❕NEWS – Chinese Court Rules Cryptocurrency Is Not Protected by Law Citing Lack of Legal Status | Proxies-free

According to the South China Morning Post the high court in China’s northern Shandong province issued a public statement on Sunday stating that cryptocurrency is not protected by law. After evaluating a case in which the plaintiff spent 70,000 yuan (10,799$) in crypto tokens recommended by his friends in 2017 the court came to this judgement. The accounts were eventually cancelled in 2018 after China’s national bank the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) restated its prohibition on financial institutions interacting with cryptocurrency transactions.

An intermediate court in Jinan Shandong’s capital city determined in January that the plaintiff’s fraud claim was unfounded since crypto assets were not legally recognised in China.The plaintiff filed an appeal but the court affirmed its decision in March.

schengen – Long stay visa requirement for Chinese citizen married to a Romanian citizen

My wife is Chinese and I’m Romanian. We currently live in Beijing, but are planning to fly to Romania in February, where she will get the residence permit. After that, we want to travel for 6-12 months within the EU, by car. The issue is that with that document, she still won’t be able to travel within the Schengen area, Romania not being part of Schengen. As far as I’m aware, only Sweden is issuing visas right now. She received tourist visas in the past from France (last one was for 1 year) and I’m not sure if it matters, but we lived in the UK for 2 years, until the pandemic came.
From the Europa.eu website, I could find that she still needs a Schengen visa to enter the zone from Romania. Also, it’s stated there that there shouldn’t be any issues if she doesn’t have a visa, because the customs authorities are able to grant it on the spot, if shown proof of marriage. Now, we don’t prefer this option, as we would like to have everything in check 100% and get a visa beforehand. Also, it’s stated on the website that she would only be able to stay 90 days out of 180 days in the Schengen countries with a short stay visa. Would it be possible to stay longer with a long stay visa? How do we apply for that? We definitely don’t want to spend only 90/180 days.
The French government website states this: “A foreign national who holds a long-term resident permit-EU from a state of the European Union” is exempted from visa)(https://imgur.com/a/mH4xfZQ)
Many other websites state that she needs a visa, even though she has a residence permit for family member. It is quite confusing.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

china – Can a Tibet Travel Permit be issued with Chinese visa in an expired passport?

Theoretically you don’t need to apply for a new Chinese visa for your new passport. The Chinese embassy also says that a traveller should carry both passports provided that your visa is still valid and the personal details including your name, sex, date of birth and nationality on both passports are exactly the same.

But I think your tour operator has no reason to lie to you. They must have asked about your situation and gotten an answer from the Tibet tourist department. So I guess the only reason is that the Tibet tourist department doesn’t know about the rule of a valid Chinese visa in an old passport.

You should know that Tibet permits are actually 2 separate pieces of papers, and your passport number will be listed on one of these papers, and your valid Chinese visa is connected with the old passport number. I think this is the part that confused them, because they don’t know which passport number they should list on the permit, the old passport number or the new number? So the officer just said no to your agency.

How about asking your agency to show the officer the new rule of the Chinese embassy, and ask your agency to provide a proof that you are using and will travel with both passports?

You also help other travellers in the same case.

Good luck and remember to come back to update. :]

applications – While using Chinese font in android draw text graphics getting broken strokes

private void drawText(String text, int x, int y, int angle, TextAlignment horizontal, TextAlignment vertical, Paint paint, float rectWidth, float rectHeight) {
    Canvas tmpGraphics;
    Bitmap tmpBmp = null;

    try {
        Paint.FontMetrics fontMetrics = paint.getFontMetrics();
        float stringHeight = (int) (Math.abs(fontMetrics.ascent) + fontMetrics.bottom);
        float stringWidth = paint.measureText(text);
        float charWidth = paint.measureText(String.valueOf(text.charAt(0)));

        int textXOffset = getHorizontalAlignmentOffset(horizontal, rectWidth, stringWidth);
        int textYOffset = getVerticalAlignmentOffset(vertical, fontMetrics, rectHeight);

        tmpBmp = Bitmap.createBitmap((int) rectWidth, (int) rectHeight, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888);
        tmpGraphics = new Canvas(tmpBmp);
       // paint.setFilterBitmap(true);
       // paint.setDither(true);
       // paint.setAntiAlias(true);
      //  paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.FILL);
      //  paint.setStrokeMiter(10);
      //  paint.setColor(Color.BLACK);
       // paint.setSubpixelText(true);
       // paint.setLinearText(true);
        tmpGraphics.drawText(text, textXOffset, textYOffset, paint);

        int xOffset = x;
        int yOffset = y;

        switch (angle) {
            case 180:
            case 270:
                xOffset -= tmpBmp.getWidth() - charWidth;

        for( int col = 0; col < tmpBmp.getWidth(); col++ ) {
                for( int row = 0; row < tmpBmp.getHeight(); row++ ) {
                    int value =tmpBmp.getPixel( col, row );
                    int redValue =Color.red(value);
                    int greenValue =Color.green(value);
                    int blueValue =Color.blue(value);
                    int alphaValue = Color.alpha(value);
                    if(!(redValue == 0 && greenValue == 0 && blueValue == 0 && alphaValue == 0)) {
                            tmpBmp.setPixel( col, row, Color.BLACK);

        graphics.rotate(angle, x + (charWidth / 2), y + (stringHeight / 2)); // first char center rotation
        graphics.drawBitmap(tmpBmp, xOffset, yOffset, null);
    } finally {
        tmpGraphics = null;
        if (tmpBmp != null) {
            tmpBmp = null;

openssh – Random chinese characters on attempt to copy clipboard from X forwarded ssh session

I use X forwarding with a debian server running openssh so that I can directly copy over error messages I see in tmux to my local machine.

Twice it happened that instead of getting the intended text on my clipboard, I got some gibberish chinese (as detected by google translate) characters, and this time I saved it.


I can’t make any sense of it. The original text was a bash error message in english, copied from tmux. My main question is: why is this happening? It appears to be absolute gibberish based on what google is translating it to.

Only I have access to the server (key-based auth, passwords disabled), and I have tried to make sure that no one except me is/has logged into the server by inspecting running processes and logs, but perhaps I’m missing something so I’ve included details in the footnote.

My hypothesis is that perhaps there’s some encoding error that’s happening which is causing legitimate copied text to appear as gibberish? If so, are there known open bugs I can track?

$ sudo netstat -tnpa | grep 'ESTABLISHED.*sshd'
tcp        0      0         ESTABLISHED 1978210/sshd: debia
tcp        0      0 <server-ip>:22          <server-ip>:49944       ESTABLISHED 4786/sshd: root@not
tcp        0    428 <server-ip>:22          <my-ip>:50827           ESTABLISHED 1978104/sshd: debia
$ ps auxwww | grep sshd:
root        4786  0.0  0.0  16988  8068 ?        Ss   Aug07   0:10 sshd: root@notty
root     1978104  0.0  0.0  16612  7972 ?        Ss   15:22   0:00 sshd: debian (priv)
debian   1978210  0.0  0.0  16612  4808 ?        S    15:23   0:00 sshd: debian@pts/19
debian   1982187  0.0  0.0   6144  2284 pts/33   S+   15:25   0:00 grep --color=auto sshd:

Only weird thing I noticed are these entries in last:

debian   pts/34       tmux(3007).%51   Fri Aug 13 15:13   still logged in
debian   pts/33       tmux(3007).%50   Fri Aug 13 15:12   still logged in
debian   pts/32       tmux(3007).%49   Fri Aug 13 15:12   still logged in

any entry with an IP, I recognize it. But I’m not sure what the entries without the IP mean.

❕NEWS – Digital Yuan to Promote International Use of Chinese Currency, Experts Say | Proxies-free

Experts believe that the new digital yuan which is presently undergoing trials will assist to enhance the international use of China’s national currency. The People’s Bank of China plans to perform cross-border experiments using the yuan’s digitised counterpart, the e-CNY, as the renminbi (RMB, CNY) becomes one of the world’s most important currencies.


subprocess – python os.system with Chinese character

with python2.7 i call the following command

os.system('notepad C:UsersDanielDesktopabc-002架体连接.txt')

I expect to have the notepad opened with the file .txt

instead i have the notepad open with the following error
enter image description here

I have the some error even with subprocess

subprocess.call('notepad C:UsersDanielDesktopYTKJ4060-002架体连接.txt', shell=True)

I did a but file adding using the following code

chcp 65001
notepad C:UsersDanielDesktopYTKJ4060-002架体连接.txt

and it works fine.
how can i call it with os.system or subprocess.call ?

Article Translating eng/chinese/bm/japanese Essay checking for $25

Article Translating eng/chinese/bm/japanese Essay checking

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python – Keyboard shortcut to convert simplified to traditional Chinese

I am trying to create a keyboard shortcut that runs a python script to convert selected simplified Chinese characters into traditional Chinese in the clipboard.

Here are the essential code:

from opencc import OpenCC as CC
import os
import pyperclip
import pymsgbox
import time

cc = CC('s2t')
text = os.popen("xsel -o").read()
rslt = cc.convert(text)

Though I can get the script to run as expected in a shell terminal with the command below,

/home/username/anaconda3/bin/python3 /home/username/Code/python/general_tools/s2t.py

it doesn’t seem to work with the shortcut.

enter image description here