c++ – how do i make simple cashier program

i want to make simple cashier program
i understand it mathematically also drawing the algorithm. but have no knowledge of programming at all..
if i deposit

5 of IDR 20

5 of IDR 10

5 of IDR 5

10 of IDR 2

1st transaction was someone buying IDR 98 using IDR 100, i want the program where i input

sales : IDR 98

money received : IDR 100

then the program will show

change : IDR 2

also the program make the deposit of 10 of IDR 2 become 9 of IDR 2 automatically.
then show

the total sales : IDR 98

and when the 2nd transaction happen, the amount accumulate accordingly.
where do I start? with excel is ok, with python or c++ or java are also ok.

Cashier Scanning Algorithm Problem – Computer Science Stack Exchange

I came across a problem about a cashier scanning goods that I’m stuck on. I paraphrase the question below.

A cashier only has x time to scan a person’s goods. The goods come 1
item per time step in a conveyor belt. In one time step, the cashier
can either scan an item or bag the item (so when bagging, the cashier
misses the item on the conveyor belt for that time step). The place to
hold scanned, unbagged goods has a max capacity of c, where each
good takes 1 unit space. However, once the cashier starts to bag
scanned items, the cashier must bag all unbagged scanned items. The
cashier also wants to ensure he makes the most money possible. How
would the cashier go about choosing the goods such that he maximizes
the amount of money the buyer spends. What is the maximum amount of
money the cashier can make?

This seems to be a modification of the 0-1 knapsack problem, where the max capacity c is the max capacity of the knapsack, the price of the item is its value in the knapsack, and all items have a 1 unit space. I am, however, confused about how I would incorporate the “conveyor belt” of missing items and the moving of items out of c into the algorithm. I imagine this could still be run in $O(nc)$ time. How would I go about modifying the 0-1 knapsack problem for this?

Log in to the cashier in the pop-up window, even if the user is logged in

I have this problem with Magento 2.3.0.
When the user logs in to his account and places products in the cart. You either click on "Continue to checkout" in the shopping cart page and the "Login / Registration" pop-up menu is displayed. The user is already logged in. I have disabled all my modules and tried different designs.

Enter the image description here

magento 1.9 – Only allow the cashier if a minimum order quantity for certain products is reached

I have configurable products where users can choose different colors. There are many RAL colors that the user can select. These colors have RAL in their name so that they can be easily identified, eg. White (RAL 9016)

However, users are only allowed to order a product with RAL color if the total value of all products for which they select a RAL color is> = 200.
Even if he already has other products with a higher total of 200.

If he goes to his shopping cart and presses the "Checkout" button, even though he has RAL products in his shopping cart and the value is below 200, a warning should be displayed.

For example, the warning should read: "The total value of your RAL products is $ 180. You need at least $ 200 worth of RAL products to continue. Would you like to pay the additional $ 20 and continue?"

Therefore, the user should be asked if he wants to pay the difference of his total RAL product sum to 200 € (in this example, that would be 20 €). If he clicks Yes, 20 € should be added to the total and he can checkout and order.

I hope someone can help me to solve this problem or give me tips.

magento2 – M2 Add text to the country of the cashier address

If the user selects USA, I would like to display a message under the country's drop-down list.

So far I have created the file Magento_Checkout / web / js / model / shipping-rates-validator.js and in postcode Validation () creates a text alert as a test.

What's the best way to add an item that I can display below the form if USA is selected? I thought I could just add a template file with XML, but looking through the documentation, I can only see how fields are added.

Can I just use step 4 from here, load an HTML file instead? I tried, but it did not work

magento2 – Magento 2: details in the cashier, formatted with HTML tags

For the description of an article I use HTML code.
Unfortunately, the HTML code in the shopping cart is not written as HTML formatted – it is written with the HTML tags:

"This is an article.

The element is rendered with the following command in "details.html".

data-bind = "html: full_view"

I want to show it like this:

This is an article.

Does anyone know how to do that? Many thanks!