javascript – How do I change the font colour with keyboard shortcut in Gmail compose?

I often email responses inline to questions. In order to differentiate my response, I like to give them a colour.
This is quite onerous in Gmail, with about 3 clicks to get a colour applied.
I would love a keyboard shortcut or browser bar on click Javascript hack to do this… so question is, how to figure this out.

Javascript edit the HTML by adding the tag around the selected words
<font color="#ff9900">The words to be changed</font>

Maybe using the .wrap() function – but difficult to work out the selector for some selected text

Track the Gmail function that fires when the colour is selected in the Text Styling menu
– who to track a function in Javascript? Hmmm stuck too. Then setting it off with a keyboard shortcut somehow?

  1. ??

Would love some help here. I am sure others would benefit from this hack too.

dnd 5e – Is an echo knight’s manifest echo a snapchot of your character when creating it or does it change with your character?

Lets say you pick up a fallen enemie’s weapon, does you echo knight instantly get that weapon as well or do you need to make a new echo first.

And what about changed to your body, like a multiclass in druid with wild shape or a changeling that changes how they look.

Basicly : Is the echo always a reflection of your current body or can it be different.

Im interested in both the visual and mechanical implication of this.

haskell – How to change the default Xmonad configuration off all users?

The canonical way to configure Xmonad is by creating the file ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs

However, I would like to change the default Xmonad configuration for all users, and not just for myself.

I have tried placing a configuration file in /etc/xmonad/xmonad.hs but it didn’t work.

How can I change the system-wide Xmonad configuration?

SQL Server table size increased with column data type change

I have a SQL Server table with 39 million rows. I changed the data type of existing columns as follows:

The table size was supposed to have shrunk, however, the size increased from 11gb to 18gb.

I tried the following:

  • Rebuild all indexes

however it did not work.

Any idea where to look for the problem?

applications – android go edition of Assurance wireless phone. No option to boot into safe mode using power off button to change notification access issue

I have issues using new apps on my assurance wireless phone that require notification access to work. it is not available on this phone. on my old assurance phone using 7.1 it works, but the phone is too small for me to use as I am handicapped. I need an easier fix if there is one available other than reprogramming the phone as it is under warranty for another year. I know this is an older android system but is new to me. When I try to boot it into safe mode, it won’t.