How do you get your money back from cheaters?

If you pay with "Pay money to friends and family" instead of "Pay for goods and services", you will not be able to open disputes and will not get your money back. That happened to me.

But still – if you do not get the product, but it's not in perfect quality … Let's say you buy a TV series. It should be 1) COMPLETE and 2) in excellent quality. And then, if you understand it, one or two episodes are missing … or even one or two scenes from some episodes. Or the quality is bad in some places. Or generally worse quality than expected. Even if it's 99% big … but you're still not happy with it … Can you still get your money back? And who is the money? The seller will not want to return money if he sends something that is 99% perfect or even 75%. So will it be the money from Paypal? From someone else? No money at all …?