Encryption server, change, please help me

I use this configuration (video encoding), but it is slow, very slow ….

Intel Xeon E3-1240 quad-core, RAM: 24 GB, 2x 2000 GB HDD, bandwidth: 1 Gbit / s unmeasured – 48 € / month

I want to change it

Intel® Core ™ i7-6700 quad-core, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD 2 x 512 GB, 1 Gb / s port not measured – 42 € / month
Intel® Core ™ i7-8700 Hexa Core, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD 2 x 1 TB GB, 1 Gb / s port without meter – 67 € / month
Intel® Core ™ i9-9900K Octa Core, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD 2 x 1 TB, 1 Gb / s port without measurement – 80 € / month
+ 80 € set up

Will I be better with the latest configurations ??

javascript – Gutenberg Change the core element of the Taxonomy panel using wp.hooks.addFilter

I've been thinking about changing an existing editor element … and there's not much out there. At Github, however, I received a good answer, which pointed out to me:

And apparently the taxonomy panel is over filterable wp.hooks.addFilter, This is a great start! With this code snippet, I was able to simulate a dummy code that replaced the taxonomy panel with a dashicon.

(Function (Hooks, Editor, Components, I18n, Element, Compose) {

var el = wp.element.createElement;
var Dashicon = wp.components.Dashicon;

Function CustomizeTaxonomySelector (OriginalComponent) {

Return function (props) {

if (RB4Tl18n.radio_taxonomies.indexOf (props.slug)) {

var testprops = {className: & bcl; bacon-class & # 39 ;, icon: & # 39; admin user & # 39;};

Return el (

} else {
Return el (
Original Component,

wp.hooks.addFilter (

}) (window.wp.hooks, window.wp.editor, window.wp.components, window.wp.i18n, window.wp.element, window.wp.compose)

Of course that's not very useful, but I had to start somewhere. So my question is, is it possible to take the incoming ones original Component Function and change of the output? I know how to do that with a PHP filter, but in this case original Component is the HierarchicalTermSelector I do not know how to change that, and I think I miss the vocabulary to look for it successfully.

In my case, all the data would be pretty much the same (I need all the terms listed), except that I want to change that to , Or do I have to copy and write my own version of? HierarchicalTermSelector Element?

Create new secure MySQL password on the cPanel server and change .php file (cPanel)


MySQL removed the support for 4.1-style passwords from 5.6 and therefore caused a lot of problems when migrating old MySQL accounts to new MySQL.

I wonder how to update mysql passwords as well as .php files that contain old passwords in bulk updates to reflect the change.

My ideas are:
1. Can I discover a MySQL user plaintext password as server root? If this is not the case, find the list of users and find for each user their .php files that contain both "username_" and "localhost" – since these files are probably the DB configuration file. .php files.

2. In the future, generate a new string that meets the high security standards of mysql (I still do not know how the command line in Linux generates such a string to meet password complexity, or whether password complexity is required for the latest MySQL password accepts the password.)

3. Replace the password in the above file with a newly generated one

4. Change the current MySQL password

Do you have input to my mentioned steps to automate this process, or is there already a script for it?

Javascript – Automatically change the SRC of a video if the URL is not loaded

I need the ability to change the SRC of a video that is not loaded because the URL is unavailable (badly copied in this example so it will not load) and automatically upload another video.
Note: I am not looking for format support, I just need to change the video if the first src is not loaded, that's all, I do not know very well, something like:

var video = document.getElementById ("Video")
if (video.currentTime == 1) {
video.pause ();
} else {
this.setAttribute (& # 39; src & # 39 ;, https://download.blender.org/peach/trailer/trailer_400p.ogg') .play ();

If you can, they are my example, remember that I only want the result that is the change. If possible, I would like to use javascript, because I'm not a big fan of jquery.
Waiting for a quick answer.

Change the information that iTunes displays for a song

The majority of the songs I own are individually purchased or downloaded songs, not complete albums.

In the "Recently added" and "Downloaded" categories, iTunes shows the name of the album and artist under the album graphic. It would be much more helpful if the name of the song and the artist were displayed.

I can not find a preference setting to change this. Is there a way to change the information displayed by iTunes?

The iTunes version is

Mining Pools – Why do not nodes change the block version number when the nonce overflows?

Block versions are modified as part of other use cases, such as: BIP 9, which use certain bits in the block version to signal for certain suggested signals. Incrementing the block version and treating it as a nonce would prevent this type of usage.

In addition, using a version field as a random source (not really, but similar when it comes to nonces) is generally a bad idea – version fields play an important role in supporting other nodes in the network to determine how a block decodes and processes or another entity within the blockchain. If you want to save a handful of cycles from an effective random number, this would be a poor design decision.

Recalculating the Merkle tree by simply changing a single sender within a range is a relatively fast operation because you only need to recalculate the nodes affected by this send state.

301 Redirect – address change, site redirection bug in Google Console

I'm trying to change my domain in Google Search Console with the address change tool. For some reason Google gives an error message:

The old site redirects to edbinx.com, which does not match the new site you've selected.

Just to confirm that my 301 is working, I tried to make cURL calls and got the expected 301 redirects. I do not know where I go wrong on Google Console.

I found this question very similar to the issue I am facing: error changing address (Google Webmasters Tools), but unfortunately I can not implement the provided response.

Thank you for your help.