web development – Media storage management in chat application (quotas ?)

I’m building another of those in-browser web chat application as a side project and I’m coming to a point where I want users to be able to exchange media (picture, video and audio files) directly inside their messages.

As I build my project to be scalable, I wanted to create some API that can run in another server and will only be responsible for storing those medias file when a user post it and returning an url where the file is accessible to be able to store it the way I want. Directly on the storage api server at the begenning and then using a famous CDN.

But I want to implement some sort of restriction, to avoid users spaming the API and fill up the server. I thought about a quotas system : each user can store X amount of Mo/Go. As the users number goes up, I can have an estimation of how many space I need. Of course, I enforce a per file size limitation as I don’t want my chat to become a file exchange plateforme.

There are my question :

If a user hit the quotas limit, how to handle the “you must remove precedent medias to be able to share a new one” thing ? I thought about automaticaly removing messages after X time (something like several months as chat history is not very important for this chat application), but they still can hit the quotas in few months…

Building a “media management panel” for users seems wrong to me, as it’s counter-intuitive for the final user to have to remove previous messages in order to be able to share new ones…

How would you manage this kind of problem ? Does it makes sense to implements quotas like this or is there another way to control abuses and not become a strange file server exhange plateform ? May I handle it as snapshat does : limited lifetime medias ? But the quotas limit can, again, be hit in that time interval…

What is h1 tag and how many h1 tag should be present in one webpage? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Every page needs only 1 h1 tag. There is no reason to use more than a single h1 tag. Not necessarily. Search engines will crawl multiple H1s on a page, sure, but the logical priority of an H1 semantic tag means that you’re focusing your SEO efforts on one keyword phrase or sentence, as opposed to many.

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Deleted Contacts on WhatsApp but Chat not deleted

Not being able to see someone’s profile picture does not mean they deleted you from their contacts. It’s possible they simply removed the picture and no one can see it including you.

If the person still has the chat saved, then yes they will see your profile picture.

If you don’t want someone to see your profile picture you can delete their contact, and in WhatsApp settings select that only your contacts can see your picture. Alternatively you can block that person’s number and they won’t be able to check your profile picture

I was the only admin of a Facebook Messenger group chat, and I left the chat. Now I can’t get back in

Like the question says, I was the sole admin of the Messenger chat. We had the setting enabled where new people had to be approved to join by an admin. Since I left, nobody can approve me to join.

Is there any way an existing member can become an admin? Or is there any way around this so that I can get back in?

react – Possíveis problemas com um chat usando socket.io

Olá, tudo bem?

Eu tenho mais uma dúvida do que um problema, tenho uma aplicação de chat que fiz usando Socket.IO, ReactJS e MongoDB, acontece que, vendo alguns tutoriais a galera trazia as informações diretamente do MongoDB toda vez que uma nova mensagem era enviada ao servidor. Isso me preocupou, pois o pouco conhecimento que tenho sobre banco de dados, me diz que ficar enviando requisições ao banco, inserindo e buscando valores, pode ser problemático, gostaria de entender se minha linha de raciocínio está correta, ou há algo na tecnologia do MongoDB que permite que isso seja possível e viável.

Abaixo segue o trecho de código que se refere a enviar a mensagem e adiciona-la ao banco, as mensagens mostradas para o usuário são trazidas pelo socket.io, não as trago direto do banco pela preocupação que descrevi, ao invés disso apresento todas as mensagens que estão salvas no banco quando o usuário acessa o chat pela primeira vez.

Código no servidor

Agradeço desde já!

What are the major methods i can follow to generate Leads for SEO? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Here’s a list of SEO strategies that will optimize your website, and help generate more leads from search engines:
Optimize Your Homepage & Inner Content. …
If you’re a local business, use local SEO strategies. …
Build an Active Blog & Optimize Your Blog Posts. …
Guest Posting. …
Use Alt Tags for Your Images.

How to check no of indexed pages of my website ? – SEO Help (General Chat)

To see if your site has been indexed by search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo etc), enter the URL of your domain with “site:” before it, i.e. “site:mystunningwebsite.com”. The results show all of your site’s pages that have been indexed, and the current Meta Tags saved in the search engine’s index.