postgresql – Postgres Case-Insensitive search for Jsonb column tag keys

I have a requirement to obtain the rows which match given tags key and value case-insensitively.

Here: Key search should be case insensitive and values may be String or Array of String.

Right Now, I am using following Query :

Database : Postgres

select * from my_table_name where jsonb_contains(lower(to_jsonb(jsonb_extract_path(tags,'key1'))::TEXT)::jsonb, to_jsonb('"value1"'::jsonb))

But it is searching key as case sensitive manner.

For Example:
above query should return all records having key is (key1,Key1,KEY1) and value is ‘Value1’
Can some one help me on this?

macos – Case-insensitive view over a case-sensitive file system?

Steam for macos doesn’t work on a case-sensitive file system. A common solution is to create a dedicated virtual image and mount it as a volume.

However, because my such image is running out of space, I was wondering if some mean exists (eg, based on FUSE) to mount a volume on top of an existing one, to expose a case-insensitive view of the large HD partition I normally use for everything.

Google Ngram is case-insensitive – Stack Exchange web applications

In simple cases, Google Ngram is not case sensitive

Enter the image description here

others don't

Enter the image description here

Obviously, Google Ngram distinguishes different cases of types, adverbs and adverbs, which is NOT what I need.

I don't care about upper or lower case, so I activated the option "Don't case sensitive".

Could someone please give a hint? Thank you in advance.