javascript – How do I catch the escape key?

I want to activate a check box when escaping.

I added my JQuery trigger

function ($, Drupal) {

'use strict';

Drupal.behaviors.allmacwelding = {
attach: function (context, settings) {
  jQuery(document).keypress(function(e) {
    if(e.key === "Escape") {


}) (jQuery, Drupal);

What does not work, so I would like to know how to attach a keystroke trap. I can see the code in the page sources, it will load.

Architecture – How do I call an unreliable API over the network? CompletableFutures vs. try catch block in Runnable Vs.

Any API that goes to a server is unreliable. For such an API, you'd expect to see an error either very soon after a call (usually due to a programming error), a correct response soon after the call, but occasionally with some delay, a similar-speed response or n indicating that no useful response is received, often with considerable delay. Whether your server times out or notifies that one of its servers has reported a time-out can usually be treated the same.

It is unusual for you to have to inform the server about an error. Think carefully if this is really necessary.

Then talk to the server developers about how the server will respond, if it crashes, restarts, or is under pressure and can not keep up with demands. You do not want to aggravate such a situation.

I would try to find a good strategy to repeat requests, cancel them, and possibly restart them based on a user request. Which technology you use is secondary.

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Lock catch

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Monster – How many actions does a zombie shoemaker take to catch someone?

This is a Pathfinder Second Edition issue.

I find the presentation of the rules in the Bestiary somewhat confusing, so I want to make sure that I make that clear.

Zombie Shambler (Bestiary p. 340)

close combat (One-Action) fist +7, damage 1W6 + 3 billets plus grab

So far, so good. When I read this line, I expect that Grab is a free effect they get when they hit. If it was said grabbedI would expect the condition taken to be imposed, but it does not.

When we look up Grab (Bestiary p. 343) we find

To grab (One-Action) requirement The monster's last action was a one-shot success, where Grave is listed in his damage entry, or it has a creature that was dealt with this action. Effect The monster automatically grabs the target until the end of the monster's next turn.

Here it gets a bit hairier. The effect of the use Grab is listed as a "grave", a term that is not defined elsewhere, and action costs are listed.

I think the simplest reading is the capitalization of Grab in the effect area is a typo. This leaves the question of the cost of action.

My expectation was that 1d6+3 bludgeoning plus Grab meant it caused the damage and automatically carried out an attack as part of the strike when it hit. This would mean that it costs an action for a zombie-wrecker to move from non-contact to causing damage and seizing the target.

The wording of Grab instead, let me think that the plus Grab should only point out that the hitting with the melee impact meets the requirements of Grab universal monster ability. In this case, the shambler would take two actions to land the strike and then use grave.

I think the second reading is correct, but it goes against my expectations before I read it Grab entry, that it would be helpful to get a different opinion.

dnd 5e – Can magician's hand block or catch a thrown object?

Mage Hand can manipulate objects during the caster's action. It can catch objects but not block them

From the magic description:

You can use your action to control the hand. You can use the hand to manipulate an object …

The definition of manipulate is "cleverly manipulating or controlling (a tool, a mechanism, information, etc.)".

So the hand can catch something when the caster uses his action.

In terms of blocking, the action time is 1 action.

The caster can not respond to a thrown object and does not move or manipulate his magical hand to intercept the object.

try catch – Using findcontrol with the master page

Good night .. I have a page in that uses a master page, and on this page I dynamically create some fields. That's why I need to use FINDCONTROL to access these fields. I have already used several examples from the net, but can not access these fields.

I have already tried:

Dim menuitem As TextBox = DirectCast(Parent.FindControl("TratamentoQtde"), TextBox)

But this error command: System.NullReferenceException: & nb; Object reference for an instance of an object not defined.

I also tried:

Dim lblMenuItemName As TextBox = TryCast(Master.FindControl("Content").FindControl("TratamentoQtde"), TextBox)

But the return comes ZERO.

I have already tried:

Dim lblMenuItemName As TextBox = TryCast(Master.FindControl("Content2").FindControl("TratamentoQtde"), TextBox)

But also out of error: System.NullReferenceException: & nb; Object reference not defined for an instance of an object.

The beginning of my page is as follows:


My master page next to the menu has:

If anyone has any suggestions, I appreciate it.

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