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So I have a list of coordinates in a coordinate system:

e.g. [x1 y1;
x2 y2;
. . .]

and two of these points include p1 =[57.9 14.1] and p2 =[57.8 14.6], I want p1 to be the origin [0 0] and to be p2 [1 1] in my new coordinate system.

So I take [57.9 14.1;
57.8 14.6] * [some transform matrix] = [0 0; 1 1],

and find out the transformation matrix.

But now that I'm addressing another point [x_n y_n]* Transform matrix that all end in a line ..?

Usa – Will the change fee be deducted from the tariff balance?

Earlier this year, I had to cancel a non-refundable flight (6 tickets) at United. We were told that they would keep the fare as a credit for 12 months, but that if we wanted to use that credit, the original change fee would continue to apply.

So my question is, will the change fee be deducted from the tariff balance if new tariffs are more than $ 200 cheaper than the original tariffs? Or is the change fee higher than the fare and has to be paid separately?

e.g. Let's say the original tickets cost $ 300
New tickets (different destination of the same carrier) cost $ 100 per person
Can I only use the tariff balance to cover this fee of $ 100 + $ 200, or will it be $ 100 of the balance and the fee I cover?

I'm just trying to figure out if it really pays off to look for a new target or just write off the original $ 1,800 instead of spending another $ 1,200 to cover that fee.

Wallet – Import multisig change addresses with "importmulti" + descriptor in Bitcoin Core

I am trying to fill the key pool for internal addresses / address changes in my wallet by handing over a multisig descriptor import multibut the internal key pool of the wallet is 0 before and after running the following shell script:

keypoolinitial = $ (bitcoin-cli-testnet getwalletinfo | jq -r? .keypoolsize_hd_internal & # 39;
echo "Internal key pool initial: $ keypoolinitial"

rawdescriptor = "WSH (multi (2, tpubD6NzVbkrYhZ4YgUWMmeBh1b7hrYyHwXowUrMn3mQ6QRxJNaLiVEA3jGLJDdaSpzEMTCgNF2JRukSqUxEkgX3J8Mf8tMParwTWABsjFzTsUA / * tpubD6NzVbkrYhZ4XaWhpCwqSPgdnmqHxjPksHjdt6sgsBmQ37ohNNUFnyykgstn1UTKz21SzdKM6C3V7qEiXHkeEKWRALWMb1am8voLW72ZXDr / * tpubD6NzVbkrYhZ4X3DR4FgNdjBjmdxvnX2TjmbkoNWquXaXQz6uMfF7kUF6rsXA26vRMzW3WP4iQgP1A8gJCSYD47qAQbsCCtnvhtRiD57jAEw / *))"

descriptor = $ (bitcoin-cli-testnet getdescriptorinfo $ rawdescriptor | jq -r #descriptor #)

bitcoin-cli -testnet importmulti & # 39;[{"desc": "'$descriptor'", "timestamp": "now", "range": [0, 10], "watchonly": true, "keypool": true, "internal": true}]# / Dev / null

keypoolfinal = $ (bitcoin-cli-testnet getwalletinfo | jq -r? .keypoolsize_hd_internal & # 39;
echo "Internal key pool final: $ keypoolfinal"

Running gives me:

Initialization of the internal key pool: 0
internal key pool final: 0

But the same script works if I change that Rohdeskriptor Line to use a simple P2PKH descriptor like the following:

rawdescriptor = "pkh (tpubD6NzVbkrYhZ4YgUWMmeBh1b7hrYyHwXowUrMn3mQ6QRxJNaLiVEA3jGLJDdaSpzEMTCgNF2JRukSqUxEkgX3J8Mf8tMParTWTW"

Then it gives out:

Initialization of the internal key pool: 0
internal key pool final: 11

html – I can not change properties with CSS

The problem is that you have declared a row in a table outside a table. This is not valid in HTML, but your browser's HTML interpreter will automatically try to fix bugs to keep the page up and running tr The item containing the ID responsible for the style is deleted and the item remains styleless.

All you have to do is yours tr within a table:

item1 item2 item4 item5

change to "="

I'm on 18.04

With xev I see

  1. keycode 127 (keysym 0xff13, pause)
  2. keycode 21 (keysym 0x3d, equal)

When I press 1, I want me to get the same output as when I press 2.

Pretty the rabbit hole. How do I do that?

Block Editor – Change the image size on the page

I'm having trouble changing the size of many images on my page.

For example, if I use a "title image" I can change the width, but the height stays the same no matter what I do.

I tried the following things:

  1. Select an image with a low height (about 200 pixels)

  2. Upload a new image and cut it in the options under "Edit media" to the desired height

Both result in an image that is the same height as the default image. It just zooms in more.

Enter image description here

I also tried to use the "Media and Text" block, but the same problem occurs. Even if I upload a super small image, it automatically adjusts to the standard size.

Enter image description here

If it helps, I use the Ixion theme.