a cPanel price calculator, which I thought was pretty clever. It makes it super easy to see how much your new cPanel bill is based on the new licensing model. I hope they go a step further and introduce many more hosts.

The thread in which this was originally posted can be found at…providers/2746. I did not make the tool, but I admit it serves us well. I can not change that. Still, I hope it will benefit those who are still trying to figure out their future with cPanel, and I hope the Creator complements it.

App Windows – RedCrab Calculator PLUS RePack | NulledTeam UnderGround

RedCrab Calculator PLUS RePack | 14 Mb

RedCrab Calculator is a math software with full-screen editor for freely placing algebraic formulas in mathematical notation on the worksheet. The results can be displayed in various numerical formats and in charts.

Pictures and texts can be inserted.
The shareware RedCrab PLUS extends the functionality with additional functions for statistics, finances, matrices and special applications as well as the calculation with complex numbers and units of measure. Draw 2D graphics and charts.
Free placement of mathematical formulas in natural notation
Numeric formats of the results
Decimal fixed point, floating point, exponent
Hexadecimal, octal or binary
Date and time format
Optional with text
With units of measurement
With prefix
Individual assignment of output formats to variables
Acoustic display of the results
Number of graph types to graph the results
2D function plotter
Calculating with units of measure. Automatic conversion of different systems in one formula (km, miles, mornings, liters, yards).
Define your own mathematical functions
Accuracy numbers: 14/28
Print selected areas of the worksheet
Insert text boxes
Built-in functions:> 250
Tooltips and online help in German and English
Interface (API) for executing own functions in external programs
Slider for variable data entry


angular – Open the calculator in an HTML window

I would like to do that when a user presses a o un button The Windows machine opens:


What I get is that the calculator will be downloaded when the spit is run, but I want it to run directly.

The idea is to know what it would be like in HTML to launch it later in Angular6. I comment if Angular6 can manage it better, even though I looked at information and I do not know how to start it in Angular.

Percent calculator with drawn overlay in C #

I would like to create a program that calculates the percentage of a selected screen size. For example, I want the user to be able to draw a box about anything he wants (possibly using an overlay?), Such as a camera image, and then type in what percentage of the screen size you want to see. So, if you enter 20%, a line or field is drawn vertically that is 20% of the currently drawn field vertically. This line would only have to be movable within the drawn box.

I would like to do this in C #, preferably with a small GUI for the user to enter a percentage. I am not looking for a complete solution to this problem. It is a learning project for me. I just want to give some guidance on where to look for resources and what to do to get a good start.

I have not made a small painting as a small guideline not the best work of art, but should give a hint.

View post on

Many thanks


python 3.x – income tax calculator

I just started coding and wrote a program to calculate your tax payable. is there somewhere where I can improve that?

Many thanks

while True:

      income = int(input("Please enter your taxable income: "))
  except ValueError:
      print("Sorry, I didn't understand that please enter taxable income as a number")


  if income <= 18200:
      tax = 0

  elif income <= 37000: 
      tax = (income - 18200) * 0.19 

  elif income <= 90000:
      tax = (income-37000) * 0.235 + 3572 

  elif income <= 180000:
      tax = (income - 90000) * 0.37 + 20797 

      tax = (income - 180000) * 0.45 + 54097

  print("you owe", tax, "dollars in tax!" )

python – Synthetic divisional calculator

I wrote a Python program that does a synthetic division of a polynomial. The polynomial is subject to some limitations (which are listed in the module documentation of the program), mainly because I did not have the time to work out all the edge cases. I would like feedback on anything that is possible, as I would like to solve other polynomials. All feedback is welcome, appreciated and considered!



This program accepts a polynomial and returns all the
x intercepts.

Program has some constraints:
    - Coefficients must only be one digit, if present
    - Constant must be one digit, and must be present (even 0)
    - Constant must be positive

    Input: x^3 -4x^2 +x +6
    Output: X = (3, -1, 2)


from functools import reduce

def get_coefficients(equation):

    Returns the coefficients of the passed polynomial. If no coefficent, then 1 is returned.
    Only works for single digit coefficents, if present.

    :param equation: The equation to be analyzed

    parts = equation.split()
    coeffs = ()
    for part in parts:
        if part(0) == "x":
        if part(0) == "-":
            coeffs.append(int(part(1)) * -1)
        if part(0) == "+" and "x" in part:
            if len(part) == 2:
    return coeffs

def get_factors(equation):
    Returns a list of factors of the constant

    :num n: Number to get factors from


    constant = int(equation(len(equation) - 1))

    Equation from StackOverflow user @agf
    factors = list(
                list.__add__, (
                    (i, constant//i) for i in range(1, int(constant**0.5) + 1) if constant % i == 0

    #Add negatives
    length = len(factors)
    for i in range(length):
    return factors

def synthetic_division(coefficients, factors):
    Performs synthetic division with the passed coefficients and factors
    Returns a list of intercepts

    coeffs = coefficients
    facs = factors
    ints = ()

    for fac in facs:
        current_sum = 0
        for coeff in coeffs:
            current_sum += coeff
            current_sum *= fac
        if current_sum == 0:

    return ints

def main(equation):

    Gathers the coefficients, factors and intercepts from the equation

    :param equation: The polynomial to be solved

    coefficients = get_coefficients(equation)
    constant = int(equation(len(equation) - 1))

    factors = get_factors(equation)
    intercepts = synthetic_division(coefficients, factors)

    return intercepts

if __name__ == '__main__':
    EQUATION = "x^3 -4x^2 +1x +6"
    print(f"X = {main(EQUATION)}")

magento2 – Magento 2 shipping calculator bug

I moved my website to a new server and my shipping setup did not work anymore. I have re-entered identical information for UPS and activated it, but when I select the shipping at checkout, I get the message:

"There are currently no offers available for this order."

I cleared the cache, recompiled the site, and still nothing. It works for free shipping, but not for UPS. I even called UPS and checked my credentials.

Algorithms – Is There a Free Online Calculator That Is More Powerful Than

There are absolutely huge numbers in this calculation, no wonder you can not get the result by simple numeric calculation.


To let $ x = 52! $ and $ y = 3,1536 times 10 ^ {16} $,

A raw lower limit results in:
$$ frac { prod_ {i = 1} ^ y (xi)} {x ^ y} geq (1 – frac {y} {x}) ^ y geq 1 – frac {y ^ 2} {x}. $$
If you enter numerical values ​​and go to the safe side of the approximations, you will receive:
$$ 1- frac {y ^ 2} {X} geq 1-10 ^ {- 34} $$,


$$ 1-10 ^ {- 34} leq frac { prod_ {i = 1} ^ y (x-i)} {x ^ y} leq 1 $$,

The value you are looking for is basically $ 1 $,

ez Form Calculator – WordPress Plugin | NulledTeam UnderGround

Easily create estimation forms, calculation forms, cost calculators, and more for WordPress

The ez Form Calculator is an intuitive multi-purpose calculator Form Creator for WordPress. You can easily create Form calculator, extended cost estimates or extensive contact forms for you and your customers.
Just add basic form elements like Check boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttonsetc. with only a few …