javascript – submit confirm () does not work cancel button

I have a problem where clicking the Cancel button does not cancel the operation and the form continues and is sent


I send the form via Ajax

 $("#forn_cad").submit(function() {
    var url2 = "mostra_forn.php";
    var url = "insere_forn.php"; 
     if (confirm('Tem certeza que quer cadastrar o Tipo de forncedor?')){ 

           type: "POST",
           url: url,
           data: $("#forn_cad").serialize(),
           success: function(data)
                $("#mostra_forn").fadeOut(800, function(){

           return false 


Only that, even if I click Cancel sends the form

Hotels – Host who tells me to cancel my booking to receive a discount?

Part of the host contract with is that deducts a commission of 10-25% of every booking made by them.

So, if you cancel your booking at and pay the host directly, the host will receive the full amount of your payment instead of just 75-90%, and will be canceled from the offer. The discount that they offer is a kind of setback, so you also get some of the savings.

However, this is undoubtedly prohibited in the host's contract with, which is why he basically asks you to assist him in cheating If finds out, they will likely terminate the host's account and possibly sue them if they have done so many times. I do not know if you, too, would take a legal risk, but it does not seem like a very good idea to me.

Semantics – Validation Tribulation – Multiple meanings simultaneously for the word & # 39; Cancel & # 39;

I got confused with a bunch of different cancel buttons.

In this scenario, the user starts the "Document Packer" and adds items to his new package. Before you save your new pack, you can change your mind and delete your current work by clicking the "Cancel" button [Step 1 in the diagram below], The validation seems to confirm the premature termination.

However, what words should I use to cancel / confirm this validation? [Step 2 in the diagram below]

I now have two opposite meanings for the word "cancel".

Instead of canceling, I reformulated the validation confirmation to "Exit Now", but that too seems a bit complicated.


Enter image description here

sharepoint enterprise – Script Editor Web Part with which I can not insert (or cancel) any code

Whenever I paste the following code into the script editor instead of clicking "Paste," the entire window changes to the output of my script. There is no way to work around this without leaving the page – see the error below:

Error occurred

For clarity, I've posted my code below (it's a countdown clock, up to a certain date).

    APRA countdown

APRA countdown
2 3 5 7
days hours protocol seconds