Replace parent theme images in the child theme

My pictures are in the parent theme in this folder structure:
public_html / wp-content / themes / Listingpro / Assets / Images

I tried placing replacement images with the same name in the child design in the same directory structure:
public_html / wp-content / themes / Listingpro-child / assets / images

The images continue to follow the files of the parent topic. Is there a way to replace the image files with the child design? Am I doing this wrong?

I have the same problem if I place PHP files in the same folder under the child topic. If it is not in the template folder, it does not affect the parent design.

I imagine the two problems. Does this have something to do with the file functions.php? I'm a bit new from all this, so please bear me!

Visa – Moving to England – EU Husband, Australian Wife, US Child :)

Just looking for some clarity, because the internet has confused us a bit. Thank you in advance 🙂

We are a family that currently lives in the US (both holders of the Green Card). I am an australian passport owner. My husband is the owner of the EU (Sweden). Our son (2 years) US owner.
We are moving to England (not to work) for personal reasons and are looking for clarity regarding the requirements for mother and son (Aussie & USA) to enter legally, and mum to work.

Do I understand correctly that none of us needs a visa for entry? And once I'm in the country, can I (Aussie) work legally because of the EU status of a man? Do we miss something?

Thank you for your help with the clarification!

Nat 🙂

Children – Should I take my child with me – she is a US citizen and does not need a stammer

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Document Library – Location of (permanently) deleted child versions from the OneNote file

Currently, in our business environment, OneNote stores online files in our SharePoint 2013 (website assets) and on OneDrive:

-https: // Web = 1
-https: // Web = 1

In this area, we see interesting behavior in versioning, creating and deleting versions and quota levels for a specific site collection.

We've tested deleting minor versions from both the SharePoint OneNote file and the OneDrive OneNote file. The problem is that deleting versions does not reduce the overall site collection quota, even if the version is permanently deleted. Therefore, the only way out for massively growing OneNote files is to increase the quota for SC, which of course we do not want to do permanently due to massive backup requirements.

My questions essentially relate to where the (permanently) deleted versions (or their metadata) are stored.

Workflow – Update the parent list column item when a child site column is created / modified

I have a list of projects on my parent main site. In each of my subsites, I have a workflow that updates a Project Status column (green, yellow, red). I would like my project list on the main page to reflect these changes. I know that lookups do not work from subsite to parent & # 39; (just the opposite). Is there a way for me to do this?

Ruby on rail – child object can not delete parent object in before_destroy callback

I'm building a Calendar Rails app.
It has events that can contain one or more recurring events.
For example, "Runs 100 times every Monday."

If a user deletes all recurring events, I want the main event to be deleted as well.

1 class RecurringEvent <ApplicationRecord
27 belongs_to: event
35 before_destroy: delete_main_event_if_last_current

118 def delete_main_event_if_last_current
119 sets "# {event.recurring_events.size} left"
120 event.destroy if event.recurring_events.empty?
121 end

My test

            87 it "Delete main event when the last recurring event is deleted", focus: true do
88 event_id = @
89 @ event.recurring_events.each {| re | re.destroy! }
90 (Event.where (id: event_id) .count) .to eq 0
91 end

This results in this issue, but the main event is not clear.

Recurring event
Recurring events
5 left
5 left
5 left
5 left
5 left

Any idea why I do not delete the recurring events?

With byebug:

[117, 126]    in /app/app/models/recurring_event.rb
118: def delete_main_event_if_last_current
119: "# {event.recurring_events.size} remains left"
120: event.destroy if event.recurring_events.empty?
121: byebug
=> 122: end
124: def day_as_changed
125: update_columns (
126: text_changed: (Saved_change_to_description? || Saved_change_to_title?),
(byebug) event.recurring_events.size
(byebug) event.recurring_events.first.destroy
(byebug) event.recurring_events.size