Architecture – How is a web app / site / web service hosted on AWS in China?

I just learned that AWS has data centers in China (not Google Cloud). I also learned that you need either a Chinese company or a Sino-foreign joint venture, each with some capital, to get an ICP that is required to "physically host your data in China". That way, you get special privileges in Baidu and search engines, and I'm not sure what else. Physically hosting in China means faster / better web usage speeds.

But I quoted this part "physically host your data in China" because I don't really know what that means.

Suppose I'm using AWS China and have an ICP license. How do you know that my website in AWS China is correct? How do I get this special Baidu privilege? And other privileges? My website domain is for example what happens when you walk in China I somehow know how to warranty that the loaded data comes from the AWS China servers? Or do I absolutely need a designated domain name? just used by China? I say all of this in relation to the Great Firewall.

What is the general architecture for 1 domain (or at most 2 domains if necessary) that works optimally in China?

Taiwan VPS, fast to All China, 33 TB transfer = $ 99 !, Hinet network

Hello everybody
ServerZoo is a 16 year old, well established and licensed company in Taiwan
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Extend your dedicated server to China

Hi there

I come from China and have been in sales for 10 years.
Have the ability to find customers and complete orders independently.

I think China has a huge population and its population has exceeded 1.4 billion
The demand for servers is enormous.
Due to policy restrictions, there are many server restrictions in China and the threshold is high.
The US server is less restricted and can be used immediately within 24 hours of receipt of payment.
The bandwidth is large and the speed can be accepted.

I know English and Chinese
Good communication skills and excellent sales experience.
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Budget – economy hotel brands in China

I'm looking for domestic brands of economy hotels in China that are similar to Ibis in Europe, for example (i.e. roughly in the 3-star range). I would expect them to have locations in most medium and large cities and to maintain similar standards (simple, secure, clean, with WiFi, with some English speaking staff etc.) at all locations to offer convenient locations (e.g. nearby) from train stations) and also a single platform for internet booking as well as for business people and (domestic and international) tourists.

Are there any brands that come to mind?

China B2B Marketplace – advertising, deals

Exporthub has set itself the goal of making international trade more comfortable than ever before. Our team of experts strives to provide all global buyers and suppliers with tools to help them succeed in their respective industries. Our range of services enables suppliers to get in touch with buyers worldwide for their products. As a B2B ExportHub China trade portal, we offer a B2B platform with which all American, Indian, African and Chinese B2B websites can expand their network and connect with companies across their borders.

canada – chinese citizen, canadian permanent stay in taiwan from china, is hong kong the only way?

My mother is a permanent resident of Canada and is a Chinese citizen. She booked a plane ticket to China. If she receives a visa for her Chinese passport from the Taiwanese consulate in Toronto, flies to China and visits Taiwan (for tourist reasons) before flying back to Canada, Hong Kong International Airport is practically her only option to do so This? In some cases, this Taiwan visitor visa is only available to Chinese citizens who hold a work permit, study permit, long-stay visa, or permanent residence in Hong Kong, Macau, or another country. It also seems that Chinese citizens are not allowed to travel from China to Taiwan unless they travel as a tour group from August 1, 2019.

Money – recourse to ATM fraud in China

When I was recently in Beijing, I had an ATM from the largest bank in the world (the industrial and commercial bank of China) that gave me a bundle of beautiful, crisp new counterfeit notes. I noticed this shortly afterwards when taxis, fruit shops etc. rejected the banknotes. A closer look revealed that several of them even had the same serial number. I went to the bank (branch next to the ATM) with an interpreter from my whereabouts. They basically shrugged and sent me away. When I went to the police station with the same interpreter, it turned out that I would be there for hours doing nothing, and I gave up there too. The bank's position was: "We do not operate ATMs that are a different company." This is despite the fact that the ATMs are operated under the ICBC brand and are located in the same building as the ICBC branch.

The money was withdrawn using an Australian credit card, about AU $ 250. I assume the ATM was programmed to target foreign credit cards only to avoid locals arriving with pitchforks to burn the bank down.

My question is: Can I apply for a credit card refund? In the same way as I can when a seller does not deliver goods.

Also: is there any other recourse against a reputable bank that you would assume?

China visa free entry with Turkish stamp in the passport

I have read many stories that people with Turkish stamps in their passports are rejected at the airport in China. There are some connecting flights that are really affordable from the UK, but unfortunately we have Turkish visits.

Is this information still correct?

What I really cannot understand is whether this is the case, how many flights from Istanbul to Chinese airports are offered, including some Chinese airlines. If you reject people with ties to Turkey, would you have to reject the whole flight?

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