uri – Add to Cal: Parsing content to URL in Outlook add to calendar keeps the + signs used to replace spaces

Parsing content to URL in Outlook add to calendar keeps the + signs used to replace spaces in the Calendar still when Calendar is opened.

Steps to reproduce
From the front-end:
Click Add to Calendar
Pick “Outlook.com”
It takes you to the tab to add the event to your calendar.
You will see the + signs in place of spaces in the title, description, location fields

I have tried using:
$title = str_replace(‘+’, ‘%20’, $title);

But the above solution didn’t work.

Any help or point to the right direction will be great. Thanks!

Google Calendar API: Display Name doesn’t work

I faced with strange problem: displayName property is not applied/saved on event level.
Here is a link to the API documentation: https://developers.google.com/calendar/v3/reference/events

I fill in displayName for organizer and attendee in event and then save this event. But in emails displayName is nowhere showing. I expect to see it ideally in the email as <{DisplayName}>@organizer email. That’s issue I am trying to solve but I see it nowhere at all.
I read this event from google calendar using event id. And there’s no property ‘displayName’ in organizer and attendees fields.

I double checked and I use v3 of the calendar api, so I believe I am checking documentation for the same API version I use in the code.

How to sync SharePoint calendar or list with google calendar?

Google has a .NET api that you can add to your SharePoint project.

You can then use it to access the Google Calendar directly without using web services, and update the events to be in sync with the SharePoint calendar.

There’s a nice walkthrough on how to use the API here: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/196548/Managing-Google-Calendar-Events-using-NET

There are some similar articles for your reference.

Sync calendar between SharePoint, Google, Outlook

Sync Google Calendar with SharePoint Calendar

Keep Your SharePoint Calendar Synced with Google

Source: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/edf417b1-cff5-4ea2-94e2-55dafae5b732/how-to-sync-sharepoint-calendar-to-google-calendar?forum=sharepointgeneralprevious

flutter – i want to display events for table calendar from firestore

locale: ‘fr_FR’,
events: _events,
weekendDays: (DateTime.friday, DateTime.saturday),
initialCalendarFormat: CalendarFormat.week,
headerStyle: HeaderStyle(
formatButtonShowsNext: false,
centerHeaderTitle: true,
formatButtonDecoration: BoxDecoration(
color: Colors.teal,
borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(20.0),
formatButtonTextStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.white),
daysOfWeekStyle: DaysOfWeekStyle(
weekdayStyle: TextStyle(
color: Colors.black, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),
weekendStyle: TextStyle(
color: Colors.black,
fontWeight: FontWeight.bold)),
calendarStyle: CalendarStyle(
todayColor: Colors.teal(300),
selectedColor: Colors.teal(600),
calendarController: calendarController,

Extra spaces added when doing copy-paste in Gmail and Google Calendar

It seems that virtually every time I have to copy-paste text between the same message (or a few messages) in Gmail, using Ctrl+Shift+V. To enforce pasting unformatted text. Because, if I am doing a regular paste (i.e. just using Ctrl+V) then I always end up with pasted text having two spaces added in the beginning and end.

Is this some kind of bug, that they are not fixing for months / years? Or is this some kind of feature, a planned functionality that I completely don’t understand?

The same goes for Google Calendar, when copying or moving (cutting and pasting) some text between lines in event’s description. Only number of added spaces differs. But also in Calendar, as in Gmail, pasted next is never exactly the same as source. It is always surrounded with spaces.

applications – How to create a simple reminder on a (Samsung) Android phone from google calendar?

I want to create a reminder in google calender (using a proper computer etc.), which will be synced to the Android device. The android device is an older Samsung phone, where I use S Planner for such reminders/events for now.

The events itself are getting synced to the android device, but when the event is about to create a reminder nothing happens on the android device!

I want to be able to get a reminder on the android device at the time specified, at best with a kind of pop-up, a notification with a sound (ideally synced with google calendar).

How to do that?

Again: Just a simple attention-drawing reminder at some given time showing some text (e.g. “Call some person”). Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe there is a useable app for that?

Google Calendar specific shared calendar notifications to public Slack channel

I would like to get my whole team notified in Slack when a meeting is about to happen.

As a team, we have a Google Calendar shared calendar for our team meetings. And we share information in Slack in public channels.

How could I set up the Google Calendar to Slack integration to work so that events that are about to happen are notified in our channel?

It’s easy to set up personal alerts, from my own calendar to my own Slack channel, but with shared calendars and public channels, I don’t find where to set it up.

According to the description of the Slack app, it doesn’t seem to be possible, but maybe there is a way to make it work somehow?

Slack will only sync with the primary calendar for the Google account that you’ve connected.


Thanks for your help.

datetime – Event Calendar (Same Day)

If I set the date FROM and TO the same day in the event filter, I will not see an appointment that takes place on this day. Only if I change TO to a day after the day before place the event will be showing. What could it be?

Note: I have a view and in this view I have options to filter the content (events) in the range of date inputs (FROM, TO). When I set FROM and TO to the same day I want, the events on this day would not be shown.