8 – How do I check if an referenced entity is being used elsewhere?

I have a paragraph component that has a single field (reference) that calls other paragraph components. I'd like to remove one of the paragraph reference field options so users will not accidentally select it. However, when I do this, I get errors in my multi-site environment that no reference exists anymore. Is there a quick way to check if a paragraph (or entity) is being used and where (preferably one that displays paths) so I can remove the reference before I delete this paragraph reference option from my paragraph component?

Any help would be very grateful, thanks!

Unity check color on collision Enter2d

So I'm trying to figure out how to check the color of my sprite on collision 2d.
I change my colors of sprites as follows:

Color newColor = new Color(0.68f, 0.63f, 0.76f);
                    m_spriteRenderer.color = newColor;

and on the other script I have the OnCollision2d function:

private void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D col)

depending on the color I want to delete the sprite or just add points.

Thank you very much,

Privacy – How to check if the device is doing exactly what it should do?

I am very sorry for the misleading and confusing title as this was the best thing I could think of.

What I wanted to ask is, how do we know that a device does what it should do? For example, Android is an open source operating system (ignore Google libraries at the moment) and they claim that all passwords are only stored on the device, but what if they store it on their servers and that code is not there The open source version is only available in precompiled libraries. How can we verify that the same code exists in the actual phone and open source version? The same applies to other devices such as iPhone, routers, desktops, etc.

In addition, most manufacturers today have enabled encryption that makes it impossible to monitor the actual contents of the TCP / IP packet.

We can always remove existing operating systems and install the open source version, but this is not possible in all cases, as in some cases, it could be really confusing and even require many extra things that people do not normally have.

So my general question is how to check if the same code exists in the open source version and in precompiled binaries. I can think of reverse engineering, but that would require a lot of knowledge and skills that most people do not have.

How do I perform an orthogonal check on two circular binary sequences?

Suppose we have two circular binary strings $ a = a_0a_1 … a_ {n-1} $ and $ b = b_0b_1 … b_ {n-1} $ with any starting point and define a and b are orthogonal, though $ sum_ {i = 0} ^ {n-1} a_ib_i = 0 $,
Is there a $ O (nlogn) $ Algorithm can say a rotation of such a circular binary string orthogonal to another?

PHP – How to check in CentOS 7.7 which process takes 1 minute because the page is loaded slowly (TTFB 1 minute)

I am using CentOS version 7.7.
A few days ago my frontend page (not whole website) is TTFB exactly 1 min.
How can I check which process causes this?
I use PHP 7.3 php-fpm ON

Is there a way to check which process causes the first byte to wait 60 seconds?


This error occurred several times a day. The page availability is therefore 88%. My start page was down because of 12% (TTFB 1 minute). Please help, it is very urgent for me

Gate Check – Size of liquid containers at the airport

Suppose I have a 600 ml water bottle. It is opaque.

I say the safety I have under 100ml in it.

How should you judge that? Do you expect to fill it in a measuring container? Can not weigh it – different liquids weigh different amounts. Estimate? Yes, 1 ml of fluid is clear to most of us that it is less than 100 ml, but where do you stop? What if it is 99ml or 101ml? I'm certainly not in a position to make that estimate, even if I could see it.

The simplest answer from a policy – allow only 100 ml bottles and significantly empty bottles. Only then can it be guaranteed that no more than 100 ml of liquid are contained.

Whether this is an effective form of security or not is another conversation and debate, but that's the reason for 100ml bottles.

g suite – Check SPF only when first arriving at GSuite (no internal routing)

With GSuite Routing I can change incoming messages and add an additional envelope recipient / delivery address.

For example to a message for alice@example.com a second recipient is added (bob@example.com).

Here is example.com the domain name for the GSuite account.

This routing is not internal but external routing.
The problem is that now a second SPF check is in progress and fails because Google servers do not allow senders of the incoming message.

This is tested with different routing methods: Default routing. Content compliance and Routing, Everything with the same result.

Is there a way to check the SPF only on the first arrival and not on the "internal" routing?

Algorithms – Check subset total for special array

I tried to solve the following problem.

We get N and A (0)

N <= 5000
A(0) <= 10^6 and even 
if i is odd then 
A(i) >= 3 * A(i-1)
if i is even
A(i)= 2 * A(i-1) + 3 * A(i-2)
element at odd index must be odd and at even it must be even.

We have to minimize the sum of the array.

and we are given Q numbers

 Q <= 1000
 X<= 10^18

We need to determine if it is possible to get subset sum = X from our array.

What I have tried

Creating a minimum sum array is easy. Just follow the equations and limitations.

The approach I know for subset-sum is dynamic programming with the time complexity sum * sizeof (array), but since sum can be as large as 10 ^ 18, this approach does not work.

Is there an equation relationship that I'm missing?

Check for the fastest VPN

We know how difficult it is to find the best VPN service, and we also know that people have much more choice to deal with differently. Some people may be busy achieving both goals and managing their chosen service, others may have insufficient knowledge of security and privacy, and others may not be good enough to handle the best. In such situations, you'll face another dilemma when you finally opt for an online VPN. Because it is true, for a …

Check for the fastest VPN

Check PHP data table

I use Data Table to create a table with domains / subdomains and some accesses. Since my spreadsheet is a bit large, I had to use child rows to validate my concerns and, I'd like to validate as shown in the picture, if you've entered BD pass and email from the backoffice showing the line with the information if the fields are empty, nothing shows.

Enter image description here