budget – Where can I camp for free in, or near, Byron Bay, Australia?

Camping in streets, parks and reserves in Byron Shire is prohibited.

We ask that our visitors stay in approved holiday park, camping ground or other visitor accommodation.

There are 15 legal camp grounds in the Byron Shire and information about their locations is widely available online.

Council have enforcement patrols working seven days a week targeting this issue.

The fines for illegal camping range from an on-the-spot fine of $110 to a maximum of $2,200.

A number of approved paid camping sites exist within Byron Shire and their details are easily accessible online.

If you are passing through and looking for a highway rest stop please refer to the link below….


macos – Boot Camp error “Windows cannot locate the disk and partition specified in the unattended answer’s file”

enter image description hereI have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch running on macOS Big Sur 11.1.
I am trying to install windows using Bootcamp. I get the following error:

Windows cannot locate the disk and partition specified in the unattended answer file’s < ImageInstall > setting. Make sure the setting references a valid partition and restart the installation.

Attached the image of my disk utility without Bootcamp partition and the Image of the error.

Can someone help me how to solve this?

Thanks in advance
enter image description here

mac – Stuck in a loop for boot camp download

I’ve been having issues with the Windows side of boot camp recently and after trying everything, I decided to just redownload boot camp. Now it is stuck in a loop during the installation where it says:

“The computer restarted or encountered and unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click “OK” to restart the computer, and then restart the installation”
Then once I click OK, it will crash and the cycle will start again. Same message then crash. I can’t get anywhere else.

camping – Is it allowed to camp outside the designated fields in Portugal?

Me and my friends are planning a road trip to Portugal in August. We would like to hire a camper for 4 people and cruise along the coast, and do some surfing.

That said I read that camping is prohibited except for designated camping areas – it is allowed to park the car by a road, but not to camp. This is quite understandable for the safety reasons, however I was wondering about camping at some “unspoilt by human /wild” terrains (and not national parks), preferably close to the oceanside.

We will obviosuly keep it safe, and clean- but would love to avoid busy campings, and stay as close to nature as possible.
Does anyone here know if the Portugese are strict about giving tickets to those who want to camp outside of designated camping fields?

camping – Camp on Sardinia to recommend

Which camp on Sardinia would you recommend? We travelling without car, just backpacking. We fly to Cagliari, but plan to travel on whole island.
My priorities are: nature (we usually go to the mountains), not that many people, cheap.

bootcamp – Boot Camp requiring disk on High Sierra

I’m running High Sierra on my late-2009 iMac.

In the past, I’ve not had trouble installing Windows 7 with Boot Camp on older versions of Mac OS

But this time, I’m getting the following error before I reach the partition page:

The installer disc could not be found.

Insert your Windows installer disc and wait a few seconds for the disc
to be recognized.

Things is, I don’t have a Windows installer disk… I downloaded an ISO for Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft website.

It might be worth also pointing out that the disk drive on my iMac no longer works, I’m not sure if this is related to me using High Sierra or whether the drive itself has just died.

Does Boot Camp require me to install Windows from a DVD? I just want to install it from the .ISO file like everyone else.

I could possibly purchase an external DVD drive and then figure out how to create a bootable Windows disk using that… but that seems like a lot of effort for something that might not even work.