What happens if you make a mistake when you change the authoritative nameservers for a domain?

Say for example during a DNS migration to cloudflare, rather than transfering to “fred.ns.cloudflare.com” you typo’d “ferd.ns.cloudflare.com” or something similar for NS1, and the same kind of thing for NS2.

You realise this after the change has propagated, so you can no longer edit DNS on your original DNS host, but cloudflare never receives the domains.

Is there a way to recover from that kind of situation / would the transfer fail in the first place or something similar, or would you effectively just lose control of your DNS?

— Not something that’s actually happened to me, but something of a potential nightmare scenario that I can’t find any information on, which makes me think I may be overly worried about nothing?

Why hasn’t my facebook relationship change posted to my newsfeed?

I accepted a relationship request from my partner today and it shows on my page under the info bit. I changed this to public in hope it would show on my timeline or news feed but it hasn’t. I always does for anyone else. It’s also my job, i updated a promotion a few weeks ago and have just realised this wasn’t shared to newsfeed or my page either, but does show under “about me”.

It’s all set to public! When i go to edit any of them. It also shows me this message:

“Customise your Intro
Details that you select will be public and won’t be posted to News Feed.”

It’s driving me insane from not understanding why. I looked into activity log and when i searched relationships it showed it but had “only me”, although everything is set to public. Don’t understand and I’ve been Googling all morning. Thanks.

linear algebra – Change of basis of a real symmetric matrix to its Jordan form is always orthogonal?

Let $S$ be a real $n times n$ symmetric matrix, which is diagonalizable, of course, and let its Jordan normal form be $J=text{diag}(lambda_1,…,lambda_n)$, where each $lambda_i$ is an eigenvalue. Consider $M$ the change of basis, i.e. $M$ is an invertible matrix such that $S=M^{-1}JM$. We know it is possible to choose $M$ such that it is orthogonal, but can we guarantee that $M$ is always orthogonal?

magento2 – Stock quantity change API

I want to change quantity number on specific product after payment receive. And after that I reveave 400 error.

Is it possible to change the stock quantity? Or Am I doing something wrong?
I try to do API CALL with url and body


    "product": {
        "sku": "<skuNumber>",
        "extension_attributes": {
            "stock_item": {
                "qty": 4

20.04 – Using feh to change desktop background

I am trying to make https://github.com/terroo/wallset program work with mp4 to set wallpapers.

The program uses ffmpeg to cut the video into images and every fraction of a second change the background changes from one to the other. Thus creating an illusion of a video.

After going through the code I noticed that

feh --bg-scale FILE.jpg

Is not working. Any ideas why?

I tried using gsettings to change my background but it resulted in massive lag. Any other options to quickly change the background and lightweight?