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i found the owner of here and i gave the chance to get a server from him, the dowtime and laggines was so long he was making more than 1 day to answer and his online chat never worked, this guy is literally a big scamer and one man show person! Stay away from his hosting and if you did have his service likely you will see all your files on the web like i did, he will DDoS you since he is involved into this activity, he is the owner of and if you have traffic he will ask you to get in touch with him and if you deny he will ddos you. If you got ddosed too or threatened by him please write here in public, since my files and all was leaked i have made criminal charges to him and he will say you was hosting something illegal, he is not even dmca ignored and not professional stay away!


equipment recommendation – What should I be careful about while buying used mirrorless camera and lenses?

I am interested in purchasing a new mirrorless camera. I am new to photography but am quite interested in pursuing it. I have used a super-zoom for a while on priority modes and occasionally on manual mode, so I have some basic understanding of the workings of a camera.

I am confused whether I should purchase a new camera and lens or a used one. While I think that I should get a used one for first few years while I learn and invest in (or save money for) good lenses in the meantime, I am worried that I don’t know what to look for while purchasing used cameras to avoid being cheated. Especially, when I am purchasing them online as opposed to in store. I have the same concern with the lenses. Since I didn’t find a nice guide for new buyers I hope that this question also motivates people to answer in a fashion that might be helpful for others in future.

Coming to some personal choices: my budget is about $1000 with body and lens but I am a little flexible. Right now, I have options for purchasing Fuji X-T2 (fairly used $500), X-T3 (claimed to be like new $980) and X-H1 (claimed to be new $870) all used on a website in Switzerland (I believe I can negotiate the prices). Since I plan to shoot landscapes I am giving importance to weather sealing and not considering X-T#0 series. I also have the option to purchase Fujinon 16-55mm 2.8 R LM WR (claimed to be like new for $880) or XF 18-55mm (fairly used for $400, sold along with X-T2 with a myriad of other lenses that I am not interested in).

I could just get a new X-T3 with XF 18-55mm for slightly more cost too but I am tempted by X-T2 as a beginner since it is considerably cheaper especially if I am able to negotiate the price further. Any help on what I should look for when going to have a look at the camera will be greatly appreciated.

Be careful about HYIPs ๐Ÿ’นโš ๏ธ | Proxies-free

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BTC breaks strong resistance at 10,400. Be very careful. | Proxies-free

That’s right, it has kept accumulating in the 10,800 range, therefore it is expected that it can easily break that resistance and go to the next resistance.
For traders it is an excellent day, for those of us who accumulate cryptocurrencies, much better, hahahaha.
Anyone who is afraid that this rise may bring a pullback and therefore lose money, can freeze in USDT.

Be careful with basic – discussions & help

If you are a trader looking for a technical analysis, you just have to be careful on big financial occasions. The essentials are the drivers of the market and every trader should know the basics of trading while the money transactions are taking place. Fundraisers are critical to trading and understanding how financial events reliably drive the market. I am currently in the process of trading with the XeroMarkets broker where he provides me with a financial schedule and adequate day-to-day analysis to support the trading analysis. It also offers leverage of up to 1: 500.

Sharepoint Enterprise – be careful. This workbook contains one or more queries that may be unsafe

Technically, this is not a SharePoint question, but an Excel question.
Here's a solution.

Create a Visual Basic module called Workbook_Open ()

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

'Refresh the data link to Sharepoint List View

End Sub

Save the workbook as an Excel Macro-Enable Workbook. This is done when you open the file.