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firefox – CBS All Access does not run on a Linux browser

I have been using Kali Linux and have been watching CBS without problems for over a year. On January 4, I was unable to view any of the newer CBS All Access content. A 400-bit request error appears for both Firefox and Google Chrome under Dev Tools. The problem is that I see the TV14 rating screen and the player doesn't go to the actual show stream. I only have a blank screen. As the errors below show, it's not the browsers, but the CBS website with the issues, as far as I can tell.

Chrome Console error message
Failed to load resource: The server responded with status 400 (invalid request)

followed by

Error loading resource: The server replied with status 503 (service temporarily unavailable). Https:// 1555KB.ts? rnd = 14-1-10787-1-10787-41228-376309739-_CgJqMRAUGHciBQgBEKNUKOuPuLMBMMCWpPEFOIWXpPEFQKz7oxBKFAgBEN8BGMF2IIKAgMAEKIiAgKAEUMTcAloUCAEQ3wEY718ghYCAwAQooICAoARgAWoTYnV0dG9uMi5pYWQuaHYucHJvZIIBFAgBEN8BGO9fIIWAgMAEKKCAgKAEiAHE3ILQA5ABAJgBAA

Just post to see if others have the same problem. I have seen this post but have not yet been able to answer it.

cbs all access to firefox for ubuntu

Would you be happy if CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT and all other MSMs were banned in the US?

Then we would only have right propaganda. I will get REAL news, thank you.

It's really strange that the only way Trumpsters can cover their heads with fake reality is to assume that ANY OTHER MESSAGE ORGANIZATION LIES ON THE PLANET. This includes international news organizations like BBC News.

Component Based Servicing (CBS) affects the duration of shutdown in Windows Server 2016

I tested the UPS shutdown in case of power failure on Windows Server 2016 + APC Smart UPS + NUT.

At one point, NUT sent the shutdown command to Windows. But instead of really shutting down, I watched the screen with "Prepare your server"or something like that, I do not remember exactly as if some updates were installed during shutdown, but the server was configured for annual updates, so I checked and installed some of our updates before.

The shutdown took 20-25 minutes. Fortunately, the UPS did not turn off the power (due to some configuration errors). In a real world situation, the UPS, if properly configured, would disconnect the server from the power grid within 3 minutes of the shutdown command.

Later, I examined logs and found that Component Based Servicing (CBS) started some Maitenanace tasks before shutting down. So Windows was waiting for graduation.

Approximate times:

Shutdown command with 30 second delay (shutdown.exe / f / s / t 30)
15:37:25 Log off user
The shutdown is completed at 15:55

From CBS.log:

2019-05-08 15:34:59, Info CBS Maint: Start deep cleansing
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS Trusted Installer has signaled the shutdown and will be terminated.
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS System shutdown was initiated while idle cleaning was in progress
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS Shtd: Preparation for shutdown processing.
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS Plan: Package: Package_for_RollupFix ~ 31bf3856ad364e35 ~ amd64 ~~ 14393.2273.1.4, Update: 4103720-19196_neutral_PACKAGE, Currently: Absent, Pending: Default, Start: Absent, Applicable: Absent , Target: Absent, Limit: Absent, Selected: Default
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS SetProgressMessage: progressMessageStage: 0, ExecuteState: ExecuteStateNone, SubStage: 0
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS Shtd: PreshutdownTimeout: 3600000ms, BlockTimeIncrement: 900000ms
2019-05-08 15:37:26, Info CBS Shtd: Progress thread started

It seems to me a problem that any process can affect the Shudown. Especially if the server has to be shut down as soon as possible.


  1. Is this just a behavior of WinServer2016? What about WinServer2012R2?
  2. Is it possible to perform a forced but correct shutdown to override such busy processes?