usability – In mobile, a card with button or complete card clickable will be more useful from engagement point of view?

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usa – When I enter the US, should I show my old or new passport to the US immigration? Or does the US immigration only look at my US green card?

I am a French citizen domiciled in California and with US permanent residency (US green card). I exited the US using my French passport, and and got a new French passport when outside the US (because the old French passport’s condition wasn’t satisfying some airline’s employee, not because of it had expired and were about to).

When I enter the US (by plane), should I show my old or new passport to the US immigration? Or does the US immigration only look at my US green card? Note that my stay outside the US may be between 6 months and 1 year, in case this changes what the US immigration will look at.

Why will memtest86 USB SD Card Reader not boot?

Steps taken:

  1. Installed (from

  2. Ran imageUSB.exe from inside that archive.

  3. Created memtest86 bootable image onto 2GB microSD card via microSD card reader USB stick plugged into a USB port.

  4. Set boot order to boot from USB first.

  5. Rebooted.

  6. Instead of booting to memtest86, system (Windows 7 device with BIOS (UEFI-CSM)) booted into Windows 7.

  7. Turned off system.

  8. Turned on system, and held down function key to select boot device.

  9. Selected USB.

  10. Result was same as #6.

  11. Used Rufus to create memtest86 bootable microSD card.

  12. Tried steps 4-9 again, and result still same as #6.

What am I doing wrong to get memtest86 to work?

ios – iPhone is unable to import photo on SD card that are copied from macOS

I have copied a bunch of photo files (jpg) from a macOS to a SD card.

enter image description here

Here is the details of the SD card as seen in Disk Utility

enter image description here

However when I insert this card to a SD card reader connected to an iOS device, the Photo app shows ‘No Photos to import’.

enter image description here

If the SD card is directly taken out from a mirrorless camera, I can use the SD card to import the photos in it with no issue.

So why this happens, and how can I fix this? I want to be able to import some photo via my iOS device.

sim card – How to call and SMS from Android smarphone with SIM via internet remotly?

I want to use my phone number when traveling abroad and there is no possibility to setup roaming, etc. So the idea is: I have Android smartphone. I have my SIM inserted in the phone. The phone works as usual phone – it is turned on and connected to charger. I need software that is capable to answer for incoming phone calls and relay the call via internet to some other phone or PC with corresponding software that runs on it. That is when somebody calls me, my phone that is turned on in my home answers to call, transfer the call/voice via internet to another country where I obtain some signal to my second phone or PC and can have a conversation. I have VOIP phone number but this doesn’t solve the issue – I need exactly the phone number bound to my physical SIM – some services verify that number is virtual and do not work with such numbers. Could you please suggest Android application that solve the issue.

networking – A good PCI Express Card WiFi and Bluetooth for Dell 9020 SFF that will work on Ubuntu 20.04

What is a good PCI Express Card WiFi and Bluetooth (optional) for Dell 9020 SFF that will work on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

I have the USB Dongle and having to use workarounds to make it work:

I’m not wanting to deal with this and just use a card link this:

Does anyone know of a good PCI Express Card with both WiFi and Bluetooth (optional) that works with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

Best bank card for a copywriter

Hey there! I have been working in copywriting for several years and I found a good option to get payment. That's Blackcatcard. The issue is that i live outside Europe and my clients sometimes have doubts about sending money to my local account. So I opened an european account for free, the card was sent to my address for free as well. I can use the card in any shop and withdraw cash at any ATM with a 2% fee (min 1,5 euro) wherever Mastercard is accepted. For Europeans the conditions are more…

Best bank card for a copywriter