chatbot – Check whether a variable in the BLiP Platform Builder has a value other than null / empty

Is there a way to use BLiP Builder to check whether a context variable has a value other than zero?

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Integrity check for large database backup files after or before copying

I tried to copy large database backup files (approx. 2 TB each) to another region using Robocopy. But I noticed that the speeds are drastically slow when using the switch / Z, So I removed this switch and my copy is now faster. But now the challenge

  1. How to check the consistency of the copied files.
  2. What is the best way to skip the files if the files already exist in the target directory?
  3. I tried to check file consistency using the PowerShell get-filehash command. However, this is too slow for large files, especially for files in different regions.

My current command syntax,

robocopy source_directory destination_directory file_name / R: 3 / W: 10 / LOG +: log_file_location

Is there the best possible way to fix this?

kotlin – How to check PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission on Android

I'm making an app that uses special permission android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS What can in principle not be requested directly by the user must be allowed by entering the configuration window:

Enter image description here

To request this window directly, use


What I cannot do is review this permission because it is a special permission that handling the permits does not pass the review

sharepoint online – The user message for the column check is displayed for one millisecond

The column check does not take effect until you try to save a new item or save the changes made to an existing item.

Enter image description here

I run tests with the "This column must contain information" setting, which is set to "Yes" or "No" based on classic and modern experience, and I cannot reproduce this problem in my environment.

Maybe you can switch to another list and see if you encounter the same problem.

See my test results below:

Modern experience

Classic experience

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How do I check if iPhone has been backed up to iCloud?

A relative of mine has an unresponsive iPhone that contains some important data. The phone was not backed up to iTunes. Can I check if and when a backup was made on iTunes? does not appear to provide this information. iTunes usually provides this information, but needs to unlock iPhone, which is not possible due to the unresponsive screen. Is there any other option?

mysql – check availability between start and end time

I'm doing a citation task that has a date, a start time, and an end time for citing.
When I enter a start and end time, I first have to check whether there is availability between these hours. I try using it in different ways
between , >= and <=, If this time is between 8:00 and 10:00, you should not let me be assigned between 8:30 and 9:30 or between 9:30 and 10:30, on the contrary, if you allow the assignment , Could you please help me with that, thank you very much.
Try these methods, but do not validate them properly

SELECT Sl_idSala , Sl_FechaInicio, Sl_FechaFinal ,Sl_HoraInicio, Sl_HoraFin FROM sala
WHERE Sl_FechaInicio = '2020-01-24' AND Sl_FechaFinal = '2020-01-24'
AND Sl_HoraInicio >= '08:00:00' AND Sl_HoraFin <= '10:00:00'


SELECT Sl_idSala , Sl_FechaInicio, Sl_FechaFinal ,Sl_HoraInicio, Sl_HoraFin FROM sala
WHERE Sl_FechaInicio = '2020-01-24' AND Sl_FechaFinal = '2020-01-24'
AND Sl_HoraInicio BETWEEN '08:00:00' AND Sl_Horafin

html – check box with enabled property does not return a value

I have a code where the person has to choose a sport, for example the martial arts plan, and the person has to choose which fight they want. So I made the following code:

The logic is to show a check box for each existing mode, the value is the ID of the mode, but if one of the modes is mandatory, it is already activated and deactivated. I have created an array that receives exactly the values ​​of each check box.

I made this TS code:

private myCheckBox: any() = ();

addCheckbox(i) {
    let index = this.checkBox.indexOf(i)
    if (index === -1) {

    } else {
      this.checkBox.splice(index, 1)

But I don't get the check box value that is checked and unchecked. Any way to fix this? Or even a better way to check boxes than by their value. How do I get the checked property from a check box?