Content Type – Change the button for new items based on the view

So I have a list with several content types. And I have all those views filtering on content types so that users can just look at a content type and see all the columns that match a particular content type. However, one problem is that I did not seem to have made it so that users can easily create a specific content type based on a view using the "Add New Item" button. Is there a good way to accomplish this other than changing the default content type? Or would I be forced to essentially do some of his magic with it?

Add New Item Button Illustration

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image3d – Change the edge length of the polyhedron

Hope you have a great day!

I've written another article on how to insert an image onto a polyhedron surface.
I hope you could help me here too!

I want to change the edge length of my mesh polyhedron without changing its 3D model. Is it possible?

My polyhedron is: PolyhedronData[“DuerersSolid”, “NetImage”]

I want to change its edges. Is it possible?

Code query – How do I change the axes?

clear[y, curveplotter]
Kurvenplotter[y_] = {0, y, f[y]};
curve = ParametricPlot3D[Kurvenplotter[curveplotter[Kurvenplotter[curveplotter[y], {y, 0, 3.5}];
Triangles = Axes3D[4];
Curve diagram = display[threedims, curve, PlotRange -> All, ViewPoint -> 
CMView, Boxed -> False]

I know this is on the yz axis, and I was wondering how to rotate it on the y-axis and the z-axis (two separate examples?). I'm trying to check an association, but I do not remember How do I change the code to see this chart across these two axes?

How is Medicare For All going to change anything for the majority of Americans who are now insured by work?

Obama wanted to make a 'public option' part of Obamacare. Under this option, we would find the average cost per patient of Medicare and allow someone to voluntarily 'buy in'.

For me that was the best idea. If Medicare could do a better job, people would go there and private insurance would lose them. If Medicare sucked, people would voluntarily leave and return to private, commercial, for-profit insurance. No public expenses. Freedom of choice. Free market competition! Exactly what the Republicans said they wanted! Why did you kill it then? (As Medicare did not provide massive political sponsorship, the public option was cheaper!)

I am not sure that the proposal "Medicare for All" is really just a reinstatement of the option "Pubic" or a mandatory transfer of all to Medicare. It could be either one.

Do you know Medicare has a much higher customer satisfaction rating than commercial insurance?


Postfix change when sending port to port X

I want to send all e-mails that are not sent to port 25, but z. on port 30001. I researched Postfix and I can work with transport cards, but only for an SMTPD relay, eg.

* smtp: 30001

But I want something like that

* smtp: *: 30001

Before the postfix, I have a proxy that resolves the port to a source IP and writes it back to port 25.

macbook – Change the screen resolution in OSX Mojave

The screen of my MacBook Pro Retina 2015 is broken and a vertical block with a width of about 5 cm on the right edge is not visible. I have been using it for a few months since my second laptop. I want to change my screen resolution so that I can have a better experience.

ps. I do not mind switching to a Linux distribution, but not to Windows.