What is the maximum time a user can pay attention to the controls in a car and not the road?

0 nanoseconds. There is always a risk that your attention will be distracted from the outside world when you are driving a vehicle.

From a consumer's perspective:

Give me physical control over the basic tasks. I always want basic navigation buttons right on the steering wheel to control navigation via screens, volume and search, etc. I want dedicated buttons for auto settings like cruise control, speed limiters that have to be set and reset frequently. I want a physical climate control that allows me to adjust the temperature and activate the heated windshield and fan settings by feeling alone, especially when the screen fogs up while driving.

Give me voice control for less frequently used tasks or tasks that require more configuration. When I have to call someone or set a destination on the navigation system, I don't want to romp around with touchscreens while I'm driving, and I prefer not to have to drive past every time.

Give me options that can be controlled with a selection wheel (like in BMW, Mercedes, etc.) or with direction buttons on the steering wheel so I don't have to try to tap a button on a screen while the car is driving around. I find this a terrible experience because it takes a lot of concentration to hit small touch targets while trying to stabilize your hand with the movement of the vehicle.

Most functions should be easy to control with both hands on the steering wheel and, if possible, with minimal focus to look at a display so that a head-up display or a display in the instrument cluster helps a lot.

I believe that touch input should only be used as a backup. If the speech recognition fails and a user has to enter their inputs manually, they can use an on-screen keyboard. If they are paused and want to navigate directly to something on the screen or quickly scroll through a list, they can use touches instead of moving the cursor with the buttons. Use touch to improve the experience and do not replace other input methods.

7 – D7 trade; How can you update your customers' car prices and add discounts? Then let them check out?

I use Drupal 7 Commerce and Commerce Discount among others.

So the use case is this. We often receive inquiries for large orders with many products. We want our customers to go to the website and put what they want in their shopping cart. As an administrator, I would like to open this unpaid shopping cart, edit the product prices and grant a fixed price discount. When the customer updates their shopping cart, our changes will appear and payment will continue. Is that possible? Am I missing something obvious?

I can currently process an order that is in the shopping cart, but when the customer updates their cart, the order will revert to my previous changes. I cannot edit product prices until the order is completed. As soon as I have the status "Completed" I can optimize the product prices and add the discount.

In order for the "fixed price discount" function to work, I had to switch from the "Line item manager" widget to "References to multiple inline entities". This is for the line item field for orders. Before that, I could not use the fixed price discount feature at all.

Any help would be appreciated. I have to do the wrong searches or something.

What are the mandatory car rental fees in Mexico?

I booked an Avis car in Cabo that looked suspiciously cheap for 3 days at $ 41:

Enter image description here

If you're looking for information online, this appears to be a common bait-and-switch scheme where you get a low price online but need to take out additional insurance later:

Just like in the United States, car rental insurance in Mexico is mainly divided into two types of insurance coverage: collision damage and liability. Mexico, however, has a compulsory insurance policy that turns falling cover into a potential minefield. The cheap Mexican car rental prices don't include insurance that can triple rental costs.

If you don't have liability insurance coverage, you can opt for a liability insurance plan for $ 15 a day. This insurance covers claims for injury or damage caused to another driver, car, or other object damaged in an accident. This daily rate for liability insurance often corresponds to the weekly price for the car.

However, this is $ 15 / day for Alamo and I can't find anything about it on the Avis website. I am also concerned that there may be additional hidden fees for car rentals in Mexico. How much can I really expect for a $ 14 / day rental?

Rent a car

QUOTE (Gutman @ December 30th, 2019, 3:32 pm) *

Where can I rent a car?

I rarely leave reviews, but this is a special case. Renting a Kia Rio for $ 24 a day is more than satisfactory for me. He inspired me. It drives along the highway and the car drives quietly and quietly. If you don't rent a car for the radio in Dubai, you can fall asleep from this comfort. I don't think I found a cheaper car anywhere, I like the company car. I already told myself on vacation that I would book this car.

Buying a car in Europe while you are not in Holland is possible

I would like to highlight the opportunity to BUY and then OWN a car for your European road trip as this is a perfect alternative to renting or leasing. Google for "Backpackercars" and "Europe" and you will find them in Holland. They give you a temporary number plate that is registered in your name, and since you pay the insurance and vehicle tax in advance, you don't need an address in the EU. After use, you can sell it anywhere in the EU as the Union is actually a large tax area. Have fun driving …

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Is there an elevator between the first floor (car rental) and the second floor (departure area) of Asuncion Airport (Silvio Pettirossi Airport, ASU)?

Is there an elevator between the first floor (car rental) and the second floor (departure area) of Asuncion Airport (Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, ASU)?

I couldn't find an airport map at https://www.asuncion-airport.com

Is there a store in Santiago, Chile that rents cars on the evening of December 25, apart from the car rental companies at SCL airport?

I had booked a car at Santiago International Airport (SCL) with Budget, but they actually had no car for me when I arrived. None of the car rental companies at SCL Airport have an available car.

Is there a store in Santiago, Chile that rents cars on the evening of December 25, apart from the car rental companies at SCL airport?