The SSH connection was rejected, but the child sshd process is active

I have many failed SSH connections, but they consume SSHD processes that sit and do nothing.

netstat -tnpa | grep & # 39; ESTABLISHED. * sshd & # 39;
tcp 0 0 x.x.x.x: 22 ESTABLISHED 14271 / sshd:[accept
tcp 0 0 x.x.x.x: 22 ESTABLISHED 14277 / sshd:[accept
tcp 0 21 x.x.x.x: 22 ESTABLISHED 14270 / sshd:[accept 

Why is this happening?

oracle 11g – ORA-27369: EXECUTABLE job with exit code failed: There are no child processes to wait for

I have an existing .bat file in which I call FDSLoader64.exe daily to update the following tables.


FDSLoader64.exe is designed to download and upload the latest TXT files related to tables from FTP.

After successful upgrade, FDSLoader64.exe updates metadata tables to let us know if the update was successful or not.

I have has created a PROGRAM in Oracle 11g as follows

DBMS_SCHEDULER.DISABLE (name => & FDS_DEMO.FF_V3 & # 39 ;, force => TRUE);

Create a schedule for it like it should run daily at 11:30.

DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name => & # 39; "FDS_DEMO". "DAILY_9AM" & # 39 ;, attribute => & quot; repeat_interval & # 39 ;, value => & quot; FREQ = DAILY; BYDAY = MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, BYHOUR = 11, BYMINUTE = 30, BYSECOND = 0 & # 39;);

Finally I have has created a job which executes the program using the schedule.

DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name => & # 39; "FDS_DEMO". "FF_V3_GENESIS" & # 39 ;, attribute => & # 39; job_priority & # 39 ;, value => 1);

The schedule was successfully completed on June 24, 2019 at 11:30. According to metadata tables, we can confirm that the data has been successfully uploaded to the tables. However, when I see the content of user_scheduler_job_run_details, the following results are displayed.

Enter image description here

** The complete error code is as follows. **
ORA-27369: EXECUTABLE job failed with exit code: There are none
wait for child processes.
STANDARD_ERROR = "2019/06/24 11:30:16 INFO>: config.xml is latest
Version 2.10, continued.
2019/06/24 11:30:21 INFO>: FDSLoader Version
2019/06/24 11:30:21 INFO>: empty directory D:  FDSLoader  d ""


BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN area
Posted by: MervinROX
Post Time: June 23, 2019 at 00:40.

Customization – Word Press Theme Customiser and Child Theme Function.php

I threw a fairly wide net to find an answer, but nothing seems to hit the mark.

Process :: I log in to my site / dashboard and decide that I need to edit part of my theme through the customizer.

In the meantime, I've created my subordinate topic and it seems to work pretty well for beginners. In addition, I've generally figured out how to copy and manipulate certain .php files such as footer, header, and so on (stylesheet template) to load subordinate theme images; However!

I wanted to change the social media links in my footer and had to scratch my head a couple of times before figuring out how the customizer works and where the .php files are stored so I changed the fab fa.icons icon and could add.

Problem: My child theme function.php does exactly what it needs to do, as do my pages. It is however protected for theme updates! not my new "customeriser" changes, so I have to go back and change it …

I've found the location of the directory for the customizer, so the ability to edit it but protect it from changes is another matter.

The customizer files are duplicated in the child directory, then I load [along with tried variations of include, stylesheet, url]-

require get_template_directory (). & # 39; /inc/business-prime-customizer.php&#39 ;;

it crashes my page …

How do I show my child function.php to the new address / files of the customizer?

Thank you and much appreciated


php – ERROR 1452 Can not add or update a child line: A foreign key constraint will fail

I'm new to this programming, but I'm very interested in the topic and started learning some things on websites. Little by little I got a website, but I was stuck in a problem I have and that is I am trying to enter comments into my database, but I have not

I get my code for this error

and in my repository I have the function

public static function insert_comment ($ connection, $ comment) {
$ comment_inserted = false;

if (isset ($ connection)) {
tries {
$ sql = "INSERT INTO comments (author_id, entry_id, title, text, date) VALUES (: author_id,: input_id,: title,: text, NOW ())";

$ statement = $ connection -> prepare ($ sql);

$ statement -> bindParam (& # 39 ;: author_id & # 39 ;, $ comment -> get_author_id (), PDO :: PARAM_STR);
$ statement -> bindParam (& # 39 ;: input_id & # 39 ;, $ comment -> get_input_id (), PDO :: PARAM_STR);
$ statement -> bindParam (& # 39 ;: title & # 39 ;, $ comment -> get_title (), PDO :: PARAM_STR);
$ statement -> bindParam (& # 39 ;: text & # 39 ;, $ comment -> get_text (), PDO :: PARAM_STR);

$ comment_inserted = $ statement -> execute ();
} catch (PDOException $ ex) {
& # 39; ERROR & # 39; print $ ex-> getMessage ();

return $ comment_inserted;

I would be very happy to help you

Owners of Toronto web hosting companies indicted in massive child pornography bust

Chris Fox,
Published Thursday, June 20, 2019, 05:19 EDT
Last Updated Thursday, June 20, 2019, 12:38 pm EDT
A year-long investigation into an online child pornography shop has led to the arrest of five individuals associated with the Toronto-based web hosting company, where the site has stored its "horrible" content, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

The investigation, called Project Greenwell, began in October 2012 after police from Toronto received numerous indications of the existence of a child pornography website attributable to the Toronto-based web hosting company ***** Media.

According to OPP, members of the TPS have issued a search warrant against the company at Gordon Baker Road in North York to search for approximately 800 child abuse files. However, they soon realized that they had encountered a much larger operation.

A total of 32 servers filled with approximately 1,000 terabytes of data were eventually confiscated and a major investigation initiated in several jurisdictions.

At a press conference on Thursday, OPP Det. Insp. David MacDonald said investigators have since discovered that a massive child pornography site with 60,000 registered users was hosted in at least 116 different countries.

This website was later attributed to a man in Vietnam who is still outstanding.

The charges announced by the police on Thursday relate to a separate investigation that started in 2014 and was addressed to the owners of the company hosting the content for the site.

According to MacDonald, the investigators were aware of the nature of the content hosted on their servers and decided not to do anything.

He said that he believes this is the first time in Canada that the owners of a web hosting company have been charged in connection with a child pornography investigation.

"We believe that the dissemination of child pornography images without the existing infrastructure on such a global scale could never take place. So hopefully the message will be clear to other web hosts. You can not allow this to happen in your infrastructure, and you are required by law to report to the police as soon as you hear about it, "he said.

The website was only in operation for months

According to MacDonald, the site was only in use for about six months when the police issued the first search warrant. However, she has "grown dramatically" in that time, both in terms of the number of members and the sheer volume of images of child abuse it has hosted.

He said the data seized during the operation was so extensive that the Ontario Provincial Police were initially unable to save everything.

"If we investigate such evidence forensically, we copy it and take care of the copy. So if you get proofs of this size, you need to be able to copy them and put them somewhere, and in 2012 we simply did not have such space. "It was just the beginning of the technical complexity we faced in this investigation."

The investigation of the child pornography website has led to countless other investigations around the world.

According to MacDonald, investigators have uncovered the financial information for 19,013 individuals who have purchased premium memberships on the site and forwarded them to the appropriate authorities.

A spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security told reporters at the press conference on Thursday that information from the OPP investigation had identified around 2,000 suspects in the US alone.

MacDonald said the images hosted on the site showed victims around the world. He said that the images hosted on the site, although only in operation for a few months, were downloaded about 19 million times.

"These are not simple pictures of children in bathing suits. That's really, really horrible, "he said.

Zhen He (Patrick) Zeng, 40, from Richmond Hill, Zhen Yu (Jeff) Zeng, 42, from Richmond Hill, Chin Choi (Peter) Kok, 52, from Richmond Hill, Sui Hua (Jeff) Ye, 47, from Aurora and Wen (Larry) Li, 31, of Toronto, are facing eleven charges in connection with the investigation. The allegations they face include the provision of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

magento 2.2.5 – Magento2.2.5 Child luma design does not use default_head_blocks.xml in the child theme folder

I have a Magento 2.2.5 based multi-store view website. We'd like to take the luma theme and create a custom child theme from it. Each business view (we have 3) would use its own subordinate theme of luma theme.

The main difference is that each child topic must use its own CSS file and some js files. The problem is that my default_head_blocks.xml file does not appear to be loaded from the child theme folder, even though I've upgraded, compiled, deployed, and assigned the store views.

My folder structure is below.
app / design / frontend / kiss /
Then I have in the folder "Kiss" 4 subordinate topic folder

The luma folder contains some files that I can refer to all three memory views while referring to other files in each subordinate folder folder.

For example, the footer-related files for all three business views are ideally loaded from the LUMA folder, as they should be the same for all three business views.

My default_head_blocks.xml is located in app / design / frontend / kiss / sotrec_luma / web / layout / default_head_blocks.xml

Now when I go to storec_luma store view and view console, I do not see any of the files that are called from the XML file.

I read that contradictory contributions on the topic of luma can not be inherited.
I'm just wondering what the above problem might be, that prevents my XML from loading into the business view.

Responding to an incident – Under what circumstances can dllhost.exe create a child process? | MITER ATT & CK T1191

I have searched for conditions / circumstances under which Dllhost.exe can generate a child process. I looked at a large number of event logs from different Windows systems and did not encounter an event where Dllhost.exe spawned a child process.

The only noticeable event (eventid: 4688) was dllhost.exe -> cmd.exe, which was the result of a simulated "cmstp UAC Bypass" attack.


  • Threat search for MITER ATT & CK T1191.
  • Initial IOC is dllhost.exe, which generates the child process (attacker)
    Payload / raised shell).

I do not plan to look for specific dllhost.exe -> cmd.exe events because they are limiting the rule scope.

The insight I'm looking for is that if we create a detection rule for T1191 that triggers when dllhost.exe generates a child process, the success rate is determined and how many false positives can result from that particular rule.

PS: If you're looking for events where cmstp.exe is generated and looking at certain execution flags on the command line, it may seem like a better approach, but it does not say anything about the final extended program that was started.

magento2 – Does a child topic need to be used?

In every development you have two options:

1 – use child topic. Fully separate development to add or rewrite some features.

2 – Using template and CSS overrides. Partial CSS changes within the core topic.

Children's theme is the easiest way.
If your development takes too long, you can update the master topic multiple times during this time to fix security and design issues, and you can safely override any file in the master topic.

You keep all the changes in the child topic.

Option 2 is for small changes only, such as custom CSS files for moving designs.