Formulas – Can I use array formulas in Google Sheets to count things in a changing area?

Is it possible to create a single array formula that does the same thing as the following column of formulas:

A1: =COUNTA(B1:B1)
A2: =COUNTA(B1:B2)
A3: =COUNTA(B1:B3)
A9: =COUNTA(B1:B9)

My best attempt was =ARRAYFORMULA(COUNTA(INDIRECT("B$1:"&B1:9)) But I am getting a circular dependency error – I suppose because Arrayformula does not know which of the two possible areas I want to extend. I should somehow tell him which array should be output and which not. Maybe there is a notation like "::" for this? Would be cool anyway.

Htaccess redirect after changing the language URL format

After you change the URL language format from


I would like to redirect the previous URL versions to the current ones.

I have found this code snippet online and it seems to partially solve my problem.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} lang=en
# exclude all requests starting with /wp-admin/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/wp-admin/.*$
RewriteRule ^(.*) /en/$1? (L,R=301)

It is, however, designed for lang=en just!

How could I take that too? lang=ru in it, so it will redirect both lang=en and lang=ru?

Thank you in advance for any valuable advice!

unity – Prevents the Animation tab from changing the position of an object

I'm new to Unity. I use the latest version. When I try to create a door-to-door animation, it fits in well with the rotation. However, if I add the position property, it is inserted into the vector 3 (40, 12, 5, 7, 5) instead of the vector 10, 25, 15 in the first frame. I try to change the value, but it is restored after writing. Please help me

Views are deleted after changing the content field

It has happened three times so far.

After deleting one field and replacing it with another in a content type, some pages will be missing or rebooted. Of course, deleted fields were used on these deleted pages.

In the past two days, pages created with Page Manager and Panels have been formatted (views have disappeared), so I need to reinsert and configure the views.

Today, after changing the content type, a page created by Views disappeared.

I guess it has happened before. Would you have advice about what I'm doing wrong? Is it possible for Drupal to delete the sites containing this field when deleting the fields from the content?

Exploit – How to enable concurrent users (an RDP user and a local user) after the exploit in Windows without changing the hard drive?

I would like to do this by using only memory and not using disk modification or a tool. After using a remote system, I already know how to enable RDP, but the problem is when a user is logged in. I can not login

There is a method:

and I thought I could do it in memory and patch that statement in memory instead of on disk, but I found out that SVCHOST processes have SYSTEM integrity and I can not inject and modify them

So how can this be done? How can I do that without modifying a tool or a disk?