Street Racer Pro: 3D Car Racing Game

Fasten your seatbelt and enter a world of pro driver street racing in one of the most realistic and exciting car racing games.

Feel The Thrill!

Welcome to the world of wild & exciting endless street racing. The best traffic car racing simulator of 2020. Let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you dodge traffic, accelerate on high speeds and attempt to lead in front of the bully drivers. Overtake every car you see in the street while passing by.

Realistic Racing Experience

The new 3D highway traffic racing game is designed to offers you lifelike car racing experience. Enjoy the beautiful landscape during the journey through a clumsy city or empty desert or hill forest! Collect Surprising boosters on the go which can gain the highest speed or disable the gas paddle.

No Rules!!

There are no rules of racing in this wild street and that is where the fun begins. Try to stay away from the bully AI cars which will always intend to hit you from behind or sideways. Take the challenge from bullying drivers, select the car that suits your personality & be the street racer pro.

How to play Street Racer Pro

• Download and launch the game.
• Pick a car and tap on the start button to start highway traffic racing.
• Swipe to change lane to dodge traffic and increase speed to overtake bully drivers.
• Become a pro driver and collect speed boosters from road.
• Collect and spend coins to unlock new vehicles.

Download at Playstore Now;…streetracerpro


dnd 5e – Car Chase sequence in modern 5E?

I’ve done a few vehicle sequences in our campaign so far, where I drop my party into a situation that requires one of them to pilot a vehicle and react to environmental challenges thrown at him as a result of his piloting abilities.
I’ve used Dex checks to accomodate overcoming this, but I’m curious if anyones aware of an established or widely used methodology that I can adopt to make this more challenging/interesting?
The meat of the next session is going to involve a high-speed pursuit through the avenues of a city in lockdown, and I want the party to feel like they’re doing more than just on rails.

To summarise;

  • Is there an established approach to handling vehicle handling/chases?
  • Should I give my passengers any specific advantages or disadvantages if they attempt to attack pursuing vehicles?
  • How should I measure the length of the chase? (I was thinking I’ll throw 10 to 20 ‘milestone’ challenges at the pilot, and if he succeeds, they reach intact, if not, the pursuit comes to an end)


What’s a fair way to share fees in a group road trip with a personal and a rental car?

I’m planning vacations with a group of friends (12 people), and it involves a ~1200km return trip by car. Only one of us owns a suitable car (4 pax), so we’ve rented a minivan to transport the other 8, and we’re debating on how best to share the costs.

Normally, if none of the cars were rentals, each car owner would just divide the price of fuel and tolls over their passengers, themselves included.

Logically, we could do the same with the rental fees. But as a passenger who could either be in the personal car or in the rented minivan, their share of the cost will be vastly different depending on which car they end up in, for the same trip. That would be unfair to the passengers of the rental car.

We could also share the sum of all fees of both cars across all of us. But that would be unfair to the car owner, who ends up paying a higher trip cost than if it were just his car and passengers sharing the cost, despite owning a car and enduring the associated hassles and yearly expenses.

If we calculate it that way, we need to include the full, actual cost to him of using his car for the trip, including maintenance, amortization, and insurance.

What would be the best way to share these costs?

driving – Can I own a German car, when residing in the Netherlands while being from Poland

Firstly, could I buy a car in Poland, pay Polish insurance, and Polish road tax while living in the Netherlands?

No. You can buy the car in Poland, you will need some insurance to drive it to the Nederlands, but you will have to register it again in the Netherlands.

The issue of the insurance may be more tricky, I do know of some people in Spain using an UK insurer but I do not know if it would be appliable to any EU insurer, or just for some of them that do offer this service.

And of course, maybe the Polish insurers may object to covering you if you reside at the Netherlands (with presumibly more expensive garage shops); check the insurance policy.

If so, how long could I do this before having to drive it back now and then.

It does not work like “visa runs”. The “counter” does not reset just because you move the vehicle out of the Netherlands. It is your status as resident what matters.

On the other hand, can I do this with a car from any EU country?

The same rules apply for any EU car.

The EU common markets leaves outside some excise taxes (as it does for tobacco and alcohol duties) that are to be paid to each country. If you become a resident of the Netherlands, you can bring your car but that will be an import; you will have to register the vehicle in the Netherlands and pay whatever taxes the Dutch government decides to apply.

This pdf explains that you qualify as a Dutch resident if you have lived there for more than 4 months during the last 6 months. At that time, you no longer are a visitor and you must register your car.

You can read more here:

charging – Why does my phone burn out USB cables when plugging them into my car?

I have an Oppo A73 phone, and over the last week it has started burning out USB cables (puff of smoke, cable no longer charges) when plugging it into my car (2015 Suburu Outback).

It had never done this previously, but I’ve lost 3 cables to it now. If the phone is plugged in before I turn on the car, it’s fine, but if there’s power in the cable when plugging it in… zap!

I’m assuming it’s short circuiting against the phone’s jack, but I don’t know how to stop it happening. How do I stop it doing this? (And if you can suggest why it has suddenly started, that would be awesome too).

car rentals – Where in France can I rent a Citroen 2CV car?

I have driven a 2CV (belonging to a co-worker in the UK), and while they are a lot more fun than driving a “muscle car” unless you are on a race track, you certainly don’t want to consider two weeks touring in one. For example the practical top speed is only about 40 mph on the flat, and the 0-40 acceleration time is at least 30 seconds. The brakes are almost (but not quite) as fast acting as the acceleration – except when it is raining, in which case “braking” tends to be a philosophical concept, not a practical one.

They are OK to drive in urban traffic so long as you keep away from fast roads and junctions where you need good acceleration to merge into other busy traffic, but they don’t play nice with other road users in normal traffic conditions on non-urban roads.

On the other hand, the amount of body roll you can get while cornering at 15 or 20 mph is a unique experience…

The controls are totally different to any other car you will have driven, as well. For example here’s how to change gear – note, the gear lever sticks out horizontally from the dashboard, not vertically from the floor!

Hiring one for a day or half a day would be fun, with or without a chauffeur, but not for longer IMO.

But they do have some unique selling points. I once helped use one to transport an eight foot tall potted plant between two houses about 20 miles apart. After checking for any low bridges en route, this was no problem at all. Just roll back the canvas roof from the 2CV, take out the passenger side front seat, put the plant pot in the foot well, and have someone sitting in the rear seat to keep hold of the plant and stop it falling over. Simples!

Cash for Cars Caboolture | Essay Car Removal

Cash for cars have come an extended way since their inception. they’re not about service providers who are willing to shop for your vehicle regardless of the condition. they’re more about offering solutions to the age-old problem of selling cars that became defunct and useless. There are still many car owners who are cursed with vehicles that are nothing quite scraps. However, as they need emotional attachment to the vehicle, they’re unable to sell it off as scraps. If you’re one among them, then the cash for cars Sunshine Coast is right for you.

There is no got to sell your car as scrap anymore. The cash for cars Sunshine Coast are legit buyers who will purchase the vehicle from you too at an honest rate. Once you sell your vehicle as scraps, you hardly get an honest amount but once you sell your vehicle as a second user one, you finish up fetching an honest amount which is what the cash for car service provider does together with your vehicle. regardless of what the condition of your car, they’re willing to shop for it off as a second user vehicle. there’s an enormous difference between the 2 – the market price changes automatically.
We urge all car owners who are getting to sell their vehicle; they ought to contact the cash for cars Sunshine Coast. It’s simple , hassle free and smooth thanks to sell an old car. nobody goes to ask you any question regarding why you’re selling the car, why the condition of your car is so poor then on. They cash for vehicles Sunshine Coast service providers aren’t bothered about the whys and how’s. they’re going to buy the car within the exact condition. there’s no need for you to repair the vehicle or catch on repainting which successively means you are not spending any extra penny on your vehicle simply because you would like to sell it off.

The cash for vehicles service provider’s function on immediate action. they’re going to come to gather the car within 24 hours of being contacted. If you contact them today then you’ll expect them to go to your home within the subsequent two days. they’re going to bring their own towing truck to gather the car. you do not need to bother about the way to handover the vehicle also . What makes the cash for cars Sunshine Coast service providers popular is the incontrovertible fact that they provide end-to-end solutions, which you’ll never find with the other vehicle buyer. Whether it’s a dealer who is exchanging your old car for a replacement one or a private buying your old car, nobody will come to collect it from your home . you’ve got to form sure that the car is handed over to them. And in most cases you’ll get a check. This suggests you’ll need to await the payment to urge clear. But not so with the cash for cars Sunshine Coast service providers.

This contribution has been made by Lachlan Ruth who has written a variety of articles on cash for car Caboolture and provides fruitful information.


legal – What happens if police stops me when driving a rental car and I’m not the authorized driver (US-FL)?

You could possibly be charged with driving a vehicle without the owners consent, but more importantly if you are not a valid driver then you are driving without insurance.

Driving without insurance is illegal in Florida.

You should also be aware that the insurance you don’t have doesn’t just protect you against damaging the car. In the US, if you seriously injure someone in an accident they can and will come after you for their medical bills, which can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is what your insurance covers you against (amongst other things). Unless you can afford to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, don’t drive without insurance.

Further reading: