sharepoint online – Documents are not moving from Drop-Off library to Record center

I have configured the rule to move the document set content to the record center in the content organizer. But when we add the .zip file to (Packaged) – the zip file stays back in the drop-off library, it does not go to the record library – when we upload the file in drop-off library we get the below message:

Moved to Drop Off Library
The document was submitted successfully. Its location will change pending action from a site administrator. For now, you can continue to access the document here:

I have checked in google, many links saying that it might happen when we don’t feel the mandatory require column values which causes the data validation error, but I ensure that I have updated all column values, still, it does not move to the record library.

However, when we try uploading a document in the “Document” content type (a separate rule is configured for this) – it works fine, immediately it moves to the record library.

Any ideas why it does not work here?


We have also another site there also has a similar setup with the (Packaged) content type in the dropoff library – there it works.

Any help will be much appreciated on this.

mathematics – What is the math to project a 3D object’s center onto a 2D plane?

What I really need is the x,y of the object when it is outside of the screen:

enter image description here

I’m actually coding a UI in Objective-C, not a game.

In this different kind of UI you navigate a 3D space with objects.

An observer is at (x=0,y=0,z=0) and objects have realCenter and realSize.

realSize is the size of the objects at z=1.

I have calculated the angular center of the objects to be:

angularCenterX = (objectRealCenter.x - observerCenterX) / distanceFromObserver

Objective-C code:

CGPoint angularCenter = CGPointMake((object.realCenter.x - / distance,
                                    (object.realCenter.y - / distance);

It works but when the observer passes the objects, the objects warp around. Instead of disappearing like they normally should, they come back.

The slider controls the z of the observer, as it moves and passes an object the objects comes back:

I’m sorry the gif is too slow.

enter image description here

software center – Are apps ‘main’ repositories?

I try to understand when an app comes from the ‘main’, fully backed repositories, when otherwise. Software Center shows this (‘main’, ‘universe’ etc.) for normal .deb packages, but just ‘’ for Snaps. I understand this are ‘main’ repositories but I’ll thank some confirmation.
Best regards.

Clock time indicator display on center top of screen sometimes shows outdated times for a few moments Ubuntu 20.10 due to graphics issue

This is a 20.10 regression that did not happen in 20.04. It is a graphics problem, not about setting the actual time.

Sometimes if I leave my computer idle, when I come back to it the clock is out of date.

Or sometimes it shows two digits superimposed one on top of the other. This strongly indicates that it is a graphics issue.

Then if I start messing with windows/clicking around it soon updates to the correct current result.

This can be very misleading, and lead to being late for an appointment.

Is there a bug report/fix on the way, and if not what’s the best place to report it?

Lenovo ThinkPad P51, NVIDIA Quadro M1200 GPU, NVIDIA driver version 460.32.03.

formatting – Add “Align Center” button to a custom `Palette`

I have the following Palette:

   (Button(Style(#1, 20, FontFamily -> "Calibri"), 
          FrontEndTokenExecute(InputNotebook(), "Style", #1), 
          Appearance -> "Palette", ImageSize -> 250) & ) /@ 
     {"Title", "Subtitle", "Subsubtitle", "Section", 
       "Subsection", "Subsubsection", "Text", 
       "DisplayFormula", "DisplayFormulaNumbered"}, 
   Spacings -> 0));

I want to add two buttons, after "DisplayFormula" and "DisplayFormulaNumbered", that display the test (centred) and which format the cells as Format->DisplayFormula + Format->Text Alignment->Align Center and Format->DisplayFormulaNumbered + Format->Text Alignment->Align Center respectively.

How do I do this?

Asterisk VoIP Center | Nulled Scripts Download

Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS is an expanded module that allows you to integrate Asterisk server with your WHMCS. Owing to such a connection you will be able to easily monitor, replay and originate all the VoIP calls without leaving your WHMCS admin area!

The module offers convenient supervising of all Asterisk VoIP calls including detailed listing of calls with filtering, configuration of extensions and call in/out popup templates, and management of access control list….


Is there a way to get UPS billing data through QuantumView API, or in any automated request to UPS billing center?

I am working on UPS API integration and have noticed that QuantumView excludes the cost that the shipper paid from their result XML.

So I have turned to the UPS Billing Center where it’s possible to generate reports

The UPS API documentation is a disaster. I can’t find anything about how to automate this.

Would prefer not to scrape the web site to re-generate a canned “batch” report and download that, or have my client do it manually, if there is a way to do this in an automated fashion.

If I have to generate a batch billing report on a schedule then merge it with the QuantumView API response, that is do-able although not optimal.

Would prefer some way to pull the billing data in with the QV request, however it seems that UPS does not want you to know how much you paid for a shipment.