tinkerpop – Gremlin Python: Count vertices and their children in a query

I'm trying to determine the number of all vertices with a specific label and all children in a query as follows:

g.V().hasLabel('folder').has('folder_name', 'root').as_('a', 'b').select('a', 'b').by(__.count()).by(__.in_('items_belongs_to_folder').count()).toList()

Ideally, this should return ({a: 200, b: 400}), but I'll get a list like this instead:

({a: 1, b: 0},{a: 1, b: 0},{a: 1, b: 0},{a: 1, b: 0},{a: 1, b: 0},{a: 1, b: 0},{a: 1, b: 0},....{a: 1, b: 0})

How exactly can I achieve the desired result?

Gremlinpython: 3.4.4 (current)

Python 3.7

Chart database: AWS Neptune

Ease of use – Are there any standardized questionnaires that may ask adults what they think about the suitability of a system designed for children?

My team and I developed an augmented reality app for children (primary school students).

I would like to hear from their teachers about the usability of the system in the context of their students.

At first I thought about standardized questionnaires like the System Usability Scale or the User Experience Questionnaire. However, these have been developed to interview the actual user of a system. Also, I do not want to focus too much on usability, but rather on their opinion on the suitability of the system for children.

I wonder if there are standardized questionnaires for such cases.

If you find that one of your children has become liberal, should you withdraw it from your will and refuse further contact?

I would not. The people in the caravan house next to me did that with their son. He turned out to be a computer software genius and now lives in San Jose, California, where he earns an annual salary of $ 452,000. Because they excommunicated him earlier, he will not even help them repay their caravan.

How is it that Republicans are for life, but do not worry about what happens to the children after birth?

And to throw gas into the fire. Why do Democrats care so much about illegals who die at the border? While 3000 children die in care.

Most Republicans are not against abortion. There is prevention of childbirth through the use of birth control. It is the later abortion that upsets both sides.
Republicans are more religious, which means that their money helps children

Should we teach children the Bible in schools?

I think we should because:

* Children would behave better

* Children would listen more to their parents

* Children would not shoot at schools

* Children would recognize the evils of liberalism and socialism

* Children would not have sex all the time

* You would realize that there are only 2 genders

* There would be no more shemale, homosexuals and pedophiles

* Children parted, drank, took drugs or smoked grass all the time

* Children would not be hippies and would support our troops to fight terrorism and protect democracy around the world

* You would realize that America is better than Europe

* People would realize that evolution is NOT a fact

* They would realize that the Bible is God's word

* There will be no atheists left

* Children would realize that Islam is a false religion and the Koran is NOT God's word

* They would realize that liberal Christianity is not really true Christianity

* Children would realize that they have to marry and have children

* Daughters will stop moving with their friends

Everyone will respect President Trump

Kids would realize that CNN and MSNBC are fake news while FOX is the truth

* Black children stopped resisting police officers and accused the cops of being fed up with their misconduct

* You would realize that Republicans are NOT racist

Children would realize that the suburbs are the ideal place to live and the cities are insecure

* Children would learn to ride

I will provide a female voice for narration, video games or advertising for $ 5

I will provide a female voice for narration, video games or advertising

I will record anything you want with a female voice. This voice covers the age range of 3 to 20 years. The customer may request a professional-sounding voice-over to a hyper-energetic child voice. $ 5 per 100 words.

Names – How to give users unique and meaningful identifiers for children while avoiding pitfalls?

In my application, we need to give users unique identifiers, but that's harder than I would have thought.

We load all users from a bulk feed and assign them programmatically. Users can not select their own.

We also want all usernames to be the same size for specific purposes.

In addition, the users are students in a school district, and they are children, some of whom are still very young. Therefore, the names must be short and reasonably memorable. So it's not very user-friendly to just generate a seven-digit code.

We know each child's name, but there are laws to identify children. For example, we do not want someone to post a screenshot of their username online, and someone will be able to identify their real name.

My first idea was, for example, to select the first 3 characters of the first name and the first 2 characters of the last name and then attach a sequence number to avoid collisions. So mine would be something josfr123,

However, this failed because some children have names with less than 3 letters. But the worse problem was that a small number of these combinations produced bad words, and that's so bad in children's software that we can not even allow it.

It turns out to be surprisingly difficult to prevent this, because there are so many combinations of letters that spell nothing, but if you try to read them out loud, you get something obscene. Capturing all this reliably seems impossible, and even if I could, I'd still have to find a way to generate a name for that user.

So, what to do?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why do not we fight for the white race to give our children a better future?

Race Riots! Mass immigration! Obvious anti-white propaganda!

The white race is under siege in almost every way. We are discriminated against in the media, in science and in politics. The globalist elite is working diligently to destroy the white race and a future for white children. They want to create a future of darkness and decay. I say no. I say we stand up against these people and fight. Not for us. But for the sake of our children. So we can be proud of our people and create a world of greatness and beauty in a way that only we can.

Usa – What happens to citizens' children when their parents are deported upon arrival?

Suppose a family reaches an American airport with an international flight (without prior approval). Suppose, for some reason, the parents are not admitted and sent back to their homeland instead. Suppose the kids are US citizens and very young (say under 5). What would happen to the children?

Since the children are citizens, they can not be deported. In this hypothetical scenario, however, they are too young to be left alone at the airport. For example, suppose parents want to take their children with them, and instead they have no relatives to take with them. Would the children be sent back with their parents?

I understand that the airline where the family arrived is obliged to return the parents to their home country. However, to my knowledge, the airline would not be obliged to return the children. This raises the question of whether the children can accompany their parents or whether the parents would be forced to leave their children.