textbox – Why can't you reduce a selection from the beginning after selecting everything in a text input field?

The reason is consistency.

I do not have official reference literature on this, however, I believe it is possible for us to come to a comfortable reasoning, regardless.

Let's walk through what we know from other user text-selection interactions in the same environment:

  • Any other selection you perform on a quantity of text places the cursor somewhere. The cursor is not ever placed ambiguously — it's always in a predictable location after every user interaction.

  • There is only ever one "caret" or "insertion point".

Thus, following the aforementioned established pattern, CTRL+A has to make a decision as to where the cursor shall be placed upon selection. Should the cursor be placed at the beginning of the selection, the end, or somewhere in the middle?

Let's just go ahead and agree that "somewhere in the middle" is not going to yield predictable results, and nothing that option.

We're left with two options: the beginning or end.

Since the text being selected reads left to right, an assumption that most people select text with a cursor from left to right, and most active text editing happens at the end of a block of text, it seems like placing it at the end might be the best option.

Are disadvantages just selfish, rude, selfish people who can't understand other points of view if they haven't been through the same thing?

So you're asking a question about tens of millions of people who all fall into the box you put them in and why they can't see your perspective?

Your perspective on what? Give me a topic, not your perspective, just the topic, and I bet I can share YOUR views on the topic.

I bet you can't do the same for me.

Why can't I get a shallow depth of field (DOF) effect?

I think the main difference here is the distance to the subject. The depth of field is a function of the aperture, the distance of the subject and the focal length. The closer you are to your subject, the thinner your depth of field becomes. However, a longer focal length is also one way to achieve the desired effect.

If you have the option, using a wider lens with a large aperture very close to your subjects will produce this very nice, very thin DoF and create that dreamy, creamy background blur. However, if you don't have the ability to get very close, a longer focal length will also create that dreamy bokeh.

You mentioned that you used a 35mm f / 1.8 prime lens to take your daughter. Try a 50mm f / 1.8 or even an 85mm f / 1.8. Everyone will restrict your field of vision one by one, but the background will also be "compressed". That is, make it look as if it is closer to the primary subject and also increase the visible blur in it. You want to shoot at the same distance as with the 35mm camera, but this reduces the size of the scene. With a 50mm you can only grasp the blue part of the ladder and exclude this fantastic huge "rubber duck". At 85mm you would probably limit the scene to your daughter and maybe a little to the ladder.

Of course, you can also reduce your DoF by moving closer to the 35 mm and keeping your aperture wide open. You may not get that much blur, but you keep more background in the scene.

Why can't Safari 13.1 (Catalina) render certain Unicode characters?

After upgrading to macOS Catalina (10.15.4) it became clear to me that Safari (13.1) can no longer render my beautiful black truck. When I check this item in the developer console or copy the character to the URL bar, everything renders correctly, but only the white square appears in web view. The same problem exists on 2 other Catalina machines, but not on Safaris 10.14 and 10.13.

Any known bugs / problems regarding this phenomenon?

dnd 5e – I have this character idea, but the magic is weird with it and I can't figure it out

It sounds like you're new to 5e and trying to create characters.

The approach you have chosen is that you have chosen a character concept – you want to create a character that can control metal – and you want to create it as a 5e character.

My advice is that as a first-time player, you will probably have more fun choosing one of the existing character classes and following the standard rules for character creation. Once you understand how the system should work, you can experiment with new character concepts.

The best way to develop a "character who can control metal" concept is likely to be to spice up an existing class. For example, you could take the warlock character class that normally deals damage Eldritch explosion::

A beam of crackling energy hits a creature within range. Perform a ranged attack on the target. If hit, the target suffers 1d10 power damage.

and you would season it as new telekinetic metal explosion::

A cloud of metal scraps strikes a creature in range that is hurled by your telekinetic metal control forces. Perform a ranged attack on the target. If hit, the target suffers 1d10 power damage.

If your warlock has received other spells and powers, you can taste them again if you want.

This doesn't change the game mechanics – it just changes the narrative – so your DM is more willing to let you create a character to do so.

Lock screens – my phone is unlocked but i can't remember the PIN code. Recover from Google somehow?

There are many instructions for those who forget their PIN code and cannot unlock their phone, but there is no explanation for those who have unlocked their phone but do not remember their PIN code to change it.

I can use my phone now, but I don't remember my PIN. That is why once it is turned off or the screen is locked, which will happen at night, I may not be able to access it without erasing the data.

Is there an easier way for me to deal with the problem?

unreal 4 – Why can't this event call its parent event?

Answered my own question within minutes of asking the damn thing.

How I created this problem

If you overwrite parent events in Unreal, you must right-click and use the context menu to add the event you want to overwrite.

Instead, I created a custom event and named it the same as the parent event.

This is what the same functionality, where the overwritten event is the only one that is called.

howeverit is not registered as an overwritten event in the editor, so the option I needed was never displayed.

Can't insert a Pinterest link into a pin?

Hello everybody,

I have created a board with product pins and I want to publish cover pins in group boards that point to the board I created, not content outside of Pinterest. However, the system does not let me insert a Pinterest link into a pin:
"! To save an idea that you can find on Pinterest, use the Save button that you can find on each pin."

Why can a PIN only refer to content outside of Pinterest and not to a board?

Thanks for your help

Why can't iPhone 5s be upgraded to iOS 13?

I have an iPhone 5s and the currently released version of iOS is 13.4.1, but I can only update to 12.4.6

I found compatibility lists online (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210327) and know that the iPhone 5s is not compatible with iOS 13, but I haven't found any explanations for why.

Would someone please explain if there is a technical reason why the iPhone 5s cannot be upgraded to iOS 13?