Issue with the Hyper-V VM Checkpoint After Restarting the Server –

After a power outage, there is a problem with a VM running under Hyper-V and Windows Server 2016.

The problem is that after the unexpected shutdown on reboot, the VM could not be restarted and an error occurred. Unfortunately, I can not remember the mistake. I managed to get the VM working again, but it seems that it created a checkpoint (although checkpoints are disabled) and now creates another .avhxd file. The original .vhxd has a timestamp of the date the server lost power, leaving two HDD files.

I'm not sure what to do now to fix the situation. I hesitate to restart the VM because I do not want to lose any data. The VM is currently working properly.

The picture shows the checkpoint window:
Enter image description here

And this picture shows the HDD files:
Enter image description here

The top file on August 29th is the original .vhdx file, and the new growing file is the .avhdx file with the current date and time.

What would be the right method to solve this and bring the two together? Does a simple reboot fix the problem?


WAL buffer checkpoint / purge time during serialization isolation

I have doubts about the flush / checkpoint time of WAL buffers during serialization isolation in Postgres. Is it possible to lose committed writes even if the transaction is running in the serialization isolation level? What happens if the transaction is written to the WAL buffer and the computer then crashes and no recovery is possible? Does Postgres always transfer serialization isolation transactions to disk?

Game Design – Unity checkpoint system that remembers NPC interactions + environment changes?

I have already implemented a checkpoint system that shows the player at the last checkpoint he traverses. Now imagine the following:

  • NPC A interacts with NPC B
  • The NPC B goes to a nearby car
  • A bird flies over the car and takes a dump
  • Player dies tragically (lol)
  • The player spawns at the last checkpoint X

Suppose the control point X is reached after looking at all these NPC interactions. How can I skip / skip these interactions when the player reappears? The build I've just found in the right place, but of course the NPC interactions will take place again, though they should end before reaching the last checkpoint (if that makes sense 😀)

I understand that this can be achieved by storing all the last known locations of the NPCs. These are flags indicating whether the bird has received a dump (True / False). For example, for a game like Uncharted / GTA, where many interactions take place simultaneously, it seems pretty boring.

My first thought was to somehow spool the whole game forward to a point where all those interactions are done and dedusted. In this way, I can safely respawn the player and know that he does not see something he has already seen.

Sorry for the detailed contribution 😀 Any tips on how to achieve this?

Privacy – Is the Facebook "Protect Your Account" Checkpoint Authentic?

I do not use Facebook often, but I'm always logged in to my primary browser so I can access it anytime.

A few weeks ago, I was on my timeline, scrolling and occasionally commenting. After clicking on the Facebook logo to update my timeline, I'm presented with a login screen.

I thought it was weird, but I logged in to call a strange screen that asked me to do different things. I can not remember what I clicked, but now, when I log in, this page appears to me:


So I continue with a password reset page, but I hesitate to do so if something is wrong. It does not seem right to me, and I have searched for similar cases, but can not find any.

Has anyone else noticed this? What is the best way to continue and stay safe?