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Key Features
Chat and Engage with Your Customers to Increase Sales & Conversions

  • See who is browsing your website in real-time and offer immediate customer support.
  • Chat…

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data recovery – WhatsApp restore stops halfway through importing chat messages

I have a problem with restoring a WhatsApp backup made to transfer the messages from one phone to another.

First, I followed the advice I gave here myself after I ran into WhatsApp backup/restore issues with a local backup last year. WhatsApp finds the local backup and prompts to restore it, but after I confirm that, it stops at 44% while restoring messages, stays there for a few seconds, then displays an error message and suggests importing an older backup. If I confirm that, it displays a “progress animation”, but hangs indefinitely (I waited ~15 minutes). I checked the copied files and they are identical to those on the old phone, so I can rule out data corruption while copying the files.

Then I tried creating a fresh backup on Google Drive and restoring it on the new phone, but ran into the same issue – so the only logical conclusion would be that something in the WhatsApp data causes the restore to fail?!

I would be grateful for any pointers that could help solve this issue! One thing left to try would be to only create a backup of the messages, without media files, but I’m not really confident that would help, as it already fails while restoring the messages…

Programmer for custom chat

Hello digitalpoint. I am looking to get a custom chat site created. The chat needs to be able to use autotranslate into different languages.

php + sql database is a must.

Kindly message me so I can share details of what I am looking to accomplish
kindly message me and I will provide gmail info and budget.

icloud – WhatsApp Chat Transfer from Google Drive to iPhone?

My wife just got a brand new iPhone. I am just wondering, how do I transfer WhatsApp chat history from Google Drive to iCloud or directly to the iPhone. I have backed up everything to Google Drive. Just need to know how to get it on to the iPhone. I googled a bit and there are some tools out there. But all of them are Mac or Windows software. All my laptops at home are Linux (Ubuntu, Arch, Suse and Mint).

encryption – How can a chat be secure?

With the raging pandemic not one kid is bored, we all want to develop a ‘privacy-conscious secure open cross-device scriptable chat app’. Mine is at the prototype stage. It’s a learning project with no dreams of ever being as good as one from the market leaders.

Please comment on all and everything preceding and proceeding.

Treat model:
– my ISP listening to my love letters
– John the neighbour, who has secretly hacked my router’s password (qwerty), spying on all my friends
– the government knowing what I am planning to blow up next(my homework for Tuesday)
– Long Hui, stumbling upon a MITM record and a private key 5 years from now
– the government, now in uniform, seizing my computer and providing it to forensics
– some spider a smart guy wrote
network analysis a la ‘hmm, so is friends with’? Hmm.

Mitigating Measures:
RSA with signing – if keys can be exchanged off-chanel (USB, phone verification, one time pad etc) this guarantees both that the author wrote the message and that the recipient is who they claim they are. Still not providing perfect forward secrecy, as Off-the-Record Messaging does.
everything in RAM – it takes some sophistication to seize a plugged-in computer and many police departments lack that
peer to peer – the ISP can still monitor packet destinations but at least there’s not central server which, if compromised, leaks at least the contact IPs. If this is insufficient for privacy, relays a la Tor could be setup.
– no ‘online’, ‘typing’ etc information obviously
signing messages before encryption so that only the target reader can read the signature
– key exchange not yet established; currently exchanging public keys in cleartext; open for suggestions for next step