Show tasks and events in a calendar view

I tried for a while, but I cannot manage to archive the following:

I created a calendar (app) on a SharePoint site and added some events (appointments). All of those do show up in the “normal” calendar view.

I then added a content type in the calendar settings by choosing the “task” content type. Now, when I click on “new event” in the calendar ribbon, I can choose between “tasks” and “events”, but when I add a “task” it does not show up in the calendar view (but I can see it in the list view).

How can I update my settings so that ma calendar also shows the tasks?
Thanks a lot in advance and if I can provide any information to assist in solving my question, please tell me.

Python calendar with loops – Stack Overflow

days = int(input("Enter number of days: "))
day_of_week = input("The first day of the week: ")


for d in range(1, days + 1):
  if (d %  7 == 0):

Here’s my Output

My question is, what should I add so that the first day of the week is my input’s?

SharePoint Online – How to create link for calendar list item .ics file?

I want to create link for calendar list item .ics file.
Link for ‘Add to my calendar’.

I have tried below URL but it’s not working:

<a href="http://<SITE_URL>/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=109&Cmd=Display&List={<LIST_GUID>}&CacheControl=1&ID=<ITEM_ID>&Using=event.ics"> Add to my calendar <a>

Please help me in this.

g suite – Google Apps – Calendar invites to group and show in all group members’ calendars

We would like external clients to be able to send a calendar invite to a google group – ex “” for everyone who is working on the starbucks account.

Currently, everyone receives an invite, but the event doesn’t appear in the individual’s calendar like a normal calendar invite. The event only appears once you have explicitly accepted it.

synchronization – Export google calendar into outlook

I have a Google calendar that I want to sync into Outlook (web application). So I reach Google calendar -> Settings -> Settings for my calendar -> Calendar integration -> Secrets address iCal format.

Once I copied that link I open Outlook -> Add calendar -> Subscribe from web, then I paste that URL.

This works because Google’s events are imported but, if I add a new project in Google this is not reflected on Outlook.

Is there something wrong with this?

javascript – Modern Sharepoint and Calendar embed?

Any way to embed Modern calendars (like we use to classic) in a Modern pages? I see the events webpart, but not the same?

Any way to change what fields are shown in the day box in a month view? We use to do this with JS/CSS injection, but i guess MSFT killed that.

Basically we are trying to build a calendar where user can schedule themselves into rooms at given times and there will be some business rules like participants (custom persons field) can’t be scheduled twice at the same time.

seems more has to be custom with Modern…

iphone – iOS: How to make Calendar and Reminders notifications persistent?

Is there any way to make a Calendar or Reminders notification persistent, so they stay on screen until I clear them?

I have some tasks that I need to remember to do. But the banner from Calendar/Reminders usually appears when my phone screen is off. Then when I turn my phone on, the banner is no longer visible and because I forget to go to the notifications menu, I forget the task.

Is there any way to force the banner to stay on screen so I can see it the moment I unlock my phone?

I have gone to Settings/Notifications/Calendar and set it to persistent (same with the setting for reminders).

I notice that some notification banners from Calendar or Reminders do seem to stay on screen until cleared while the phone is on, so how I can make this behaviour persistant?