magento2.3 – What is the most popular database choice for Magento 2?

this question sounds more like a poll because I’m just curious as to what database is the most commonly used for Magento2. I currently use MariaDB 10 from following an installation tutorial online, but I’m a bit wary because I’ve recently read the official documentation and it says that MariaDB may not be fully compatible with Magento2. What is the most widely used database for Magento2?

forms – Ways and instructions to tell a user to intentionally miss a multiple choice question?

I’m currently brainstorming possible solutions to this UX question. In a multiple choice activity (not a quiz/form), if a user correctly answers a question, before they move on to the next question, I want to encourage the user to still click on the wrong answers and see the feedback from the wrong answers, so they understand why the wrong answer is wrong.

My first question is placement of these instructions:
I was thinking about putting optional instructions either before the question, or after the last multiple choice answer. The reason I suggest the latter is that these set of instructions are rather unique, and could possibly disrupt the natural user flow of reading a question and answering the questiion.

My second question is about the actual contents of the instructions are a question mark to me. I was thinking:

  1. Direct Approach: If you get the answer right, please also take a look at the other answers to see why they’re wrong!
  2. Subtle approach: Choose the best answer, but be sure to go through all the answers later!

I was also wondering in terms of user experience if it would make more sense to put these “instructions” after the user has successfully answered thee question, rather than before?

lo.logic – Can Hierarchy set theory with choice prove Banach-Tarski paradox?

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sharepoint online – Modern List or Library with Choice Field Concurrancy Bug

I’m dealing with an issue where two or more people are not able to work in a modern list at the same time. The SPO list that I’m working with has a few text fields, one choice field, one date fields, and is filled with a few hundred rows.

If a user is editing an item (ID=111) and another user goes into the list and updates and saves a different item (ID=222), the fist user has their choice field selection reset to the default value.

Steps to reproduce
Create new Team Site
Create a list (modern exp.)
Add a choice column
Add some choices
Add several items to the list

Open two browser sessions
Browser 1: edit a list item and select a choice value (don’t save)
Browser 2: edit a different item, select a choice value and save your changes

Result (wait ~30 seconds)
Browser 1: selected choice value is reset before the user has a chance to save

Is there anything that can be done to fix this or is reverting to classic SharePoint or creating a PowerApp the only option?

javascript – REST API get choice values from column in ascending

As per my understanding there is no direct way to get the choices from choice field in alphabetical order using SharePoint REST API (correct me If I am wrong).

But you can sort the choices after you got the result from REST API using JavaScript. Use sort() method like below in success function:

var fruits = ("Banana", "Orange", "Apple", "Mango");

Reference: JavaScript Array sort() Method.

This is the code I have used before to achieve the same:

    url: <siteUrl> + "/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('List Name')/fields?$filter=EntityPropertyName eq 'Choice Field Internal Name'",
    type: "GET",
    headers: {
        "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
    success: function (data) {
        var choicesArray = ();
        if(data && data.d.results) {
            choicesArray = data.d.results(0).Choices.results.sort();
    error: function (error) {

sharepoint online – CAML query using a Choice field is not working

I have the following CAML query inside our SharePoint online site collection, to get all the list items which have a choice field named CustomerOrderAlert = No, as follow:-

                List customerliveorderlist = omsWeb.GetList(web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/lists/CustomerLiveOrder/");
                CamlQuery query1 = new CamlQuery();
                query1.ViewXml = @"<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name ='CustomerOrderAlert'/><Value Type='Choice'>No</Value></Eq></Where>";
                ListItemCollection c = customerliveorderlist.GetItems(query1);

                           items => items.Include(
                           item => item("OrderLiveDeliveredDate"),
                           item => item.Id,

but i am getting all the items even the ones which have their CustomerOrderAlert = Yes? any idea?

hard drive – does choice of SSD affect video capture, like HDD?

I don’t know well, but I believe the speed or some other characteristic of HDDs affects the quality of video capture when capturing an analog-to-PC video input. If SSDs are faster than HDDs, it seems like they should be better for capturing video feeds, but maybe I’m wrong. What issues exist when choosing a drive (HDD vs SSD, or SSD vs SSD) for video capture?

InfoPath – Clears the value of a multiple choice field when another multiple choice field value changes

I use InfoPath 2013. I have 2 multi-select fields ABC & XYZ. For example, suppose:

  • The ABC multiple selection field has the values ​​SAP, Oracle, I & D.
  • The XYZ field has the values ​​HANA, Ariba, SAP Cloud.

The XYZ multiple selection field is hidden until SAP is selected in ABC.
When the XYZ field is displayed and values ​​are selected in it, I decide to change the ABC value in Oracle. The XYZ field is now hidden, but the values ​​selected in it are retained. I want to clear the values ​​in the XYZ field if it is hidden. This should also work in new views, editing views, and display views. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

Can I keep all my pages in two languages ​​in the same (root) folder? (not much choice)


I use Bubble for my website, a Nocode product. I love it, but let's face it, SEO was the last of their concerns.
I start my service in a second language with the same tech stack, but I have severe limitations.
I can't have folders or subdomains, so I can't separate my content with or

If I leave all my pages in two languages ​​in the same (root) folder, but the link rel is alternatively and href well defined, can this still be okay for Google?


I know it's far from ideal, but as far as search engine optimization is concerned, can I hope I'm okay (I'm doing it right now and growing in just one language), or will it mess up my entire website?

Well worked out with the sitemaps, of course.

However, I can put a parameter in the URL to distinguish the languages, but I think this would be worse than what I explained above.

Any feedback much appreciated!

Boy Scouts 1e – What classes provide the Level 1 Bonus Benefits feature so I can choose a service of my choice?

In classes you can never perform "any performance" or even "any performance you qualify for". They always have some kind of limitation – whether it's a specific service or something that isn't on a small list, or a service that matches certain characteristics or has a specific day, there is always something. For example, the Pathfinder fighter can select any "fight" achievement for which he qualifies – this is not an achievement, but only the exploits known as "combat" accomplishments. The 3.5e fighter was similar, although there was no "Combat" designation and you only had to see the special entry of each feat. But no class simply gets "any performance".

Still, we can focus on the classes for which at least some options are available.

At the moment, I believe that this answer is complete with regard to 3.5e. Variants etc. are almost always restricted to core classes in 3.5e, which makes it easier to narrow them down (most of them are already included in the list anyway).

Pathfinder is much more difficult because of all the archetypes. It will take longer to find everything.

D & D 3.5e classes with options

These D&D 3.5e base classes will receive a bonus performance on the 1st, and this performance leaves at least a choice of what that is.


With the City Brawler variant of Dragons vol. 349 you will receive an improved unarmed strike and a dual weapon fight (for unarmed strikes only) as a bonus on September 1.

In addition, some of the totem variants offer bonus benefits on the 1st, but you should never take them because they mean you are not taking the lion's spiritual totem Complete the championand that offers strike.


3.5e Cleric is one of the best single-level dips in the game because your two domains are so flexible. There are many, many domains that grant bonus benefits. So there are easily two bonus benefits in one level. And you can exchange a domain for the corresponding Devotion service at any time Complete the champion, and these are some excellent achievements. The cleric variant in the monastery is even better, since it also receives a free knowledge domain that can be exchanged for knowledge worship – guaranteed +1 for attack and damage, with the chance to roll for better numbers.

Undead spinning is also used to accomplish many useful deeds, and first-level orisons and cleric spells are not something to make fun of.


Obviously and mentioned in the question, but worth noting that the combative variant Dragons vol. 310 receives improved unarmed strike, endurance, and another bonus benefit for total three bonus benefits. Only the cleric can match that, and that depends on your choice of domains.

Note that there is Tons and tons of variant fighters who get different options for achievements.


From Heroes of the battlethe Marshal receives Skill Focus (Diplomacy) as a bonus on 1st .. You can use it to perform any other service for which you qualify if you already have Skill Focus (Diplomacy) extremely Niche, but it might be worthwhile to "delay" an achievement, e.g. Take Skill Focus (Diplomacy) in 3rd place so you can take Marshal in 4th place to achieve an achievement for which you qualify for 4th place but for which you have not qualified for 3rd place.

However, I literally never used this trick.


Monks get an improved unarmed strike and another bonus in the first level – it's almost as if the pugilist points to something;). Originally, the bonus talent had to be either "Improved Grip" or "Breathtaking Fist", but there are so many variations, alternatives and additional functions that your options are actually much wider.


The Psion receives a psionic or metapsionic bonus on the 1st.

Psychic warrior

The psychic warrior receives a bonus fighter or a psionic achievement on the 1st.


This variant of the villain receives fighter bonus benefits instead of a sneak attack.


Wizards receive Scribe Scroll as a bonus service on the 1st and thanks to variants and alternatives, many other options are available – including all fighter bonus services.

Wu Jen

From Complete Arcane, the Wu Jen receives a metamagic bonus on the 1st.

D & D 3.5e classes without options

The following D&D 3.5e base classes will receive a certain bonus on 1st – not requested, so they will be sorted at the bottom of the list, but since I found them, it seemed worthwhile to list them.


From Heroes of horrorThe archivist Scribe Scroll will receive a bonus on September 1.


From Eberron campaign settingartisan Scribe Scroll will receive a bonus on September 1.

Battle dancers

From Dragon CompendiumThis clumsy monk-like class gets an improved unarmed strike on the 1st.

Dragonfire Adept

From Dragon magic, the dragon fire adept receives Dragontouched as a bonus on 1st.


The Druid variant receives track as a bonus on 1st.


Ranger gets on track 1. It's pretty weak, but it's a bonus. In contrast to the monk, this was not significantly expanded – urban tracking is the only other option that I know of.


From Complete the warriorThe breathtaking bad samurai receives an exotic weapon competence (bastard sword) as a bonus.

Soul knife

The soul knife receives both weapon focus (Mind Blade) and Wild Talent as a bonus achievement in 1st place.


From Complete adventurerthe Swashbuckler Weapon Finesse will receive a bonus on 1st

Sword fighting

From Book of the battleThe unarmed adaptation mentioned at the end of its section receives monk-like unarmed strikes, including an improved unarmed strike on September 1.


These base classes in Pathfinder offer bonus benefits from 1st place.


By default, barbarians do not receive any bonus benefits on the 1st. However, the following archetypes do this:

  • The first hunter receives an extraordinary move as a bonus on the 1st (without taking the requirements into account).


By default, bards do not receive any bonus benefits on the 1st. However, the following archetypes do this:

  • Arcane Duelist receives Arcane Strike as a bonus service in the 1st level.
  • Dervish of Dawn gets Dervish Dance as a bonus at 1st level (in the question as an example of what is mentioned is not interesting, but for the sake of completion).
  • Geisha gets Scribe Scroll as a bonus on 1st.
  • Juggler receives Deflect Arrows as a bonus on 1st
  • Lotus Geisha receives magic focus (enchantment) as a bonus on 1st.
  • The mage receives an improved spell as a bonus on the 1st.
  • Silent musician receives Eschew Materials as a bonus on 1st
  • Phrenologist receives psychological sensitivity as a bonus on 1st
  • The graduate librarian will receive Scribe Scroll as a bonus on September 1.


As a standard, clerics do not receive any bonus benefits on the 1st. However, the following archetypes do this:

  • Angelfire Apostel receives Extra Channel as a bonus on 1st
  • Crusaders have the choice between heavy armor skills, improved shield strikes, combat weapon skills, escape shields, shield focus, tower shield competence or weapon focus (preferred weapon of the deity) as a bonus benefit in the first stage.
  • The divine role model receives deific obedience as a bonus on September 1st.
  • The undead lord receives the "undead" command as a bonus on September 1st.