macos – Can you set Finder to display the file extension in the Child column instead of a description?

In the Finder (Mojave, if relevant), the "Type" column shows the file format in a "user-friendly", human-readable format such as "JPEG image". Things like Photoshop and Illustrator files contain descriptions like "Adobe Photoshop Document". This is a problem – on a 13-inch screen, the Child column is so narrow that you actually get "Adobe … cument". This makes finding file types annoying at a glance.

Is there a way to just use the file extension – PSD, AI, JPEG – instead of the full text description? Yes, I have already displayed extensions in the file names themselves.

Linking app – IOS device child has changed the passcode for the screen time and claims that he did not. Help me catch him

My son has an iPhone xs. We set a screen time passcode because it kept turning off its phone location. and then when I looked at the phone, the same restrictions were shown as locked. I changed "Share my location" to "Always" or "Allow". It has now been changed to "never" or is grayed out. My son seems to have found out and changed the screen time passcode. I can no longer log in to the Screentime passcode I have set. I wrote it down. It is now with so many attempts that I have to wait over an hour before trying again, the warning says. I have 87 attempts. it has been changed.

I found an app that finds the last password set, and this app can't even find it. The location of the phone is still displayed on my phone, but the location option on his phone is set to never be released.

I also noticed that in section 3 of the text messages … I never saw. They told me when the phone was updated it was connected to it.

The shortcut app on the phone that I noticed provides an option for scripts and the like. Is this a new standard update of the app or has it been installed on the phone?

In any case, I have access to the phone, but I can't do anything and I don't know which passcode has been set up. Of course, no one can help me in any shop. I will pay everyone who helps me. You're welcome. and please don't tell me how to educate his help in catching. A link that enables recordings or the like is great and can no doubt be kept confidential. will stop if there is a way to determine if there are problems with the phone. How can I overdue what they did on the phone?

java – How to change a method that dynamically invokes a number of different child classes to work for each new child class

The following method is used to add objects from a file to a polymorphic ArrayList.

It reads lines from the file and uses the loadFromFile () method of the specific class based on a specific line that specifies the category of the product object before proceeding to the next. We are taught to create programs that take future functions into account. So I want to find a way to change that. If a new child class has been created, it can recognize this and call the method of this class. instead of the developer having to add the switch case every time.

Each child class has slightly different attributes, which is why it is required. I am looking for a more sophisticated and future-proof method.

public void loadFromFile(String fileName) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException, ParseException{
Filename = fileName;
String record;

FileReader reader;

reader = new FileReader(Filename);
BufferedReader bin = new BufferedReader(reader);
record = new String();

while ((record = bin.readLine())!=null)

    case "Electronic":
      ElectronicProduct eProduct = new ElectronicProduct();          

    case "Kitchen":
      KitchenProduct kProduct = new KitchenProduct();          

    case "Food":
      FoodProduct fProduct = new FoodProduct();          

    case "Book":
      BookProduct bProduct = new BookProduct();          

bin =null;    


Views – How is the drop-down list of child terms related to the parent term displayed?

I can use views to complete this problem. In this case, however, I can only display an unformatted list of "subordinate terms".

I need to display the DROPDOWN list of relevant child terms on each term page (which contains some child terms).

I think the taxonomy menu might work for that, but there are some bugs and conflicts in my installation.

Is there a clean way to do this?

unity – Why isn't the UI instantiated when I create a new object with canvas as a child?

I have this object called Treant and I instantiated it from another object called Spawn. The spawn only instantiates a new treant every second or not.

My problem is that the treant has a health bar, but the same health bar is not instantiated in the other treant that I cloned. The health bar is only shown in the next treant that is created after I have destroyed the health bar.

How can I make sure that all Treants have the health bar over it?

This is my spawn class:

 // Start is called before the first frame update
public Component Enemies;
public Component Target;
private float lastSpawn = 5;
private float waited = 0f;
private int spawnPerWave = 1;
private int spawned = 0;
private List fibonacci = new List
    1, 1

// Update is called once per frame
void Update()

private void Spawn()
    waited += Time.deltaTime;

    if (lastSpawn < waited && spawned < spawnPerWave)
        waited = 0;
        spawned += 1;
        var enemy = Instantiate(Enemies);
        enemy.GetComponent().target = Target;

private void CreateNewWave()
    if(spawned == spawnPerWave && fibonacci.Count < 4)
        spawned = 0;
        spawnPerWave = fibonacci(fibonacci.Count - 1) + fibonacci(fibonacci.Count - 2);

Objects that follow around my player object, but one of them has no status bar instantiated

apache2 – Apache Definitions – Server vs Worker vs Thread vs Child

Fact – I just don't understand the Apache documentation for most of these variables and Googling doesn't help me because most people just copy and paste what is in the documentation.
I also see some people talking about MinSpareServers / MaxSpareServers related to MPM event if they are not relevant to event, so I think that not many people really understand this.

Apache optimization variables mention some key words / concepts such as:

  • Server (e.g. StartServer, MinSpareServer, MaxSpareServer)
  • Worker (e.g. MaxRequestWorkers)
  • Thread (e.g. ThreadsPerChild, ThreadLimit)
  • Child (e.g. ThreadsPerChild, MaxConnectionsPerChild)

What is the difference between all of the above concepts?

If I want to allow 500 concurrent requests for MPM events, I probably only need to set MaxRequestWorkers and ServerLimit to 500, but then I don't know what the effects of ThreadsPerChild and MaxConnectionsPerChild will be.

Why does the documentation also state that ThreadLimit, which is higher than ThreadsPerChild, uses more memory than is required if only ThreadsPerChild threads are created and no longer created? It just doesn't make sense to me.

unity – Unity2D: Child class that inherits onCollisionEnter () methods

I may be an idiot who asks this, but I don't seem to be able to solve it myself. I have a GenericWeapon class with an onCollisionEnter () method that I want to apply to all child classes that inherit from it. Here is the code:

public void onCollisionEnter(Collider target){
    Debug.Log("Collided with player!");
        bc2d.enabled = false;

My child class is as follows:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class RangedWeapon : GenericWeapon
    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
    public void attack(){

and my in GameObject has the RangedWeapon class as a component, but the GameObject does not appear to collide with the player. Could someone point out where I am wrong?

Hostwinds ignore child phishing abuse reports

Hi there @Davidramaz

Thank you for reporting this malicious website. After verification, our abuse department disabled the service that hosted this domain on our network.

Hostwinds has one Zero tolerance abuse guidelinesand are absolutely not a bulletproof host.

In December, you posted exactly the same website and thread. This user has been canceled several times by Hostwinds and appears to have created multiple accounts, with each account canceled.

Please ensure that when you report abuse on our network, you send the abuse complaint to abuse (@) hostwinds (.) Com

Including the details of the complaint and the corresponding IP address assigned to the Hostwinds service.

I would also suggest that you edit the domain to remove it from your original posting, as it is likely that this user will reactivate the domain with another provider.