usa – Am I allowed to go to the airport to catch a flight if I am supposed to self-quarantine in the United States?

Downvoters: the question is perfectly on-topic and the answer is not straightforward as you can see in the comments.

I read on IATA:

Passengers who have been in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China (People’s Rep.), Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Ireland (Rep.), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or United Kingdom (excluding overseas territories outside of Europe) in the past 14 days but are exempt from the restriction to enter the USA, must self-quarantine for 14 days once they reach their final destination.

I am in the United States and must self-quarantine. Am I allowed to go to the airport to catch a flight? I am interested in both domestic and international flights.

mysql – Catch contraint error inside trigger on the table being inserted/updated

I would like to know if it is possible to automate some task when an insertion or update on a table generates an error (for example error codes 1062, 1451 or 1452)

Finding an answer to that is not easy, I replies I could find were about catching an error on some statement executed by the trigger, while I’m looking to catch an error on the statement that fired the trigger.

It could be that the constraint is checked before any trigger is called, but it would make sense if the before trigger was called.

For lack of a better idea, I tried this silly test but of course it doesn’t work.

    id1 int PRIMARY KEY,
    val char(10)

    id2 int PRIMARY KEY,
    id1 int,
    val char(10),
    FOREIGN KEY (id1) REFERENCES test1(id1)
CREATE TRIGGER test2_before_insert
    BEFORE insert ON test2
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'before, sqlexception';
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'before, sqlwarning';
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'before, not found';
    -- Do the work of the trigger.
END $$
CREATE TRIGGER test2_after_insert
    AFTER insert ON test2
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'after, sqlexception';
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'after, sqlwarning';
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'after, not found';
    -- Do the work of the trigger.
END $$
INSERT INTO test2 VALUES(1,1,'A');
-- hoping it'll show the custom exception but it shows the normal one.
INSERT INTO test2 VALUES(2,2,'B');

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Laptop – Dell Webcam Central Catch 22

Latitude E6300, I finally got the webcam from Device Manager to install the Dell Webcam Central software now to confirm that the camera is working. I assumed it would work on another laptop after another installation, but it didn't. So I want to do it right.

I download the DellWebcamSW and all searches, and I mean a lot of searches. This is the Dell Webcam Central software. When I start the installation process I get the error "Dell Webcam Central could not be found on your system".

This is supposed to be this software !!!!

This is supposed to be the installation for it, not an update. It is for version 2.0. I ran it in compatibility mode, as an administrator I'm not happy.

I have after many repeated attempts on the other laptop referred to earlier and after a dozen times with the same results and so many files that are said to have been downloaded with the same name AND I thought I had an overview of the that worked, but obviously got lost in the shuffle.

There must be something I missed. I even tried an older version 1.0, so I thought: if I look back at the file after downloading it, it has the same version number: I could go on, but I know there has to be a better way to do it.

Catch USSD Codes – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I need help to find out which USSD codes are running on my phone. This is for a small project I am working on to simplify an app that my wireless service provider provides, but I have no idea what codes are sometimes executed because there is no documentation about it. I expect something like a sniffer or something similar, but I am open to suggestions. My handset is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, just in case someone knows a way to accomplish what I'm looking for, a system settings trick or something that is hidden in the operating system.

Looking for a programmer who links ClickFunnel to send POST / GET data to the website (and catch the variable)

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a programmer or anything who knows how to mess with ClickFunnel etc.
Basically, I need someone who knows how to do it so that every time a Clickfunnel website has a new booking, the phone number and attendance date are sent to an external website via $ _POST / $ _ GET. e.g. It's that simple and simple on this page

echo $ _GET (& # 39; phone_number & # 39;);
echo $ _GET (& # 39; attendance date & # 39;);

I will consider this a success as soon as the data can be sent with every booking.

Thanks a lot. (For the actual job, you first need to run it on a 14 day trial account and as soon as you can start working, on the actual Clickfunnel website via the live screen app or by writing the instructions to my Clickfunnel client.)

PM me with your quote.

Thanks a lot

Javascript – Use try / catch to set the default if an error occurs

I have a function that parses JSON strings and sets the result as a variable for further use.

function funcA(string) {
  let result = {};
  const defaultValue = { foo: 'foo', bar: 'bar' };

  try {
    result = JSON.parse(string);
  } catch(e) {
    result = defaultValue;

  // further result operations

The problem is, that JSON.parse can trigger an error if an invalid JSON string is received that interrupts the app's runtime.
Is it okay to wrap JSON.parse with a try / catch block to prevent an error from being raised and set a fallback value?

java – How is a nested try / catch (within the try) not an anti-pattern?

I've seen a debate about it. Nested attempts in the catch I can see that that's fine. The external experiment has already triggered a catch at this point, so no size problems. The other way … hides mistakes (it's a scope problem).

try {

        Throws exception; 
        } catch (exception innerE) {
         outerE.printStackTrace(); /* I know the error , printing but have no way of passing what I know to the outer try*/


catch (exception outerE){
 outerE.printStackTrace(); /* Going to override the inner and not say anything because the inner catch is not visible to my scope */  

How is that not an anti pattern?

Trump insists on practicing falungong – he can't catch the virus.

Recently, some media reported that President Trump was in close contact with people who infected 2019 nCoV.
In fact, these reports are nothing more than scaremongering. As we all know, President Trump has good intentions for Falundafa and all of us. So when we practice Falungong, we also give positive energy to President Trump. It protects President Trump from the virus. The White House released a statement that President Trump is in good health.
So we have to be as good as President Trump, and …

Trump insists on practicing falungong – he can't catch the virus.