Databases – How does my car radio find the album art as well as the album and title names? And how do I stop?

When I listen to the radio or a CD in the car, the stereo sometimes shows the album art and the title of the album and the title. Sometimes it shows a genre (like "Country") and a related graphic (like an anonymous model who smiles and wears a cowboy hat) instead of album art. In the case of a c.d. Other information is also displayed, e.g. B. "1/12" for the first track of an album with 12 tracks, information about the time, etc.

Usually everything is correct. Sometimes something is wrong. For example, here is a photo of the stereo that plays the Beatles "Let It Be" but shows the album art for another album.

Enter the image description here

It seems plausible that the stereo reads some of this information from the disc (or radio signal). However, I am unlikely to find the album art on the disc, especially in this case where incorrect graphics are displayed. What seems more plausible to me is that when I insert the disc, my car stereo reads information from the disc to identify the disc and then retrieves that information from a database outside the car.

Wouldn't that mean that an agency is recording somewhere which music I listen to? Does it do if I also listen to the radio? Is there a way for me to hear radio and CDs in the car without this part of the process? For example, can I copy the CDs in a way that removes the identifying information from the copy?

And what would be the right Stack Exchange or the right place on the Internet to seek help with this question?

Car insurance for Northern Cyprus

I plan to rent a car in the Republic of Cyprus and then travel to Northern Cyprus. The budget doesn't allow traveling to Northern Cyprus, so either Europcar or Sixt is my choice. However, your insurance does not cover the northern part of the island:

No insurance coverage is provided if a vehicle is driven into the occupied northern part of the island. (Europcar)

None of the safeguards cover the use of a vehicle in Northern Cyprus. (Sixt)

As I read in the forums and blog posts, car insurance at the border requires a fee that costs either € 20 (3 days) or € 35 (1 week) in cash.

My questions are:

  1. How can I take out fully comprehensive insurance (covering the full damage) for Northern Cyprus? Are there any recommended liability insurance policies there?
  2. Do all of the island's borders offer car insurance?

Could you benefit greatly from your car being stolen insured?

I will give a scenario:

Bob loves Corvettes and he has one as a summer car. It pays off and he has the title.

One day Bob's Corvette is stolen.

He makes an insurance claim and his car insurance pays the value of the stolen Corvette.

Bob uses the insurance money to buy a replacement Corvette.

So far everything is real.

The phone rings a few days later. The police call to say they found his car and he can pick it up.

Did Bob just get two Corvettes for the price of one?

Moving car San Diego

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Isn't a manual car with a clutch pedal dangerous because you concentrate on changing gears instead of focusing on the road?

No. It is actually much safer than an automatic transmission if the person who drives it actually knows that WTF is doing it. The problem and the reason why they are statistically "more dangerous" is that idiots who have no idea get them because they are (only marginally) cheaper and more concerned with "switching" and controlling the vehicle have to concentrate.

When a person who knows what they are doing drives a manual, they actually have more control over the vehicle and are much safer to drive.

Here are some examples that support my point of view:

1. Tractor units have only been in series production since 2012 and are on the move with automatic transmissions. Almost all of them are now automatic transmissions, and a situation arises where truck drivers cannot be trusted when Semi were ALL manuals. A. Tractor trailer was the vehicle to follow and be in traffic because it was guaranteed that they knew what they were doing and that (about 20 years ago) they were (mostly) the safest vehicles on the road. Truck drivers were really professional drivers 20 years ago. Now that almost all trucks are automatic transmissions, every idiot drives them. And if you didn't notice, even most truck drivers on the road are now idiots you can't be safe in traffic with.

The reason for this is the same reason why all "self-driving" features that vehicles have today have allowed stupid people to believe that they are not responsible; They assume that they can blame an accident that "this sensor has not triggered".

"My automatic braking was not activated."

"The cruise control didn't work properly, so I left it behind. I was on my phone. That's why mom and her three children are dead. My car's computer has broken down."

Eff these excuses. The driver is responsible.

2. Many manufacturers of all vehicles since 2016 even hesitate to offer a manual transmission option because people suck at it, don't know what they're doing, and newer generations are lazy and just want to get out and press buttons and pedals and treat driving like one video game.

* Very terrible in my opinion. I support the idea that ALL vehicles should be manuals without power steering or other supporting "devices" like today's vehicles have. Newer vehicles make the streets much less safe than they can be because they allow thoughtless, careless, selfish, ignorant (lack of knowledge; people who have no idea how to drive) to take control of a £ 3,000 death weapon gain.

Cars shouldn't drive themselves. The driver should drive it. The reason "manuals are more dangerous" is not the actual mechanics and design of the vehicle. This is because of the (idiotic and ignorant or lazy and selfish) people who drive them.

Because of laziness and ignorance (how the word "ignorant" is defined: lack of skills or knowledge, laziness), technology has made people not only manual transmissions, but also many other things less common and more dangerous.

A person who actually knows how to drive a manual transmission does not have to focus on the clutch pedal and shifting. It is natural for them.

8 – How do I empty the car?

Are you sure you want to empty the shopping cart? Or do you just want to limit the quantity of a product to one product?

I had a similar situation recently. I have added a hook_form_alter to hide the set so that it cannot be changed easily. There is no specific FORM_ID that you can use for an add-to-cart form because a hash is added to them. So it looks like this:

function my_module_form_alter(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, string $form_id){
  if (strpos($form_id, 'commerce_order_item_add_to_cart_form_') === 0) {
    ... plus any other logic specific to your use case

    _my_module_specific_add_to_cart_form_alter($form, $form_state, $form_id);

function _my_module_specific_add_to_cart_form_alter(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, string $form_id){
  // Doesn't make sense to buy more than one, so hide it.
  $form('quantity')('#type') = 'hidden';

  ... plus any additional changes, e.g., I have this:
  // There's only one variation, so hide it. (
  $form('purchased_entity')('#type') = 'hidden';