magento 1.9 – Catalog search database issues – Clean up unused data

We have recently encountered a problem on our Magento site because we believe that the search function of our site was overloaded by security or SPAM attacks that overcrowded useless data in our database mage_catalogsearch.

The following is the data for the following tables in phpMyAdmin:

phpMyAdmin (database teamss5_mage1)

mage_catalogsearch_query 1,782,506 InnoDB utf8_general_ci 215.5 MiB
mage_catalogsearch_result 700.538 InnoDB utf8_general_ci 47.6 MiB

You can see that these lines store a considerable amount of data. We try to keep the size of our database as small as possible to ensure optimal site performance.

When logging in to the Magento administrator, we also notice that when navigating to "Catalog> Search terms" there is 89.126 Pages and total 1,782,506 Records found. That seems to be an incredibly large amount of data.

Does anyone have any idea what this might have caused and how we can clean up these pages and records so we can streamline our Magento site? Is it possible to trim or delete these records without compromising our site and causing it to crash? And if so how?

Please tell us how to fix this. We thank you for any support!

You can also see the following screenshots with image links to better understand the problem:

Air travel – Is it impolite to ask for a catalog without intending to buy it?

Sometimes, when I do short 1-hour flights, I usually just look at the start, have a drink, read the on-board catalog (only for the sake of interest) and look at the landing.

For some airlines, for example Ryanair, you have to ask for the catalog.

Is it rude if I do not intend to buy an item?

Do these flights usually have some catalogs, as I do not want to deprive those interested in buying them?

How do I install the List View command-set extension in a site collection after deploying it with CSOM in an App Catalog?

I've created a Listview command extension with SPFX and added it to the App Catalog. Now I want to install this extension only for certain sites. I tried to add it as a custom action, but it does not work. Any help would be appreciated.

GUI design – correct position to insert the search bar into the article catalog

You want to do what is probably most intuitive for your users. Anyone who answers here will not know the larger context of how this site / page works, so we need to make some assumptions.

I have a sample size of one, but the first place I would intuitively search for a search is the top right corner, as opposed to "Choose your functions." After that, I would look into the filter / dropdown area.

If I have to go in this area, I think I would put it in person on the right half of this section. If it is in the left half, near this filter, it could confuse the users – they might think that the filter and the search work together.

This is known, for example, to the users – this tells me that I am searching in "books".

Example of a filtered search interface from Amazon

And if this is not the functionality you provide …

Speaking of filters: This drop-down list should be clearly marked. I would not know what "All" should be without clicking on it.

Maybe something like that.

example changes

(I would also suggest that you darken these light shades of gray to get a good result – they seem to be very low in contrast. You can test this with a Contrast Checker.)

I hope that's helpful!

Problem with the product collection Flat catalog table in Magento 1.9

I have a problem with the Magento product collection because I have some additional product attributes and use the general method of getting the product collection, such as: B.: Mage :: getModel (& # 39; catalog / product & # 39;) -> getCollection (); in one of my functions. Select an attribute with & # 39; * & # 39; that contains all the attributes.

Another thing the Flat Catalog product is set to Yes. Everything works fine when I print the query with getSelect (). This shows that all data comes from the catalog_product_flat_1 Table.

But if I work with Ajax in the same way (function) in my other controller, the query does not get data from a flat table. It displays EAV tables with joins and shows me errors like:
ERROR 1054: Unknown column 'capacity' in 'field list'

Why this problem with Ajax? Any suggestions?

magento2 – Magento 2 custom module for displaying the product list with sorting and pagination as in the standard catalog

I have a database table of product SKUs updated by a third-party API service. I need to create a custom module to display these products on a custom route with pagination, sorting, page size, and so on. Magento displays the catalog product list by default. Please let me help you, how do I create a list of products that Magento displays by default on the catalog page?

Thank you in advance.

Magento 1.9.x Custom attribute list on the catalog / product list page

Good morning everyone

I am definitely not a programmer, I have trouble programming a TV recording.

but …. I have to see a list of attributes in the short description of the magento 1.9 product list

I've created a custom attribute that contains several variables that can be selected at one time
Attribute Title: Ingredients
Values ​​attrivuto, salt, oil, pepper etc. etc.

This attribute is enabled to be visible in the frontend

After some research and various copy / paste attempts, I came to this conclusion

I intentionally used two different "get" that yield two different results

In the file list.html, I entered the following code within the div class = "desc std":


getResource () -> getAttribute (& # 39; MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_1 & # 39;) -> getStoreLabel ()?>: getAttributeText (& # 39; MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_1 & # 39;)?>

If it were just "salt," Magento would return "salt" correctly.
but in this case there are more selected variables and magento returns the word "Array" after the title
instead of writing "salt, pepper, oil etc etc"


getResource () -> getAttribute (& # 39; MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_2 & # 39;) -> getStoreLabel ()?>: getData (& # 39; MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_2 & # 39;)?>

In this case, magento is instead of "salt, pepper, oil, etc." the ID "1,2,3 etc." back.

Sorry I used Google Translate

How can I solve this?
Can you help me?
Many Thanks

Vendor hosted app – Error deploying the .sppkg file in SharePoint App Catalog

I've been following this tutorial and having trouble deploying the app catalog app in my Office 365 SP online tenant.

I've decided to start all over again, but this time I did not add the extra features the tutorial goes through. I kept it simple and tried to deploy the base app that is generated when running yo @ microsoft / sharepoint in PowerShell (surely this would just work as it is).

I run Swig package solution and upload the .sppkg file to my App Catalog. SP asks me if I trust the app. I say "yes" and click "deploy." I then get the following error in the "App Package Error Message" column.

Provision failed. Correlation ID: 0382f19e-3074-0000-a490-b4c1f2311f84

Any help would be appreciated!

Wet transfer link to the .sppkg file: