dnd 5e – Where is a secret chest hidden?

The spell Secret Chest says this:

You hide a chest, and all its contents, on the Ethereal Plane.

So, my question is: Where in the Ethereal Plane does the chest go?

Along the same lines, depending on the answer to that, is it possible for someone to travel through the ethereal plane to find a secret chest? I’m asking about this part as well because depending on where it’s hidden, it may be either easier or harder for someone to track down a secret chest.

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dnd 5e – Can two magicians use Leomund's secret chest to transport items between long distances?



The effects of different spells add up, while the duration of these spells overlap. However, the effects of the same spell that were cast multiple times are not combined. Instead, the strongest effect – like the highest bonus – of these castings applies while their duration overlaps.

For example, if two clerics bless the same target, that character only gets the benefit of the spell once. he or she may not roll two bonus dice.

The second cast of the spell on the chest would replace the first or do nothing, depending on the characters who cast it, and possibly the Fiat.

dnd 5e – What happens if 2 wizards cast the secret chest on the same chest?

In my game where I play a wizard, I met an NPC wizard who is willing to let me learn Leomund's secret chest from her magic book. I wondered what would happen if I learned the spell and cast it on the same large chest she had already cast it on (using my own tiny replica). Would this allow us to effectively teleport objects back and forth by alternately summoning the chest and putting things in, and then having the other person summon them and have the objects removed? Or would something else happen? How would the chest work if 2 different wizards worked? Secret chest on it?

dnd 5e – Can Drawmij's Instant Summon retrieve a lost Leomund's secret chest?

Suppose I watered Leomund's secret chest and then tie the chest yourself Drawmij's immediate summons. I will then send it to the etheric level and while it is hidden, I will end the magic effect.

Leomund's secret chest says that this will result in the breast being irretrievably lost.

Finally the question arises whether I can get the chest back if I crush the sapphire after all this. Drawmij's immediate summons says the item appears in my hand regardless of physical or planar distances.

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Spells – What is a "safer" alternative to a bag full of holding / secret chest?

The best solution to keep VERY SAFE Your valuables would be a kind of pocket size. There are several ways to create them, most of which are included in this question:

How does a PC create a permanent extra-dimensional space?

There is also the Planeswalker Prestige Class in the Manual of the Planes, which creates its own Pocket Dimension as part of the Class Kit.

Otherwise, the good alternative would be to simply use the aircraft displacement / gate and create your hiding place in an uninhabited level of existence, or at least in a place where nobody lives. At lower levels, you can do exactly the same thing with teleport magic and a remote location.

animation – Armature & # 39; s Bone can not be rotated in Unity when I try to turn his chest in the line of sight?

I want to rotate the chest of my character so that the line of sight is displayed correctly.

But I think the animation controller will not let me.

I've logged the rotation before and after setting, and after setting it is correct, but the next image before I set it is always snapped back.

How could I transform my character's animation based on his perspective?

This is the code:

Debug.Log (Chest.localRotation.eulerAngles);
Chest.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler (90, 90, 0);
Debug.Log (Chest.localRotation.eulerAngles);

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