MacOS Catalina: shortcut to the Documents folder after rebooting

My goal is to save my documents in Google Docs and sync them automatically via File Stream. In previous versions of MacOS, I was able to link the Documents folder to the Google Documents volume.

Folder ~ / With / Volumes / GoogleDrive / My Drive / Documents Linked Documents / with:

sudo rm -rf ~/Documents #note this an empty directory
sudo ln -s /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/Documents ~

This works fine until I reboot and the link is replaced by a folder.

itunes – Why are "Music Videos" and "TV & Movies" displayed as library options in the Apple Music App in macOS Catalina?

I find that strange: I understand that Apple has outdated and discontinued iTunes in macOS Catalina, and the logic of managing everything with a single app – music, apps, videos, podcasts, books, and so on – has become a confusing thing.

That's why I was confused when I discovered that the Apple Music app – which is supposed to be music – has library menu options for "music videos" and "TV & Movies". Screenshot below:

The sidebar of the music library in macOS Music.

If you check in the Apple TV equivalent, there are some other hidden elements – like "rental" and "home videos" – but they do not seem out of place:

The sidebar of the Apple TV library.

What the hell are the library options "Music Videos" and "TV & Movies"? Are you just coding bugs / leftovers from Apple developers who are dealing with the issue of splitting the iTunes library? Or do they serve a real purpose? Because I assure you that all my videos are accessible in my Apple TV setup without any problems.

macos – Replacement for Supercard in Catalina?

I've been a hypercard fan for a long time. When Apple mysteriously dropped it, I continued to run my Hypercard stack with Supercard. Unfortunately, Supercard is not 64-bit compatible (and it's not expected to happen soon) and therefore can not run on MacOS Catalina.
Many of my hypercard stacks are really just fancy address books, and I could export them to Apple's Contacts app.

However, I have a more complex stack that really is like a small customer database …

My question is: are there any free or simple (but good) apps that you would recommend for this purpose: one card per person, common email and contact information, and then what version of software you use, and the like. Simple database or even easier than that might be enough. All suggestions appreciated.

catalina – Sidecar does not work with Ipad Pro 2018, Macbook Pro 2016

It works only if I use a wired connection, but not over Wi-Fi.

My Macbook Pro 2016 does not recognize my 5 cm remote iPad.
Both devices are in the same WiFi network and both have Bluetooth enabled. Both devices are signed in to iCloud with the same AppleID. Both devices have two-factor authentication enabled.

Why can not I connect wirelessly?

Hide the brightness and volume fades / pop-over in macOS Catalina

I just updated on Catalina.

So far, I've hidden the overlays for brightness and volume as described here:

Move or hide the brightness / volume pop-ups in the high Sierra

But that does not work in Catalina:

$ csrutil status
System Integrity Protection status: disabled.
$ sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ Disabled -bool YES
2019-10-09 18:08:46.109 defaults[6792:141312] Could not write domain /System/Library/LaunchAgents/; exiting
$ sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ Disabled -bool YES
2019-10-09 18:09:06.500 defaults[6824:141922] Could not write domain /System/Library/LaunchAgents/; exiting

What is the solution for the new operating system?

terminal – suppression of zsh-verbose messages in macOS Catalina

I know that Catalina uses zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell. However, it is very annoying when I open or start a command /bin/bashIt shows a detailed message as below

$ /bin/bash
The default interactive shell is now zsh.
To update your account to use zsh, please run `chsh -s /bin/zsh`.
For more details, please visit

mac os x – Does Mathematica 11 work with MacOS Catalina 10.15?

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macos – After the update, Mojove's question mark folder flashes on Catalina

I used Mac OS Mojove in mid-2014 MBP before the update. During the installation I had to restart. After the restart Nightmare was started.
The blinking question mark folder appeared on my screen.

I tried,
Reset SCM and nvram
(For all combinations, these can be found on the Internet and Apple Support pages.)
Access to local and network recovery (with all keyboard shortcuts)
Access to Time Machine Restore (with all keyboard shortcuts)
Mojove Installation USB Stick (this USB works, we have tried other Macs)
External hard drive with pre-installed mojove (the external operating system works fine, we run other Macs)
Disconnect the battery from the power supply (black reset)

Any suggestions?